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  1. And lets not forget the elephant in the room, tactical nuclear delivery at Mach 2.0 plus air refueled from land or sea any weather any time. Nope, phantoms never made anyone sweat.
  2. G-2 from an odyssey, colors aren't quite as rich on the G-2, but close, the clarity you get will never match no matter what you do to an odyssey. Odyssey has the best cockpits ever with those rich colors and its close up clarity is not bad, but put on a G-2 and your suddenly flying heads out of the pit, occasionally scanning instruments. Gaining the outside world is well worth it. My rigs a bit less than yours but upgraded the card to 2070Super upon gaining the G-2. You can divide your frames in half to get a close estimate on how your G-2 will pull.
  3. And when they eventually do come around to imposing limits your probably not going to be able to see the extremes on your side panels no more, nor much of the hidden switches either. Say goodbye to easy engine starts, or relatively pain free emergency procedures in some of the jets. In the C-101 the pedals adjustment is nearly impossible as it is, and you can't advance some of the missions without adjusting them. F-10 is your friend, place your head where you think it physically should be, press it, than relax and return your body to your standard comfortable position, hit the recenter VR command, done. If your on a wheeled chair that swivels, even with limits your still going to suffer issues, this won't be the fix you think its going to be.
  4. The F-4J and S were not limited in their roles of fleet defenders, they were superior. The gun on the F-4E arrived so late and delayed it was a solution looking for a problem as proven in the stats above. Missile tech and reliability caught up to the problem rendering it mute, it wasn't all that great in an ACM gunfight since by design it was a high speed interceptor, and for its day wasn't all that bad, so it wasn't a place you ever wanted to end up in anyway. That gun cost a cutting edge radar set for Air to Air in that day which wasn't rectified till the Hornets set which was small enough to squeeze in fixed the issue. Till that happened the E had to get shoved aside to a ground pound role, and the D sat as the airspace defender till the very end. It may have been a great bomb truck, but it lost much of it's original intercept capacity with a radar downgrade, could have just as easily put the ground strike package in a D frame minus a gun and retained both roles.
  5. Don't use them, really don't care for them, nothing impressive or particularly eye catching about them, not as compared to the cockpits themselves. They don't look good close up as first person, however they do look OK when in other crew positions in some aircraft such as the Tomcat or even the older Huey. Maybe its the whole Ichabod Crane thing going on, where I'm missing my own head looking down my hollow neck.
  6. https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/complete-guide-to-symbolic-links-symlinks-on-windows-or-linux/ Best bang for the buck is putting your maps on the separate drive, they're huge but all in the same folder. Than you have plenty of room for all the modules you can handle.
  7. If you have another drive use a drop link, not a problem splitting a program up on separate drives in win 10.
  8. Recoiless design, minimize the recoil less wear and tear and improved accuracy, both for the gun and the helo.
  9. Ultimately with a campaign system being built infantry will be required in some detailed form. They're necessary for the fidelity of any believable campaign generated Helicopter war, who's only real purpose is direct infantry support. Helicopters are already a defacto player and growing, they certainly don't diminish any ongoing air war for fighters, they add to the experience. Its the infantry giving the jet jocks the very reason for controlling and contesting the air space in the first place. I wouldn't mind seeing things like canned seal teams and other helo usable spec ops, the campaign sets a waypoint for water drop for a specific target, they move by whatever means the mission calls, zodiac or swim, set charges or directly destroy a nearby target, and other assets pick them up later at a specified time and point, or assets swing in with direct fire support as they require via radio comms. Infantry can give a campaign system some real depth.
  10. If drive space is the issue, just put all your terrains on another drive and create a virtual drop folder. Game won't know the difference, you can pawn them off to a lesser drive, they're still there and usable since you paid for em. Windows 10 handles drop folders native, its a designed in feature. https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/complete-guide-to-symbolic-links-symlinks-on-windows-or-linux/
  11. Try this, go into your saved game folder, config file, input, C-101-XX, joystick, in there you'll see a .diff file, get rid of it. Those red ! should be gone and your good to go.
  12. Little trivia, the L-39 instructor back seat pit is set up with controls where he can introduce certain failures, mainly on the front seats flight instruments. As multicrew gets reworked and refined and perfected these might come in handy.
  13. I don't know about the modern herks and their props, but the old A's B's E's early H's required the number one blade up upon parking for the day. There was a reason and it was a technical order and on the checklist, the seals had a breather, and they'd develop leaks if you didn't. I do believe our Navy brethren did the same in their upside down mounted engines in their P-3's.
  14. How the engines balance without the throttles locked would be the real test.
  15. Yup, thanks for that, got some big plans for this module and some young'uns this summer.
  16. Looking at the latest patch notes, especially the C-101, that's an impressive amount of synchronizations that apparently now work by changing the code. Looking good for the future of multi-crew.
  17. I use the quick mission and advanced generator frequently, but it's sorely lacking in no ability to set up a specific enemy, especially in a one on one quick test fight. I really miss that feature, especially with so many and varied combinations of air frames and types we currently posses. I'd spend days in there just testing combinations and probably grab a plane or two I didn't have just to see.
  18. Far as I know your boat must have more than one waypoint for the TACAN to work.
  19. Cockpit lighting rotaries and HUD brightness can be bound to an axis also. Lot's of nice ease of living features. You guys should go pro, I'd gladly pay where this beauty is headed.
  20. Main problem was cycles of sorties with missiles, USAF suffered from the same thing, just not as badly, they weren't pounding the snot out of their weapons by slamming them repeatedly onto decks of carriers over multiple sorties. Hence the Iranians not suffering problems to the same degree. Digital weaponry exponentially expanded the sortie life cycles, increased reliability under long term storage and less manpower wasted on sortie cycle based inspections and rebuilds of the weapons. Digital components handle the rough environment better for longer periods of time, not that they function any better, there's just less in them to go wrong.
  21. Outstanding, any chance of rudder trim?
  22. Don't be so sure about that, might be a case of many having older versions of SRS, they may be causing an incompatibility. They already stated radio function of this mod is tied in with SRS.
  23. When H E double L freezes over. They aren't much of a mod team if they're not already busy working on a project.
  24. Install latest version of SRS radio, won't work as flyable without it.
  25. Thanks to the guys earlier in the thread, updated SRS and now working great. Outstanding job on the jet, feels great in the pattern.
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