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  1. Fri13- you seen rather agitated........ 1. I wasn't playing DCS at the time to follow the updates and missed the window. 2. I wanted a helo to get to grips with. Simple as that. Did I mention I was disappointed at the lack of Apache avionics lol? Oh.....I should have got the av8........
  2. Oh for longer ranged missiles, or even 8 of them!!! Love it. Love it I do (the Gazelle). Yep. You have to be a SNEAKY devil. Slowly slowly, catchy monkey. Just now on the 4y server. Snuck around an airbase and took out an SA8, Gepard, Zsu and "something else". Yes, I had 2 missiles fire at me - ducked behind the trees, skirted AROUND them and then BOOM. Job done. Landed behind some trees and writing this. I purchased this mainly over the blackshark as I already had BS1 and refused to pay for it again (and indeed - again soon
  3. Bravo - had a few spingos in my time
  4. I gave up with clusters. I now set mark points and pinpoint strike with the jsow C. At least I get 1 shot 1 kill!
  5. I've followed guides to reduce stick movement and I'm beginning to hop around like I used to in the Ka-50 10+ years ago! Can't turn on a dime yet, but getting there
  6. Just seen this, thanks for the reply I got the Gazelle in the sale as my "trainer" for the 64...... Haven't had much need for trim to be honest, although I do prefer the mag trim out of the pair. Thanks again.
  7. Did a total Graphics driver dance and have flown a MP mission in Syria. So I'm guessing the driver got glitched somehow. Bizare as frames etc were top notch. Great spot BIGNEWY, and thanks again.
  8. Brilliant, thank you. Interesting it's diplay driver as it's up to date. Yes - the save file is bizare, I think it got picked up from an old install somehow.......I'll just rename THAT one to "old", and then DCS will fix to the proper C drive one won't it I guess. I'll keep this post updated for anyone else in the future. Thanks again. EDIT: renamed the DCS open Beta in saved games and when it reloaded it..........made it again in that very same folder....................
  9. Well, just got into multplaer. Loving it. Everything was fine. I purchased and installed Syria and the Gazelle, which both work brilliantly in single player. Ever since however, going into MP I crash 90% of the time. At first I thought it was RAM - I've only 16 gigs, but I don't thing it is now. I've changed the page file too form computer set to a recommened one from a post here. Don't normally post problems like this as I can fix them, but this time Any ideas? (logs attached). TIA. Logs.zip
  10. My system has run faultlessly "forever". I installed Syria and the Gazelle, and again - perfect. Today - Multiplayer..............crash after crash. Okay in mission editor / single player. No changes to my system. I did see that the pagefile was system managed to my c drive - and I've manually set it to "something suggested in another thread". All to no avail. My memory is hitting MAX and then CTD - even on the Caucasus map..... Any ideas?
  11. Spent time at Culdrose by any chance? I grew up in Helston. Wonder if we'd have bumped into one and other in the pubs!
  12. Hi all. Flew the Blackshark in V1.0 days and loved the way the trim worked. Fly the stick, hit trim and it would.....trim. Having played around with the Little Bird and using it's push pull hat trimmer I must say I hate that way. So. How will the trim work in this beast? Any ideas? TIA.
  13. For me personally the ATFLIR was going to be the highlight of 2.7. Hoping for better image and zoom. Certianly not as good on the zoom front, sticking to the trusty Litening for now. The liGHTing however from the clouds, now that is the highlight for me Ninja'd by notproplayer. Forgot about the masking and payload changes that are needed to accomodate it on the cheek station!
  14. Larking about with the new weather. Must admit, I wasn't really fussed until..........................
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