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  1. When I first received my HP Reverb I could only play for about 5 mins before blackscreen. Code 1-4 check cables. Long story short... I finally contact tech support and they said they were going to send me a "part". After about 6 weeks (they were really good about updating the delivery dates - the initial date was over 3 months) I received"the part". They sent me a whole new HMD! All I had to do was transfer the earphones and plug it in. It now works great! I was happy with their customer service and would highly recommend the HP Reverb as the best available VR solution on the market today for it's clarity. FYI - I also own Vive, Oculus Rift, and Pimax 5K.
  2. DCS does use parallel projection. Try zooming without it and you will go crosseyed!
  3. I had bad judders only online/multiplayer with my Rift. Someone told me to take the Rift off for 15 sec for it to turn off and put it back on. It was smooth as glass. Try it - it works.
  4. I had both. Vive was unplayable for me (resolution/judder) The headset stopped working after 10 day and it was returned -huge ordeal! For DCS the Rift is great, especially with the zoom feature. Other room scale games the Vive with the controllers kicks the Rifts butt. Awesome experience - even my girlfriend who NEVER plays games is asking when we are going to get another Vive.
  5. I had a Vive for less than 2 weeks (HMU failed-returned). I don't mind the lower res but it was to low to be enjoyable. Hopefully the pixel density option will help with that. I have a Rift ordered and will re-order a Vive when my credit card has been credited from the return. I will also look at the OSVR HDK 2 as it has a sub pixel feature to its screen. Motion sickness - I am an 11,000 hour fixed wing and helicopter pilot. I had the Vive on, excited to fly the Huey (an aircraft that I have flown about 300 hours fighting forest fires) I wanted to hurl after one turn of my head! This also happens to me in fixed base simulators. The Bell 407 sim at Bell Training Academy is the worst. The best advice I can give is thinking out loud what you are doing. If I am turning right I tell myself I am banking right so my mind keeps aligned with what I am seeing vs what I am not feeling. After about an hour of just flying basic maneuvers I slowly acclimated but still was affected by random moments of nausea. It seemed to me the helicopters induced this more than the jets. On a positive note the helicopter flying was great. On a 2D screen I am always settling with power and totally frustrated with the sim. With the VR it was nature, no settling with power - total control in hovering and all maneuvers.
  6. Update: I have returned the Vive kit and am waiting for the money to be credited to my CC. I received another email today from HTC Vive customer service saying the he could help with a RMA??? The Steam customer service just sent an email telling me to delete my Steam files and re-install....
  7. I had my Vive about 12 days when the headset would not work. I had a red led and error 208 in the SteamVR software. I utilized the Trouble shooting FAQ but still had the same result... Steam support: I made my initial support request to Steam on June 7, received a bot acknowledgement the next day via email but did not receive a reply back from support until the next day. They clearly did not read the long detailed message I sent about what I had tried but instead gave me cut and paste from the FAQ. I would reply back that this was accomplished with a report file and they would answer another day later with another canned response. The last reply I received was June 9th and then no response again until June 13! Keep in mind, there is no service number to call or chat help, you are at the mercy of whenever they feel like getting back to you. HTC Vive Support: I tried HTC Vive support on June 8. Live chat unavailable.. June 9 Live chat unavailable... I submitted an email request for service - I received a reply to my email request on June 14! Finally on June 11 the live chat was available and I actually get a response. I am sure initially it was a bot with responses like"how is your day?" and"hmmm thats interesting let me check". At the end of 5 HOURS (and him deleting 200GB of Steam games when he is given remote control of my PC!!!) the tech says it has to be my video card and not the unit. I lose it and give him the reasons why he is wrong. To his credit he downloads a Vive diagnosis tool to my computer and finds that there is something wrong with the headset and starts to explain the RMA procedure. At this point I just request a return authorization. He then explains that I am over my 14 day return period (1 day over when I contacted HTC) and a return is not possible. WTF, I kinda went off and explained that I started the process well within the 14 day period but their lack of response/service should not be my fault. Again to his credit he said that he would escalate the return request and see if someone would approve it. He promised that they would get back to me Monday June 13 or at the latest Tuesday. Imagine how upset I was when I received the email reply to my original emailed service request on the 14th! I am sure it was a separate process because 2 minutes after receiving that response I received my return authorization. Conclusion: Pray you do not need support from Steam or HTC Vive. I was going to order a new unit after the return but after the worst customer support I have ever experienced I will be waiting for a few months to make sure the product manufacturing is mature enough for reliable operation. I am a 51 year old CEO of a helicopter emergency service. I could not possibly run my business in the same manner as these two organizations and stay in business. I believe it is only possible for them to get away with it is because of the high demand for the Vive being a new product, and the fact that like most Steam customers, I would not have access to a large portion of my computer game library if I told them to pound sand. Their monopoly on having control over my digital products leaves me no choice - except in the future only buying from non-Steam sources.
  8. I can also recommend this card.
  9. HTC Vive here (Oculus still has not shipped). The gauges are kind of readable depending on cockpit. The real problem is resolution. I cannot see the targets now, air or ground, without some kind of label. They are just a blur.
  10. Is there a way to turn off the mirror on the monitor so the card is not rendering 3 images?
  11. The -17 had more sweep and and three flow fences (instead of two) and that could account for the difference in rate (or my 50 year old brain/memory! :)). All of my shows were near sea level (more air density) and that could also be a factor. The ailerons were hydraulically boosted and did not have a lot of resistance. Boost off was a different story. I am really enjoying the module, I never had guns in mine! We used the gun tray, which winches down, to store batteries. From the picture you can tell it was a tight fit:
  12. I was fortunate enough to own and fly a MiG-17 (Lim-6R) in airshows for a few years. I also hold an authorization for MiG-15 as well but I only flew the MiG-15UTI twice for my -17 check-out. In DCS I started with a cold start and let me tell you the sounds for this aircraft are very accurate. I found the engine in all parameters of ground and flight were VERY forgiving. For example in the real aircraft you have to carefully modulate the fuel control during start to not have a hot start, and if you are below 7000 rpm you can forget about having full power quickly without overtemping the engine. Aircraft handling: I flew a -17 but I WISH I had the roll rate that this model has. During a show I would be 100' off the ground at 450 knots pull about 5.5-6G into the vertical and only get about a roll and a half before pulling inverted and rolling out at 13-14,000 feet. The pitch seems accurate. In the actual aircraft the pitch was very nicely tuned and all without hydraulics! The ailerons were the only powered flight control. Ground handling, great job modeling the turning braking process!:smilewink: The two other aspects of flying the MiG that are not modeled is the defrosting system and cockpit size. If you rapidly come out of altitude >30,000 the canopy always fogged up. I can imagine in a dogfight this might be a real problem! When ever I flew the MiG it was a very claustrophobic experience. It is a tight cockpit (I'm 6'2" and 200lbs) and you had to make sure you could reach everything by feel. The fuel control is a good example. Its cramped and the only way to move the fuel control was by feeling (and the stop at the bottom!) Thanks Belsimtek for a very enjoyable experience! I really enjoy the fuel burn of the sim over paying for 380 gallons of jet per hour (without burner in the -17)!
  13. I have received my key. Thank you Leatherneck for going above and beyond!!!
  14. Has any backer received a key code yet?
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