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  1. No... It has a GTX660 2gb in it.... I'll give the no render option a blast and let you know. thank you for the help!
  2. YEs.... and on the blank window it say "DCS (Not Responding)" in the top left corner of that box. It also says it is not responding in the Task Manager. The GUI ttries to connect but can't!
  3. I am currently having some problems with the Open Beta Dedicated Server. Ever time I run it the server starts, but then I get "DCS (Not Responding)"..... I have installed it twice.... Is there anything I cna do to sort this please?
  4. Unplugged a few usb devices ( I am also an X-Plane flyer with lots of usb stuff....) and...... BINGO!! I am in.... Thanks for your help guys!
  5. Will do! PS... Your sign doesnt show in Firefox! Log file is attached dcs.log
  6. Wondering if anyone can help please? DCS gets to 100% on the initial loading screen and then it sits there and does nothing. (See image.) I have tried reinstalling and deleting the folder in Saved Games to no avail.... Any help will be muchly appreciated!
  7. My mouth is clamped closed unlike the two noise poluters!! :lol::lol: Better get saving then!! Out of curioisty Miles.... will it fit on an Oculus DK2?
  8. I did PM asking about this... but with VAT and import duty added to get it in the UK it is going to take the price to almost £200.... sadly i cannot afford that.... :(
  9. AHHHHHH... I now see my error. It is the code I had assigned to the CTLD JTAC! I used 1650!! I did not know there was a matrix for the codes on the TGP. thank you for you help!:)
  10. I have watched tutorial videos from the Grim Reaper guys and also Redkite... BUT... For the life of me, I cannot appear to be able to change the code - for both spot search and weapon dsignation! I have the In A/G Mode, Master Arm is On, FLIR up and running, LTDR is on as is LST. Then when I go to the UFC to change the code for either the UFC code flashes and it changes back to default 1688! I am obviously doing something wrong or could I be using the wrong version of DCS??? Any help much appreciated!
  11. I am running version I have been building missions, possible the previous versionwith no problems... But have been building a new mission and it's started doing it again.
  12. IS there a new bug with Tarawa? The helicopter are spawning off the port side over the water. I thought this bug had been sorted. Is there a fix for this? Thanks
  13. PFFFTTTTTT!!! If that's all your problem is you're ok.... I am a fecking SAM magnet!!!!! :megalol::megalol::megalol::megalol::megalol::megalol:
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