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  1. It can be really difficult. Especially if you have been used to flying other helicopters. Here are some tips that helped me. 1. Reduce your X- and Y- saturation. Here are the settings I used. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/202979-the-key-to-zhe-gazelle/?do=findComment&comment=3889219 The video in that post is also worth watching. 2. Make sure you have the necessary stabiliser/gyro on (p99 of the manual). If you are starting out, create a hot-start mission so it is already on for you (it removes the ambiguity of whether you turned it on or not).
  2. Seen this morning (07-Apr-2021) on the Bo105 channel on the Razbam discord by one of the Razbam team working on the Bo 105. This is not new or unexpected, but it is re-confirming that the PAH will be first and that other versions are still planned. Just posting it here for those not on discord.
  3. In Episode 18 of the Air Combat Simulator podcast published yesterday, there was the second part of an interview with Nineline. Ref: https://redcircle.com/shows/air-combat-sim/episodes/c2bd0746-9a19-428e-b8f9-e00d9702d99c At 10m42s in the interview, @NineLine said, and I quote exactly: So, let me answer that categorically: YES. I would trade the 262 for the Hellcat. Nineline went on to say that the 262 would not be a good as people think it would be. Well, if it would be a challenge, great! Bring it on!! In fact the more temperamental and finic
  4. Delighted to see the Bo-105 in the update. I am so looking forward to that one!
  5. In case people haven't seen it yet, there was some Bo-105 news in the latest Razbam update:
  6. Storm of War is now listing shared contributions for ships sunk. This means that if a ship goes down, the pilots who managed to score substantial hits on it will received a share of the loaded displacement of the target vessel. We use loaded displacement (tonnes), not tonnage (= capacity), so as to better recognise the sinking of warships. See this article for details: https://stormofwar.net/2021/03/14/march-2021-significant-stats-changes-coming-soon/ These contributions will also appear on the squadron pages and pilot totals, as well as individual pilots' statistics web pages.
  7. That would be neat. Ticks multiple other boxes at the same time... can be used on the supercarrier, blue transport helicopter and, of course, amphibious
  8. Following the Austrian and Danish paintschemes, I went hunting to see if the other two countries had something cool too. Sweden... absolutely! Meanwhile in Finland... I'm still looking, but here forest green does seem rather popular.
  9. ED could also add more skins. Sure, maybe the top-10 glamorous personalised/fictional skins might win the competition, but still add in some the historical/generic skins to actually support people who want to fly WW2 missions, for the campaign builders and for the multiplayer community. I don't see why the P47 needs to be limited to only 11 official skins. Some other modules have huge numbers of skins for all sorts of nations, real or not (e.g. Ka50, Mi-8). Having extra skin downloads for servers is not effective. There are enough barriers to DCS-WW2 entry already: modu
  10. ^^ V.Nice I've been going through looking for others with adjustable numbers. There are a few, which is really good to see. This is not just critical for the historical missions, but also for multiplayer servers.
  11. These are critical features... especially for historical missions. Thanks for this attention to customisation.
  12. The Draken module will be the first "1 Terabyte" module due to all the stunning liveries that will need to ship with it. Here are a few from Denmark.
  13. Good points. Thanks. I've followed up a few of the leads you suggest and now am having more doubts about the SA342 L helicopters used. These seem to be Syrian, and were used in an anti-tank role during the Lebannon War. But I am assuming these are HOT-1 (not HOT-3). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1982_Lebanon_War https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SA342#Lebanon Looking at the Falklands War, there were British Gazelles with rocket pods, but photos indicate that they are the earlier version of the SNEB that you mentioned. No sign of the cannon though. http://1000aircraftp
  14. I am in the process of building some missions for the Gazelle SA342. However, I'm having trouble trying to pin down the dates in which the different variants entered service (this is important, because I want to select other appropriate-era units to include in the scenarios). I have checked the DCS SA342 manuals and guides, and have searched these forums, but did not find anything. There is a lot of online material, but it seems rather confused (SA341, 342, 342 J/K/L, etc.) and is complicated by when the weapons entered service (HOT2 vs HOT3 ) and then when they entered service on the Gazelle
  15. You missed out "Arctic" from your list...
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