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  1. Thank you for highlighting this issue and it is now reported. Cheers.
  2. Hi All, hopefully this video will shed some light on what the AI is doing and how to stay in formation based upon that premise. Many thanks.
  3. Thank you for providing feedback for this particular mission, it is appreciated. I have flown the mission in its vanilla state and I haven’t encountered any issues with the AI not bombing when instructed. Assigning the AI as ground attack has nothing to do with how they decide to respond to the request to attack the target as can clearly be seen in both the attached .trk file and the short video which was made from that .trk file. So the mission is not “half baked” by any stretch of the imagination. Forgive the flying during the .trk file creation as I had not bound all the controls in OpenBeta….plus I am not the best P47 pilot. As for the navigational issues you have encountered, I will update the on screen briefing document to include reference to following the gyro compass heading during the mission; as that is not clear from the outset. Doing so does get you to the target location, when following the onscreen navigational prompts. If you still have issues with the AI then please provide a .trk file for review and I will take a look for you. Many thanks. P47RRR.trk
  4. Hi AI CZ, You do not require the WWII Asset pack to fly any of the Instant Action misions. They only contain units that are part of the DCS core build, available to everyone. Many thanks.
  5. Hi Art-J glad we have the route cause sorted. I made the missions and they advance following the instructions that are known to function and they are always based on code activations within the aircraft lua coding. Your starter switch issue could be that when the switch is activated the action is not being completed so you will need to check that…it’s only a possibility.
  6. Hi Art-J I have reviewed your trk file and notice that your RPM levers are fully forward as you start the mission therefore the trigger is being activated on mission start. This may suggest you have the pageup key bound to your HOTAS or a switch and it is being activated at mission start. Could you please check and report back? Many thanks.
  7. Good morning all there is no bug related to the comms menu selection and it does work as designed. Providing you follow the on screen prompts and the voice over's provided, the mission will advance. Please see the attached images. If your language versions do not provide this information please advise. Many thanks. Art-J could you please let me know which elements are advancing and jumping ahead and I will take a look. Many thanks.
  8. Simply use the templates that have been provided in the ME
  9. Post your mission for review here and I can take a look to see if anything obvious jumps out. Cheers
  10. There are recon missions that are part of the core DCS Single Player options for both the Spitfire and Mustang. They are also both FWAF (Fly WIth A Friend) compatible. It means you can also fly them online with a buddy
  11. Hey Hoggorm, I presume you want to randomise this event and the answer is relatively simple: 1. Set up a random flag as per image 2. In the units triggered actions setup 2 Go to waypoint actions as per image. 3. Add a small trigger zone just before the junction. 4. Setup an AI PUSH TASK based upon each flag value When the unit enters the zone the flag will be triggered randomly and it will turn left or right based upon this premise. Here is an example mission too. Hope that helps. Cheers. JUNCTION.miz
  12. No worries John, glad it helped and welcome to the mission builders guild
  13. RETREAT.miz Hopefully this will help you. I have stopped the tanks firing once the BTRs have lost units to allow them to retreat. Cheers
  14. 1. Setup a triggered action for the given group "Go to waypoint" set it to the start point 0. 2. Then setup a "CONDITION" where the groups life is less than say 50%. 3. Then push the task "Go to waypoint" in the "ACTIONS". The group will then return to it's initial start point.
  15. Good morning Gentlemen, Thank you for your reports and could you please do me a favour and test the mission with "CIV TRAFFIC" off in your personal settings and confirm if this this resolves the train and smoke marker visibility issue? Many thanks.
  16. Hi Jumpjim, Changes to the Channel Map mean the mission does not at present function as intended. A fix is in the pipeline. Cheers.
  17. It applies to your statement here. Hope that helps.
  18. No....and that was your interpretation of what I wrote???? I simply confirmed the abilities of the transmitters and receivers announced as features coming after Early Access.
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