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  1. server-20210110-212034.trk The water splash for the FW 190 A-8 20mm shells is far too large. To test it (DCS Open Beta), I first placed a known object on the sea, then fired _only_ the inner 20mm cannons, and for a single shot (so that's two rounds... one per wing). I measured the ration of the water plume to the known object (a 25m Schnellboot) and then calculated the water plume size. Vertically, the water plume is 18 metres high (INCORRECT). Laterally, it is also about 15 metres in diameter (INCORRECT). I have at
  2. For the UK skins (Fleet Air Arm), please make sure the correct markings are used. ED have not got either the Mk.IX nor DH98 roundels correct for the RAF (see, e.g. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/259214-mosquito-skins/?do=findComment&comment=4544257 ) Perhaps this is something that @DD_Fenrir or @Rockape could advise on?
  3. So, it seems the F4U is getting closer (it has it's own subforum now!). Great news. Definitely looking forward to it! However, I have a suggestion. I would like to please make a request to the developers when putting together the official paintschemes ("skins") for the upcoming F4U Corsair. Many of the skins for other aircraft are often hard-baked, famous cases, often representing aces and with their victories, markings and signature art indelibly fixed. While this is very cool for single-player missions, these are not so good for multiplayer. For example ...
  4. @PL_Harpoon@zcrazyx Fair enough. I agree with you both that the CEII will not be like a Tiger Moth or Bü 131 in terms of handling. My impression from the original poster was he was just after a tail-dragger to practice on and, for some reason, wasn't happy with the TF-51D. Giving it some more thought, the TF-51D really makes the most sense, but the CEII is an alternative... and seems better than ED devoting resources to building a dedicated WW2-era trainer.
  5. What about the Christen Eagle II ? It's light, low-powered, multi-crew, tail-dragger. And that's what the OP is asking for, right? The CEII seems to be a reasonable stand-in for a Tiger Moth or Bücker Bü 131, but without the huge resources needed to create a totally new aircraft. Unless a 3rd-party developer steps in, although I can't think of any.
  6. As this is the Pacific Theatre Wishlist sub-forum, going against Japanese assets was assumed. These don't have to be air assets either. (However as an Axis fighter (B-239E), it goes against the I-16. That's a nice match already.)
  7. +2 I would also totally support seeing this in DCS. The point about it matching off against the I-16 is a good one - that would be superb. But it would be versatile to use in the Pacific as both an earlier player aircraft, suitable for lesser British Empire colonies, or even as an AI supplement.
  8. It seems that the Yak-52 might be next after the DH98 Mosquito.
  9. The perimeter fence at Hatay airfield goes onto the road. Coordinates in the attached example screenshot.
  10. Airfield assets pack? DEFINITELY!!! Having some ground-handling personnel would really help bring an airfield to life. Even just some guy in a pair of plain overalls would help immensely. Some suggestions: Some DCS ground units have the ability to have different paintschemes. Doing that to change uniform colours would be great. Khaki, grey, brown, olive, sand, would let crews be tweaked to suit the environment, whether it is a winter Caucasus, jungle Marianas or sunny Syria map. Alternatively, it could be used to change skin colour. For simple ground cre
  11. Hopefully this will be available soon for us Steam users.
  12. Definitely! Any seaplane would get my vote. And this is a classy one too.
  13. There are several utilities (e.g. JoyToKey) which let you map any joystick/controller button so that it triggers a key press. I have done that so that I can map my cyclic trigger to be a key, so I can do PTT via any system (SRS, TS3, etc.).
  14. Each to their own, I suppose. I personally think the Dora is better all round at the moment in terms of appearance, sound and modelling. But, as @iFoxRomeosays, you can try both for free for the next few days and see for yourself. Either that, or find some YouTube videos or screenshots.
  15. I had just been flying the SA342 on the Syria map and thought to come here to start a thread like this. Wow... you guys are way ahead of me. Nice work! The "invisible FARP" static object can turn all of these into working spawn points, ... EDIT : Sadly, not true. The "invisible FARP" will delete some of the helipads. Seems to knock out the static object on the map. I've placed the portable TACAN beacons at a few. However, is there a way to get some of the other NDBs operational at these sites? Another thing that occurred to me was to make a huge static
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