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  1. Maestro, thanks for sharing your work and screenshots. Truly remarkable efforts to improve the content already available: the difference is impressive. And thanks also for improving night operations at the airports.
  2. + 1 I too have noticed this lack. I didn't want to appear too pushy, but I would expect more regard for FM rather than weapons. It is true that DCS is a combat simulator, but the weapons exist by virtue of the aircraft (in this case) that load and use them. As defined in the F/A-18C Hornet Roadmap features (June 2, 2020), the FM update includes Update flight model for ground effect, takeoff pitch effects, auto-pilot based on FPM, touch and go handling, and other remaining flight model issues. I also look forward to the closely related carrier "Burble" effect. Thanks.
  3. Pieterras, thanks for clarification about 600 ft in case of CQ launches straight. I will correct my exercises.
  4. Well, I've already read the whole Cyclic Ops guide. I had already studied your Aircraft Carrier Operating Procedures for DCS guide and I recommend reading it first, then moving on to the Cyclic Ops guide, which I think is an excellent complement. some feedbacks: - the example in the "Fuel Ladder" section is very good. - in the "Execution of the Airplan" section you have allowed us to participate and be involved in the planning context. Thanks. - the diagrams / illustrations of "The pattern from above" section are very useful. For some time I had already prepared my ow
  5. SIR, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Your guides are always a point of reference. Thanks again for making and sharing them. Antonio.
  6. It's very useful to read this guide, if you haven't already https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/240066-carrier-operations-guide-by-pieterras/?do=findComment&comment=240891 You will realize that at present it's difficult to reproduce real CQ with DCS. However, based on the above guide, I've developed my own method. For me it's effective (taking into account screen's limitations), I like it and it doesn't bore me. After take off I proceed until reaching 350 kias and 800 ft, then break left, downwind ... This way I save time. Constantly I change the weather conditions, loadout, fuel and so on.
  7. What is included in the item "Flight model update" (Update flight model for ground effect, takeoff pitch effects, auto-pilot based on FPM, touch and go handling, and other remaining flight model issues) and how much more ED will decide to improve in this regard. Basically, what I and so many others prioritized in the F / A-18C Hornet Roadmap features poll https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/236553-dcs-fa-18c-hornet-features-roadmap-2020/#elControls_237326_menu This does not mean that I am currently unhappy with the F-A-18C, indeed it is a truly wonderful product, but I also expect that ove
  8. ED, thank you very much for this wonderful patch about FA-18c, especially concerning radar bug fixes in TWS, GACQ, AACQ modes/submodes. Well done! Of course, I can't wait to try everything new that has been added as well. And please, now don't forget to update the flight model
  9. I also noticed this detail, but the announcement specifies "a massive 800x600 km map size". I did a map check this morning and it looks like they don't take anything away, let's hope. The red rectangle is about 800x600. Really GREAT scenery.
  10. I also fully agree with Pikey. Great decision UGRA and good work until the expansion is released.
  11. I was shot in the front of the plane, as well as above the left wing and under the right wing (near the fuselage). During the landing, when the landing gear came into contact with the ground, I realized that something was wrong with the right landing gear. I have never had such localized damage before. I think it is a consequence of the new DM. Sure, the damage graphics need to be improved, but it got me excited. I shot down a few target planes and the difference in damage and consequences was evident. Well done ED, thanks.
  12. Ugly and difficult to understand. ED, please, how come you changed something that was fine and hardly anyone complained about? Before it was all clear with a single glance: subscribed threads, updated threads, we could jump to the first unread message ... now it's a real drama ... and we waste a lot of time. So, please, REVERSE.
  13. +1 When it happens to me, I resolve it with the same principle. No problem, just a short reflection, action, then to parking.
  14. I fully agree with this decision. A few days of patience to solve the AIM-9L / X issues is more than reasonable, considering the large amount of updates and improvements that there are with this OB. Thanks so much.
  15. I might be interested in this feature, BUT ONLY if it allows to simplify the creation of IADS in the ME (for example, I choose AD units, I place them on the map, and then with a simple tick I can define which ones to integrate together, which not, level of reaction, ROE, etc.). If this new feature will require the use of scripts, then it's not for me. Already today there are scripts that do the same function, but I have a hard time using them. On the other hand, I use DCS to fly and DCS should allow me to fly with a large variety of variables without having to learn the lua language, but usin
  16. Simply awesome!!! Thanks for sharing.
  17. This is really great news, considering the graphical level of the map that Ugra is making. The scenario is rich in different climatic regions, and from videos and screens in fact it looks like something absolutely realistic and immersive. I can't wait for it to be released. I think a note is necessary, so that this map is a must have and not a missed opportunity. Even if we have to wait longer, the map should include the whole island of Cyprus and not just partially, as the Wags screen seems to indicate. A partially built island will inevitably give the impression of something incomple
  18. Hi Pieterras, thank you very much for explanation. Best regards.
  19. I'm reading the guide and it's really clear and complete. Only a couple of questions at the moment: pag.86 Grading Scales - what's the difference between Pattern Waveoff and Technique Waveoff? - I understand that Techinique Waveoff count a -1.0 grade. Is this correct? Thanks in advance fo replies.
  20. You have done an outstanding job!!! Thank you very much for sharing and also to all those who worked on it.
  21. Bellissime textures. Ottimo lavoro. Complimenti davvero!
  22. Excellent!!! I can't wait to try the F-14B. Surely the trial also concerns the OB, considering that several fixes and tweaked into were made just yesterday. Thank you Heatblur.
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