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  1. 3 hours ago, Holbeach said:


    Just what I need for Rochester Airport.


    A perfect location for this scenario 👍

    33 minutes ago, No1sonuk said:

    Sorry, but is an invisible FARP silent, but deadly? 🤣

    A real throat choker of an SBD 😉😆

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  2. If you are spawning the aircraft as a ground start at an unmanned strip, then do what is required for all aircraft in DCS and place an invisible FARP with the relevant units and the ground crew will prime your engines on request. Hope that helps.

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  3. On 11/7/2021 at 12:13 PM, JagHond said:

    Dear SUNTSAG,

    perhaps I have found out all your stuff a little late... but I wanted to let you know that I found all your nice works very useful, they will let me learn more about Mission Editor's current capabilities, I admit that I have a lot to.

    So I decided to subscribe to your channel, by the way, can't await to see what's next.

    With best compliments and regards.


    Hi JagHond,

    Thank you for stopping by and providing your feedback it is always welcome.....and the videos are my pleasure. I just hope they are useful. Cheers.

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  4. 6 minutes ago, Alphazulu said:

    No, as I stated before it is a bug because it was not like that before and it was changed unintentionally, as the change is not documented anywhere,which by definition makes it a bug. My opinion has nothing to do with it, just as yours doesn't. You should really learn that visual indicators in this flight sim mean very little. I already explained why this a "bug" and have come to expect people on here to ignore the facts when it is convenient to them or counter to their opinion.  I don't engage in discussion on here based on opinion because everyone is always going to be right in their mind. Just like the way you through out the idea that maybe the spitfire is just modeled more realistic than the other fighters with absolutely nothing to back it up. In fact when updates are made to aircraft to make them more realistic it is done intentionally and documented as such. I'm not going to bother explaining software development to you anymore or engage in any other arguments about it. As you can see, I reported it and the person that is supposed to look into it as a software developer has responded as expected and not bothered with engaging in any opinion based arguments. Frankly it really doesn't matter to me in the least how you see it, the people that actually do software development don't care either. I'll leave it with them to correct.


    Very interesting and thank you for looking into this. I'm trying to image what else it can be. As you can see another person above in this thread is having it happen the same as me. I'm wondering if it is possible it has anything to do with video settings. What resolution are you using.



    I have tried it in both the formats I have available to me as follows: 1920x1080 and 2560x1440 with the same results.

  5. Thank you for providing feedback for this particular mission, it is appreciated. I have flown the mission in its vanilla state and I haven’t encountered any issues with the AI not bombing when instructed.

    Assigning the AI as ground attack has nothing to do with how they decide to respond to the request to attack the target as can clearly be seen in both the attached .trk file and the short video which was made from that .trk file. So the mission is not “half baked” by any stretch of the imagination. Forgive the flying during the .trk file creation as I had not bound all the controls in OpenBeta….plus I am not the best P47 pilot.

    As for the navigational issues you have encountered, I will update the on screen briefing document to include reference to following the gyro compass heading during the mission; as that is not clear from the outset. Doing so does get you to the target location, when following the onscreen navigational prompts.

    If you still have issues with the AI then please provide a .trk file for review and I will take a look for you. Many thanks.



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  6. 9 hours ago, Al CZ said:

    I have problem with Mossie. I can orientate with it and first few day a play Mossie as Game/Arcade. But when i fly (free mission or airfield strike - i was little in depress i bought a channel mape too, but i can´t play it, because i haven´t WW2  assests pack...so i must wait for sale.) but in to one minute i fall into stall and game over.  I pull it a full throttle, but aircraft don´t climb and crashed in to surface 😞


    I don´t undrestand where is bomb trigger. Not bomb fusing, but where i can set a release of bombs ?  The game don´t detect and automatic set joystick buttons ? (I have A M5 Cobra). Machine guns and triggers i set, but setting for bomb release i can´t found ?


    Where i set a arcade fly model ?  i know it is a HC sim, but when is here a arcade mod, a aircraft probably don´t crashed in one minut to surface...

    Hi AI CZ, You do not require the WWII Asset pack to fly any of the Instant Action misions. They only contain units that are part of the DCS core build, available to everyone. Many thanks.

  7. 37 minutes ago, Art-J said:


    Bingo, that was it. I've got "synchronize with HOTAS" option ON, and in all allied warbirds I begin missions with prop levers fully forward. Looks like that's a no-no in this particular Mossie mission then. Played it again with prop levers back at the beginning and it ran correctly to the end.


    I wonder if it's some limitation of scripting functions in the mission editor, or just the way this mission was built, because I can play tutorials of other warbirds fine no matter where the controls are when spawning.


    Providing further feedback, I'd say the mission seems to be very sensitive (sometimesa bit too sensitive) to the way and order things are activated. For example, I've got starter and booster coil buttons assigned to spring loaded switches on my Warthog throttle, but the mission didn't want to progress to next step at all when I was using these (there was no instructor's voice over and yellow marker shown when booster button was supposed to be pressed after the starter one). The sequence continued only when I re-primed the engines again and started pressing these buttons by LMB and RMB, as originally instructed. Which is a bit odd, because other triggers (related to parking brake catch for example), were working OK even though I re-mapped some of the default commands.


    I don't think it's an optimal solution, because there's a risk that other new players, who already re-mapped some of the controls, might stumble upon similar issues. I think the triggers should be more related to activated function in itself rather than keys/buttons being used for it, but then, not being advanced mission builder myself, I don't know how flexible the editor is in this regard...


    It applies to some extent to other Mossie tutorial missions as well (tried out the remaining ones today) I'd say they're very good, but at the same time it seems to be easy to get them stuck when something's not clicked EXACTLY as author intended.

    Hi Art-J glad we have the route cause sorted. I made the missions and they advance following the instructions that are known to function and they are always based on code activations within the aircraft lua coding. Your starter switch issue could be that when the switch is activated the action is not being completed so you will need to check that…it’s only a possibility.

  8. Hi Art-J I have reviewed your trk file and notice that your RPM levers are fully forward as you start the mission therefore the trigger is being activated on mission start. This may suggest you have the pageup key bound to your HOTAS or a switch and it is being activated at mission start. Could you please check and report back? Many thanks.

  9. Good morning all there is no bug related to the comms menu selection and it does work as designed. Providing you follow the on screen prompts and the voice over's provided, the mission will advance. Please see the attached images. If your language versions do not provide this information please advise. Many thanks.

    important note.PNG


    9 hours ago, Art-J said:

    There's something messed up with triggers in this tutorial. At some early point, both instructor and this Archie fella started randomly skipping forward with their commands before I had a chance of reading the previous one, let alone completing it, which rendered the mission impossible to conclude.


    I started both engines eventually only because I previously watched Reflected's tutorial video on YT.


    Haven't checked the rest of tutorials yet.

    Art-J could you please let me know which elements are advancing and jumping ahead and I will take a look. Many thanks.

  10. There are recon missions that are part of the core DCS Single Player options for both the Spitfire and Mustang. They are also both FWAF (Fly WIth A Friend) compatible. It means you can also fly them online with a buddy 👍

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