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  1. Hello DCS pilots! Today we are releasing a minor patch that addresses some of the more critical issues with the Community A-4E for DCS World. This is a compatibility patch which addresses the changes in the lighting engine in DCS World as well as the new MIZ file format that affected the use of the catapult with the Community A-4E. We hope that you have been enjoyed flying the Community A-4E and we hope to see you in the virtual skies! Download the latest version here: https://github.com/heclak/community-a4e-c/releases/tag/v1.4.1 Find more information on the Community A-4E project page:
  2. Already fixed the catapult issues. Most like TACAN too as they are all related. The latest build is out with the testers now. Waiting for them to test and get back with new findings.
  3. Hi Rik, I sent you a PM.
  4. [Community A-4E] Update on the cockpit lighting issues in DCS World Open Beta [Community A-4E] Update on the cockpit lighting issues in DCS World Open Beta Hi fellow DCS pilots, I would like to post a mini update addressing the lighting-related issues in the Community A-4E in the latest Open Beta of DCS World. I’m sure most of you who are using the Open Beta branch of the DCS World are aware of the light issue plaguing a number of modules, particularly lighting and annunciator elements in various modules. The Community A-4E is no exception. The annunciators on the glare shield and the
  5. It’s in the installation instructions on the project page. It’s just deleting a folder in Explorer.
  6. Get the updated v1.4 and there's a workaround included for launching on the SC. Disable the catapult checks and you'll be able to line up to the catapult yourself.
  7. Hello, DCS pilots! I’m Heclak and I’m one of the Community A-4E developers. Plusnine and I would like to thank everyone in the community for your amazing support and your patience for the project. We love seeing your liveries, videos, screenshots, and posts for the Community A-4E. The last version of the plane garnered over 15,000 downloads, so we would like to first thank you for trying the module out! We would also like to thank the testers and other community members who have donated time and effort to test and give user feedback over the past few months on Discord: Your issues and bug conf
  8. Yes. That was brought to our attention. I've already patched that out and trying to push out our patch quickly so that we minimise the effect on the community. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. In the beta, you'll need to go to the A-4E options menu to turn off the catapult checks. The catapult checks only work for the Stennis at the moment. We've added a few interesting launch option in our custom A-4E catapult launch system. We will probably never be able to integrate directly with SC as the SC integration code is not public. That being said, I don't recommend anyone to use the beta except for feedback testing as there are still issues with it.
  10. Yes. SRS works, SRS was patched to support the A-4 and we're looking to improve the integration further in the future. Pure models was fine up till the latest patches. ED added some files which has the same names as our files which caused the A-4E to have IC issues now. We're fixing it with the upcoming patch.
  11. I actually think we had previously added ICLS for the Stennis in an earlier patch. I could be wrong. It uses the TACAN panel but it only works for the Stennis as that is the only carrier that we have access to. Wheel chokes should work fine on the SC and the new catapult code which is still in beta (feedback from testers) should be working on the SC as well. We're working through a few more issues before putting out a stable release. We try to minimise game-breaking bugs in our stable releases.
  12. The A-4E doesn't follow the SC code as we do not have access to the SC implementation. We are using our own custom code to implement a carrier launch. It is not part of the DCS code. The lack of friction on the carrier is due to ED not having completed the implementation of carrier code for their SFM. No way that we can fix it, just need to keep stepping on the brakes like what real pilots have to do. Never let go of the brakes until the ground crew have the wheel chokes in place.
  13. Beautiful work. There’s going to be an updated paint kit coming with v1.4 so keep a look out for that. Some additional surfaces were unwrapped and tweaked.
  14. Hi Archer! Thanks for bringing this up. I just fixed this for the next release. It’s coming soon!!
  15. Did you do an air start? If you do so then there is a bug in DCS causing the gear to collapse and explode when landing. Always start from the carrier or ground. You can still explode if you land too hard but practice makes perfect.
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