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  1. Maybe you want to find that log file if you adjusted it for the O+ and delete it? Could it be it's still actively correcting for the old WMR unit.
  2. You can simulate G tolerance, but your never going to simulate fatigue. Fatigue is what causes you to make mistakes and lose SA. How do you program that?
  3. and with another hefty Christmas sale!
  4. Might be a clue your scaling is a bit off also. Most of these craft are quite roomy.
  5. It has flares, center panel forward of the stick, left side. Buttons are color coded to match the flare color, arm switch below. If you want multiple flares select unlimited weapons and pop to your hearts content.
  6. Far as the mod's, think they only add missing beacons. Many different types of beacons, for example the Nevada map doesn't have any of the Russian type placed, so there's a mod that fixes that, otherwise there's nothing to fix on with an L-39's nav equipment.
  7. Nodak

    Pacific WWII

    If the US knew the attack was coming, and they wanted war. Than why did they store over 80% of their torpedoes at Cavite and lose them almost immediately. Why did they failed to modify their pre war strategic battle plan of closing Manila bay that was based on waiting for the fleet for reinforcement, if they knew it was never coming. Why they committed under 20% of manpower and military output to the Pacific till well into 1944 when they knew Germany was contained, if they were scrapping for the fight. Main problem was the political leadership had no respect and little concern over Japans ability and capability. That changed rather quick.
  8. That's a bug with Win 7, there's a command line your going to have to run to get it beyond the frozen point, than all will work. They've known about it for years and refuse to fix it, even when Win 7 was still supported. - Copy the file "OculusSetup.exe" onto your C: drive (not in any folder, just in the root). - Open the command window by pressing the Windows button and typing "cmd" and press Enter.. - Type "C:" and press enter. When you are typing, don't use quotes (just type what's in between the quotes). - Type "CD/" and press enter. - Type "OculusSetup.exe /bypassHotfixCheck" and press enter.
  9. Another important feature is heat generation, my O+ runs cool, don't sweat like the old CV-1. Don't ever want to get another overly warm unit, not good if you wear for prolonged flight nights. I don't think there's nothing overwhelmingly greater right now, if you can get one under 300. Content to sit and continue using it until the next gen is established and has a clean winner. Hasn't happened yet.
  10. You can do it safely and consistently by doing a full stop, do the swap, than go. I suspect our sticks don't have the same definition of neutral, so best to remove all simulated force on the controls before attempting a swap.
  11. Definitely got a boost, and the visuals are noticeably improved, shimmer is reduced, O+.
  12. It is the norm, you don't start without notification. But when dealing with officers, their daycare staff usually do it for them.
  13. Thumbs up, there any specific craft you'd like to program if you were given free reign? Just a hunch, Starfighter?
  14. Always start the game inside your headset, no more issue. You should have a virtual desktop inside WMR, use that.
  15. Same problem, on two completely different systems. Like an epileptic seizure on steroids in the mirror or external view. My guess is somehow the prop is bleeding over as it seems to be in rhythm graphically. You can also see the same for another pilot if you fly multi player when they're within visual range.
  16. Chickenhawk was a novel, work of fiction.
  17. You'd be wrong, been using my issued David Clarks for years, only swapped the mil plug for a PC. The mic won't work, mainly because it was built for a high noise environment.
  18. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't feel good about putting another one in as a replacement. Little loss of confidence in their ability to deliver. So how long was it in use?
  19. My guess is gen 2 will be defined by ultra high res flexible displays, they already exist, just need to be tuned for cheaper mass production. Than you can put larger screens giving higher def into the current sized HMD's.
  20. Did you try setting PD back down? Since it's the last thing you did before it started crashing.
  21. I've never set up a boundary either, set it for seated, and have never had an issue with 6DOF. It will kick out if I turn the lights off, but that's as advertised. Turn your MSAA and shadows off and check your frame rates, seem awful low. The fact it's running smooth for you at such low fps kind of tells you it wants to go, but somethings holding it back.
  22. Fly it like you stole it, leave it a flaming wreck, than you'll feel like you had your monies worth.
  23. The scaling slider in DCS has nothing to do with your physical IPD. Mine is set nearly 20 units off to get accurate scaling. Here's another tip, the odyssey's IPD isn't accurate either, move it to where your sweet spot is best, and ignore the numbers.
  24. Mines kind of weird, he's always whining about dirt and his nails.
  25. I'd like something new, take an area of the view near what the Hornets HMD sight circle is, and any contact that's located in the circle gets magnified by a factor, except if penetrates a small predetermined distance bubble. Nothing else gets zoomed. You'll still be required to use your eyes with a good scan. And the zoom will never interfere with gunnery or in close engagements.
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