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  1. virpil mongoosT-50CM2 for cyclic. vkb pedals and a home made collective handle..
  2. I WANT THE HEATBLUR A-6E Buddy PACK!!!!!!
  3. will buy two copies of Heat blur A6, so i can have a buddy as my navigator bomber..
  4. give ED some love. there are always sales. your friends should purchase. 25$ dont break the bank, and plus who ever purchases also has the option to really get into the aircraft.
  5. i could care less about the mosquito.. up until i saw multi crew... 1st day buy.. for 2 copies!
  6. I am grateful that multicrew programming is occuring and not forgotten. I dont complain, and I am patient. Thank you very much for your effort to bring this functionality to the pilots and gunners!
  7. this was the evolution of my collective handle. https://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3815605/Re_New_Project_CH_Collective_W i dont have any blue prints of any.
  8. i really have to say that i am grateful that ED has not forgotten the huey. recent updates are like... wow
  9. I built a cyclic and collective a while back. i have retro fitted my collective to my 6 dof platform. (using the virpil stick for cyclic, my home made cyclic is too heavy and bulky) but i am in the stages of planning building a M134D minigun controller in anticipation of the potential updates to the uh-1h huey door gunner role.. VERY EXCITED! i been watching many huey venom door gunner videos.. i just want to unleash 7.62 at 4000 rounds per min, in DCS..
  10. merry christmas to all. been a while since i posted a picture. health and happiness to everyone here
  11. Yes, independent aiming, with mouse, motion controllers and joysticks!! more options the better!
  12. NO. we WANT to look independently from from the doorgun. in VR, the player view is permanently locked down the barrel of the doorgun. it means we can not look opposite from the where the doorgun is aiming. basically u have a doorgun plaster on your face, where ever you turn your head, the gun will point with the direction of your head.
  13. even if it takes a year..im happy that its not forgotten.. just lets not forget about multicrew for gazelle... and proper doorgunner support, especially in VR!
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