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  1. +1 from me too. That F14 trapsheet is a thing of beauty (so I've seen, don't have it myself).
  2. THANKS for the interest all. It's fixed itself. I didn't change anything between sessions, but last night everything seemed fine. Now to bring back some of those view commands. Matze81: It sounds like that could have been the issue. tried so many things it wasn't really a "fair test"!
  3. Thanks, but i've unbound pretty much ALL views lol!
  4. Hi all. Clear user error here, but let's see. I have had this before, but fixed it. I think I've got a joystick conflict as when I release a weapon the view goes straight to weapon track, and the camera flies with it. I didn't get this problem until I started getting into the A10 again, but it's migrated over to the FA18 configuration also. Any ideas what I must be toggling on? Is there a setting or a particular view I need to reset? The weapon release is only set to joystick button 2 and when I re-program it there isn't any sign of a conflict. TIA, me. :thumbup:
  5. I guess nothing. Again - DCS limitations. The save file only (I THINK) saves destruction of units. But I'm not the guru ;-)
  6. okay. 80% there. For the Hornet. It shows live IFEI data as per the sim. Nothing on the UFC however works. Any ideas on my obvious oversight? Have I changed keys in game that need to be linked to the app? TIA :) EDIT: Either I had the wrong computer IP, or I opened the port. WORKS NOW. Oh yeah! Now.....get the bloody display output working :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::pilotfly:
  7. Guessing a limit of the "rather old" DCS mission engine // rubbish (sorry, work in progress) DCS AI? Maybe you'll need to edit the targets in the mission editor?
  8. I too have had this problem - selecting the box. I had to go back to Wag's video to make sure it wasn't me. IT'S FINICKY depressing the target grid square. Depressing the button DOES toggle the little line at the bottom of the box, but it doesn't select sometimes. Give it a GOOD press. It does work. I don't know if there is deliberate delay, lag or whatever, but it is very simple and I bet you aren't doing anything wrong. At work, so speed typing. Hope you get it fixed :-)
  9. Grid = waypoint = slaveable. Just like how you would alter WP coordinates. Guess they haven't gotten around to doing anything with JTAC - even just giving him the ability to offer....coordinates ;-)
  10. LOTS OF EDITS AS I GET MORE IDEAS. Some suggestions if I may. *** Loving the JTAC. Works well. Could he please have a different laser code for the TGP to spot? I noticed that I was manually lasing my own target that was obviously near his. Unless I did something stupid my GBU tracked to HIS target (@1688 ) rather than mine (@1688 ). I guess his target was rather close to mine!!! (USER ERROR - need to change code on ground) *** Difficult I'm sure, but....... Is there a way to set our own "start" map? Load a template in the mission editor and add our own extremelly diificult airbase d
  11. Bother, wrote a long list and then saw you mention "server" - mine was for single player. But for - Supercarrier. When you load the mission in DCS you can edit the units as you see fit in the editor. I personally add extra SAMs and start closer to the mission area. Fly, then submit the json like you suggested. I usually just accept the basic result unless I need to start again as I sometimes forget to change loadout of my plane.
  12. Hi. I got this a couple of months ago and not installed it yet as I don't own a tablet. Tablets. WOW they are expensive and underspec'd!!! Question: Will this run without much hassle on an Amazon Tablet. They seem much better value, but obviously they are in the Amazon ecosystem which isn't good. TIA Mr R.
  13. I've been trying to get to grips with the JSOW recently too. 1) They REALLY are ineffective lol! I see the dispersal cloud and bomb drop ripples on target, but even against open AAA they aren't that great and I end up returning to send another 2 in. I'm going to play with burst height in a minute and feed back, but someone above mentioned that clusters aren't too great all around the the '18 - and I think I agree (No. No RL to back that up). 2) I too (no pun) have had them totally miss in TOO mode for no reason. 2b) Good grief the TOO procedure is a ballache. RL or no RL
  14. So I have now noticed lol :music_whistling: Anyone think ED don't want us to have an integrated system !
  15. Thanks :-) Just gone through the updates, https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=200724&page=11 Can you point me in the direction of how to change it? Oh, you're talking about the MOD. I was referring to someone above saying that ED have finally managed to get it into the sim proper. I know Wags has suggested it's coming, but so are many things.
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