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  1. A revision to a previous video. The process is now far easier to setup:
  2. Hi Rudel_chw, Thank you for the feedback and the subscription. It is as always appreciated :thumbup:
  3. This bug was fixed for a short while but i have noticed in the most recent update, it's back. Is anyone aware of this at all??? Cheers.
  4. Hi ED, Western EWR Units are currently pointing to the JTAC scripting, when being setup to function in the mission editor. It means they will not provide BRA calls at all, when placed in missions. (Please see image below) As you can see the unit callsigns listed are indeed JTACs. Both the EWR 55G6 and EWR 1L13 are impacted by this bug whether placed as USAF Aggressors or Georgian units. The Soviet ground based systems seem to be unaffected. Attached is a short track. Cheers westernEWRbug.trk
  5. Thanks Weegie...feed back is always appreciated. Also on a side note, I have sent you a PM.:thumbup: Cheers
  6. Hi Captain Orso, to explain the naming criteria: I used. NGUR=No Ground Units Required. Which essentially means you do not have to place FARP vehicle units close by for all the usual functions to work. GR=Ground Required. Which means it behaves as per a standard DCS FARP and the relevant ground units will be required for all the functions to work. As for the ATC elements I believe ED are working on this as a whole. I have noticed sometimes that the FARP ATC name has appeared as the nearest town location, to the placed FARP. So class this as a current Work In Progess scenario. Cheers.
  7. Hi Squad Central, Yes it will work for Third Reich aircraft also. I did not restrict the units use by side in the lua code. So long as you set it up correctly (as per my video setup instructions) it works perfectly. Cheers.
  8. The answer is very simple....that is the designation for EDs currently non launchable missile.....It's ready for when it becomes officially active.
  9. Tested this morning and works just fine when selected as per image below. Cheers. :thumbup:
  10. Hi Aureliuz, It has been and still is working for me without any issues at all. So long as you update the file following each update there should not be an issue. I know some people may think they can get away with simply copying the entire .lua file and pasting it back after the update and this is where potential issues will creep in. Cheers.
  11. Mod has now been repaired and can be found here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4328279&postcount=6
  12. The release of the latest OpenBeta patch broke the launchable V1 mod. It has now been fixed and the update is in the original post: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4328279&postcount=6 I have also added a new mod in the same post, for a 88mm Anti Tank weapon. Cheers.
  13. Angelthunder, The assets once purchased can be used on any map you wish. Cheers. :thumbup:
  14. Let's not forget the Allies use of captured vehicles and vice versa. An additional level of realism with a markings update :thumbup:
  15. Fear not this can be fixed. I could include the buildings and units from the previous mod too.
  16. Hi Grajo, Yes I did try out your mod originally including the sight. I went through many many options getting the effect I settled on here in this modification. So many variations in fact that I don't recall if adapting your original offering was part of the final product.....and I still don't now. As you are aware the end result of any mod goes through many variations on a theme prior to settling on what is felt to be the ideal. As I do not know 100% that your initial offering (SIGHT ELEMENT ONLY) was not adapted I will amend the text of post 2 to reflect crediting you. Cheers.
  17. I guess the ED code is in it's early iteration and other units will need to have their code adapted to suit. Still the Mod does get engaged by all relevant units both land and naval based. So it's an alternative until the fix. Cheers.
  18. Hi WildBillKelsoe.....Thanks for the feedback, it is appreciated. Hopefully ED will get around to improving the Spitty cockpit glass, fingers crossed.
  19. I have now updated the Normandy version, which means they are now two completely separate entities for placing on any map. I have added a new download link to the first post here. Many thanks.:thumbup:
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