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  1. I believe Razbam is making a British and probably an Argentinian Carrier for the Falklands conflict and map that they're working on. For the Supercarriers, you'd have to be observant but they're not the same model, they're all individually different, they have their own islands/towers and radar towers which differ from one another. Now Heatblur is making the Forrestal class, and they're making 4 different ships like the Forrestal itself and the Ranger and a couple others. Leatherneck on the other hand I've heard are making the Essex class carriers for the Corsair. Now one thing the Essex and especially the Forrestal class ships need are other escort ships of their respective eras that were with them in the fleet. I hope to god someone makes those ships too cause it would be unrealistic to have Forrestals from the 60s and 70s with state of the art Arleigh Burkes and Perry class ships with them Deka Ironworks did state back in early 2020 that they were making the Laoning and even did show some WIP screenshots
  2. I mean if it does get added only 2 countries would operate it being Russia and India and it may even encourage ED or someone to make an Indian Carrier as an asset
  3. Well clearly I missed it which is why I brought it up now. I don't see why it's an issue to bring it up
  4. Any chance we may have the option to remove the CFTs as i know the F-15E does have that ability, plus it can max perform better than the C model thanks to more powerful engines. It'll have better turns and a much higher top speed too and if flown 100% clean it can get airborne in 6 seconds after lighting the burner! Look at this video.... https://youtu.be/osFNW14QBHw I also wonder if the F-15E can carry weapons without CFTs in a similar manner to the C model and if it can, will this be an option in DCS too!?
  5. Interesting, so did the French F-8 have BVR with the 530?
  6. True but how different would the F-8E be from the F-8J as far as taking off and landing on a carrier? Do you think maybe LN may consider making the French variant in the future?
  7. Honestly we already have like 5 Carriers in the US alone, and another 4 are coming making it 9 Carriers in just the US alone, now 4 of those already apply to the Crusader, but considering the F-8 served with the French Navy why not a French Carrier instead? We could really use some assets in other countries too
  8. True plus they're still yet to release the F4U Corsair
  9. As the title suggests, Can we have a couple of each of these Ships please? It'll really help with some of us Helo drivers to practice taking off and landing on ships Thanks
  10. Awesome! And it's good to know, I was however hoping for some Hueys and Mi-8s to be able to do some Gunship operations if not cargo or CTLDs but it's all good. Also I think later this yar itself we'll be getting Forrestal Class Carriers from Heatblur so do you think you can add one of those when they get added to the game? Also I believe China operates Gazelles so maybe that could make for a good Red For Gazelle slots
  11. Quick question tho, for Blue forces why not keep the F-14s the A model and same for Red side Mig-29s, let those be A models as well since they can't really use any Active radar missiles anyways so that defeats the main purpose of the Mig-29S. They can be Mig-29As from North Korean faction to make it more realistic. Also maybe you can switch the J-11s to Chinese Su-27s cause even those are available and won't have access to the R-77s EDIT: Also maybe some of those F-15s can be Japanese just to throw those guys into the mix. Also why aren't there any F-5s and Hueys? Unless I may have missed it. If you add Hueys they don't have to be American only, they can be part of Japan, Australia anyone since they're so widely exported
  12. If they were gonna make one, then I hope they make something like the UH-1Y Venom
  13. Now that we have these maps, how about an Israeli, Lebanese or Turkish Huey campaign? Or in PG it can be an Iranian Huey (First red side Huey) or Saudi Arabian Huey campaign? Like these can be anything from Combat to cargo to troop transport to even SAR! The possibilities are endless!
  14. I think in one of the recent updates they even now show pilots that have ejected, imagine if they implement a way to save them with SAR Helicopters!?
  15. I know but I'm talking about the Su-25T specifically
  16. The Su-25T is the flagship for entry into DCS as it's the first thing newcomers will be flying before deciding to buy anything else. Now DCS sure has come a very long way since it's first release, however the Su-25T has been largely neglected (understandably, but still). Is there a plan for maybe a newer more highly detailed external model to match it's surroundings?
  17. Planning to start a group or "Task Force" which would have subgroups or squadrons within it that will be respective squadrons pertaining to certain types of airframes or roles. For example..... American Airframes with mainly air to air role will have a squadron Russian airframes mainly air to air will have another Utility Helicopters (Huey, Hip) will have another Attack Helicopters (Ka-50, Apache, Hind) will have another Ground attack airframes will have another This Task force and it's squadrons will be themed around a certain game I can't speak of due to forum rules. Each of these squadrons will have 4 main slots each for those who primarily fly those airframes/roles and an additional 4 or more reserve slots for those who don't regularly fly those roles or airframes.
  18. I wasn't aware of the refund process until very recently hence I asked
  19. I know that, I'm talking about just an AI asset, so by doing that its not an official module nor is it paid for in any way, it's just an asset that we could all use in various missions, and then there is always the mod to download it which is free
  20. As much as I'm happy about the Mig-29A being made full fidelity, I personally don't see anyone getting excited as in modern servers this thing is beyond superseded by more advanced Bluefor planes although it may play out much better for cold war scenarios but still not exactly fit in any of them. Now if they did make a 29S or any other slightly more advanced version in the Fulcrum family I can certainly see it playing out much better for them. Maybe if they managed to make the 29M it might truly be the best option but then again lets see. EDIT: I also think I saw someone in the Russian forums say (and please don't quote me on this as I'm not entirely sure) they're still deciding on which Fulcrum variant to make but it's most likely an A model
  21. Unfortunately no, I remember it being mentioned somewhere and I can't find it, I'm not entirely sure it may have been someone else mentioning it also, so pls don't quote me on this as being certain
  22. Well I believe Razbam is actually working on an EE Lightning so there's that, not sure if it's the one you want
  23. What is the A mid belly Lightning?
  24. Curious to know if I can have a refund if I bought this product before 1st Oct 2018?
  25. Yes I do wonder that too. I think I remember Truegrit leader once said they may consider Rafale as the next project after the Typhoon
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