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  1. That may help you alot: Hover tutorial and background and take your time to watch the whole video. Set curves as suggested and tune it to fit your joystick/throttle (i.e. collective) hardware. And the rest is all practise. In battle take your time, look for a sweet spot to explore the AO outside the range of AAA/AA units, search for high priority threats, check distance using the laser, move in, pop up in auto hover mode (if you are flying without a copilot) by de-selecting (auto)- collective, hide again. I recently came back to the Gaz and it´s my favourit
  2. Try the following mods made by famous TAZ: these give you a little "workaround" of your problem without beeing too far off from reality. HUD darker glass HUD darker font Both give you a better readability of the fonts. The last even an option for "font sharpening". I use it and I like it. Cheers
  3. @ Flappie I reported continuous MP timeouts to you Dec last year and could not nail it down to the very reason. Well.... I finally replaced the "high end (German) Telekom router" with an AVM router (7590 as far as I remember because I am at work right now). Guess what: since then no timeouts anymore. So it was some yet unknown stuff (probably internal router anti-virus that could not be turned off and blocking data with the result of these odd timeouts). I keep my fingers crossed that it´s solved for me at least. Thanks Willy
  4. Usually flying on MP, noticed the intense wobbling as well after latest update (open beta) - flew on RL Huey and thats not what we experienced at ny RPM state. Think it´s "a bit over" at the moment.
  5. I will do next time it disconnects. I played for several hour thereafter with no disconnect and butter-smooth wihtout any changes to setup or computer.
  6. Well, seems that a sunny sunday does not automatically provide luck. FIred up TTI server (Syria) , everything fine to go aaaaand ....same shit as every day. Log attached... dcs.log
  7. Flappie, first...there´s no QoS on my router (and many other router as well). So this option is not available for me. Second... I wonder what will happen to Yaga within a few days... my wild guess is he´ll get back his disconnects/timeouts (not that I wish it would happen). I will give it a try and start up DCS now to see if my timeout probem is present today or not (no changes made). Wish my luck :-)
  8. It happens on Caucasus as well. Yesterday evening no disconnects but I am not sure if that server had active SA2/3 assets or not (did not check as I operated offshore and had no indication of on the RWR)
  9. Through the Inferno, Havoc, 104th, VSAAF.... whatever you want. There´s no specific server that is constantly giving me timeouts. It may work well for a week and then again no chance to get into any server longer than 10 min. Usually it quits with timeout within 3-5 min (what other players see as well). Flappie I really appreciate your effort to help but timeouts are a topic even ED is not talking about anymore....because they know no cure.
  10. Flappie, your internet connection is far above average. I played DCS within the last years with a lot slower connection (up and down) than presently without any "timeout" issues.
  11. This whole stuff is a total show stopper in DCS. I never found ANY particular reason for that, ALL advices found in the forums did not cure the disease. On some days it works on others it´s a total mess with those "connection timeouts". It got worse over the time and is not related to any changes on my side. I have a high end internet connection, no matter of clean and repair, no matter of mods or not, no matter of deleting stuff like fxo/metashaders/logs. It seems to be the same issue like Tj1376 posted.
  12. Well......all said. The old style was more "convenient"....
  13. Nothing triggers such a behaviour. Not arcade mode, not easier controls, not auto rudder trim - checked all of them.
  14. Dear Fri13, I just watched your video about flying the Gazelle with collective/pedals and I REALLY wonder how you cold take off from ground with collective only and not using rudder as shown in your vid. On my system (using standard Warthog stick - no FFB - and Saitek rudder) it is definitely impossible to take off from ground without using right rudder. As soon as I get light on the skids the helo veers to the left (no wind in the mission) and I have to give quite a certain amount of right rudder to keep it straight. Which is a normal behaviour due to the direction the blades r
  15. yes and unfortunately it is also present with Hog2 and not cured yet. Happens once in a while, next restart it´s gone, then up again. People look for a solution - so far chimney smoke to 0 seems to be a temporary cure for that desease ;-) Same b****** as with the connection timeout in MP. Sometimes it´s there sometimes it´s fine and no one finds a definite reason nor solution. At least it´s not triggered by TAZ Better smoke.
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