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  1. I agree, now that it has been announced it should be added
  2. IIAF F-47D serial number 262 https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315153/
  3. Last year they had quite the list for 2020 which included the Laoning Aircraft Carrier as well as an AI J-15 to go with it
  4. Technically ROCAF isn't China, it's the Taiwanese air force. Now I'm not sure if we have a Taiwanese faction, I sincerely hope we do. If we did, that is where that skin would belong
  5. As much as I'd love that, I'm really not sure if it can simply be done like that
  6. How about a China/Taiwan theatre? Or India Pakistan theatre?
  7. Indeed! I almost forgot about that
  8. Just curious to know now that you have released the JF-17 which is certainly an excellent and well wanted module, what are your plans for 2021?
  9. I think Wags said in a previous interview that they may add Submarine simulation as well
  10. Well so do so many other planes, yet everyone demanding liveries
  11. I had the quote before the Supercarrier when I trapped on the Stennis
  12. After trapping on the carrier successfully...... "Don't look back but the LSO's got a boner" :megalol:
  13. Oh ok gotcha. I do hope ED does update the Carl Vinson model considering it's quite useless now. Plus many of the old missions don't even work on the new DCS unless they're extensively updated. In my case when I try that I can't even save the mission
  14. Also what about Glove veins on any of the F-14As? Especially the older ones?
  15. Quick Question: Will this/these F-14As replace the old potato F-14A AI model we currently have in DCS?
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