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  1. You'd be wrong, been using my issued David Clarks for years, only swapped the mil plug for a PC. The mic won't work, mainly because it was built for a high noise environment.
  2. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't feel good about putting another one in as a replacement. Little loss of confidence in their ability to deliver. So how long was it in use?
  3. My guess is gen 2 will be defined by ultra high res flexible displays, they already exist, just need to be tuned for cheaper mass production. Than you can put larger screens giving higher def into the current sized HMD's.
  4. Did you try setting PD back down? Since it's the last thing you did before it started crashing.
  5. I've never set up a boundary either, set it for seated, and have never had an issue with 6DOF. It will kick out if I turn the lights off, but that's as advertised. Turn your MSAA and shadows off and check your frame rates, seem awful low. The fact it's running smooth for you at such low fps kind of tells you it wants to go, but somethings holding it back.
  6. Fly it like you stole it, leave it a flaming wreck, than you'll feel like you had your monies worth.
  7. The scaling slider in DCS has nothing to do with your physical IPD. Mine is set nearly 20 units off to get accurate scaling. Here's another tip, the odyssey's IPD isn't accurate either, move it to where your sweet spot is best, and ignore the numbers.
  8. Mines kind of weird, he's always whining about dirt and his nails.
  9. I'd like something new, take an area of the view near what the Hornets HMD sight circle is, and any contact that's located in the circle gets magnified by a factor, except if penetrates a small predetermined distance bubble. Nothing else gets zoomed. You'll still be required to use your eyes with a good scan. And the zoom will never interfere with gunnery or in close engagements.
  10. I find it works consistently as long as you follow the steps given above, and you have zero airspeed on the ground and both let go of the sticks before you hit the transfer. Any attempt to transfer at even so much as taxi speed and you lose critical parts. If you don't see the engine RPM spool up and hear the start in the back, forget about it, you got in bugged.
  11. You should try pulling them standing up with a Parachute strapped on, hanging on nothing but a static line cable with an open door next to you, too low for your chute to open.
  12. VIACOM does support the radios via the menu, you need to say the word "Options", and the radio menu will turn on, but you need to press the viacom radio key for the radio you want to use. Menu will pop up with that radio listed at the top, works for intercom also. Once the menu is up, say "Take X" where x is the number of function you want to communicate. Options, Take 8, Take 2, Take 1. You just had the crew chief turn on electrical power.
  13. Not true at all, had Phantom and T-33 pilots flying our support C-130, and for their regular day jobs some flew commercial airliners.
  14. Nodak

    MIG-23 UB

    Wonder if part of the problem was an almost complete lack of good information and photo's. The photo's from back than were sort of bland, always see the same ones. Hardly anything known in public about its mission and operating environment. Flaggon someday perhaps?
  15. That may be so, but there's a huge difference in military expenditures on the home team, and profiteering in billions privately via export.
  16. Two words, "Jimme Caata" Would have never happened without him, he convinced the world swamping it in lethal weapons would stabilize it and bring peace, and actually got away with it. https://nacla.org/article/carters-arms-policy
  17. Leave as is, mine's still named openalpha, works fine.
  18. In the jet, there is no option for a radio with hot mic, only for intercom. Even though VA recognizes it, the game didn't, since the radio was never keyed in the jet.
  19. Big thing that's going to immediately have a positive impact is an extension on a good quality stick. That in itself is going to dampen and smooth out the inputs. Closer you can get it to the actual scale of motion, the better. Easy to see in VR where you can set them up to match, much harder to break wings than.
  20. Big problem is, it's a two way street. Holding a 4 G turn above supersonic, what happens if you lose speed, go through transonic and slower, and stick forces start to drop dramatically for the same G load? Does the curve suddenly start increasing stick aft? To be fair it should if it's also being regulated the other way. Otherwise it's computer controlled FBW.
  21. Its not going to something simple to implement, stick forces aren't just G dependent, they're also speed sensitive and responsive to units of AOA. End result will be fly by wire like training wheels if you cannot violate these conditions. Your going to need lots of data in the first place, than how are you going to set a dynamic limiter if it can't push back?
  22. No, it isn't realistic. Unless your putting and changing actual pounds of force on your stick. Messing with curves on a joystick trying to replicate is in no way real. It is training wheels. Who mentioned anything about cheating?
  23. Got it already in the Hornet, called flyby wire. Apply it to non flyby wire, and it's called training wheels. Than what happens next is everyone whines and gripes because of the rapid increase of newly dangerous formerly stick wanking wannabe ace's who've lost all ability to ever stall. I'd settle for a graphical acceleration readout within something like the flight control positioning indicators.
  24. Valuable lesson here, don't ever pre order again. I tried to, but my bank refused to do that kind of transaction. Thought I'd have to wait a few weeks or months to get one, but have had it in my grubby hands now for three days. :lol: And ordered it after pre's.:megalol:
  25. AMD video cards, the settings threads usually assume Nividia by default. Not always optimal for us strays from the herd.
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