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  1. Hey Hoggorm, I presume you want to randomise this event and the answer is relatively simple: 1. Set up a random flag as per image 2. In the units triggered actions setup 2 Go to waypoint actions as per image. 3. Add a small trigger zone just before the junction. 4. Setup an AI PUSH TASK based upon each flag value When the unit enters the zone the flag will be triggered randomly and it will turn left or right based upon this premise. Here is an example mission too. Hope that helps. Cheers. JUNCTION.miz
  2. No worries John, glad it helped and welcome to the mission builders guild
  3. RETREAT.miz Hopefully this will help you. I have stopped the tanks firing once the BTRs have lost units to allow them to retreat. Cheers
  4. 1. Setup a triggered action for the given group "Go to waypoint" set it to the start point 0. 2. Then setup a "CONDITION" where the groups life is less than say 50%. 3. Then push the task "Go to waypoint" in the "ACTIONS". The group will then return to it's initial start point.
  5. Good morning Gentlemen, Thank you for your reports and could you please do me a favour and test the mission with "CIV TRAFFIC" off in your personal settings and confirm if this this resolves the train and smoke marker visibility issue? Many thanks.
  6. Hi Jumpjim, Changes to the Channel Map mean the mission does not at present function as intended. A fix is in the pipeline. Cheers.
  7. It applies to your statement here. Hope that helps.
  8. No....and that was your interpretation of what I wrote???? I simply confirmed the abilities of the transmitters and receivers announced as features coming after Early Access.
  9. Hi All, The announcement stated that the Mossie would include both the T.1154 and the R.1155 and when used in conjunction with each other had DF (Direction Finding) capability. Cheers.
  10. Here is a simple solution to your request and may help you. Cheers. https://youtu.be/U6qKNoilC3w
  11. Hi Ctftwo, There is a fix for this mission in the pipeline. Cheers.
  12. There are two missions to accommodate both variants of the Spitfire and the same principal applies to the P-51D.
  13. If you disable civ traffic in your settings you will see the train in the mission.
  14. If you disable civ traffic in your settings you will see the train in the mission
  15. Hi AlpineGTA, In your options turn off "civ.Traffic" and your train will appear it's a workaround for now. Cheers.
  16. Hi glide you are very welcome and thank you for the feedback, it's always appreciated.
  17. Plus the fact that to my knowledge the SCUD B uses inertial navigation which is susceptible to drift. The level of drift increases with time in flight therefore the target range will have an impact on where the missile lands. The SCUD Bs maximum range is suggested to be 300km therefore the closer to that maximum range the target is, the further the drift. Launches on targets that are closer in range reduces that drift in sim. Therefore repeated launches at the same location would/could produce the same results. Test it for yourself by reducing the target point distance and watch the drift reduce the closer the target. Just my humble observations. Cheers.
  18. Hi Flappie, The ballistic missile code was introduced to the sim on the 3rd June 2020 (Open Beta update) which made the SCUD launchable.
  19. Hi glide, Having reviewed your mission this is unfortunately user error and not a bug. You have placed Unit#522 (NAME T-80UD Platoon #054) on the corner of a building. If you zoom in close enough you will be able to see this better. Hope that helps. Cheers.:thumbup:
  20. Introduced a few patches ago was exactly what you asked for above. Selecting the year during your mission build and then highlighting the watch in the picture below..... will indeed limit your selections to the time period you have set for the mission. Hope that helps. Cheers.
  21. Hi rayrayblues, Try this it might help. Cheers.
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