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  1. IM HAVING difficulty getting the COMM1 menu. in google search, it says, press RALT + # how the hell do you use #, when thats is shift + 3.... I DO NOT GET THIS...
  2. im trying to learn about laser guided bombs using the F5E as a goal. i had no success following this gentleman's tutorial.. the instructions are outdated, im not sure if they apply to DCS 2.7 i am able to do everything, but when i get in the plane (i entered the cockpit of AV8B) for a test, i dont see JTAC in the menu, only the choices of ATC and EXIT are available when pressing back space. is there something im supposed to do with the aircraft? he did not show details about the aircraft, only the BTR target, and the IFV jtac... please help
  3. as mention, at the end of the day, to control the doorgun, you need to have anything that ends up being a mouse or joystick so you can bind the controls to the doorgun. went with pots, that was the easiest way, since it is connected to a joystick board, that windows recognizes as a joystick. now if you are going for a phone, good luck with your search to translate accelerometer movement to arduino. i think its doable. but dont know since i dont have any experience with phone accelrometers.
  4. what is your goal? have the phone control the player view or control the doorguns? if your goal is to move the doorgun by way of moving your phone around, all i will say is the doorguns are controlled by axis. it could be a mouse or joystick. if you can translate accelerometer telemtry into mouse movement or as a windows joystick, then the goal is possible
  5. ever since i got pointctrl, i feel more confident to use DCS modules, and now i have recently gotten into the world of buddy lasing and laser guided bombs.. So far i see many tutorials of the A10C buddy lasing for other aircraft... will the upcoming DCS Apache support buddy lasing for fast movers? Thanks
  6. F5E Laser Guided Bomb Setup Load GB-12 onto pylons 2 & 6 Bring up Kneeboard (Aircraft OFF) Go to Weapons Notes Set Laser Code Master Arm to ON External Stores to BOMB Bomb Arm (fuse) set to TAIL Fly toward target area at 15,000 Ft Pylon Select Switch to ON At 400 Knts, Dive 10-20 degrees Position Target at base of HUD Weapons Release at 10,000 Ft
  7. DCS is epic in VR I would like pick a campaign or two for the sale.. but I like to choose the campaign suite for multiplayer.. My friend has the Huey, F86, F5E FC3... but could consider other modules to purchase APPRECIATING ANY SUGGESTIONS...
  8. i have nvidia rtx2080ti running DCS in VR, and i get a system crash. looked at and i see a LiveKernelEvent ID 144 and its something to do with the nvidia drivers. running v466.11 GOING TO REVERB BACK TO PREVIOUS
  9. do you have details of this project if someone were to build this? this is actually genius...
  10. im looking for resources to learn about the NS430 GPS... if there is a custom kneeboard, even better! appreciate any info..
  11. did u check on "cursor confined inside window" tab.. on BOTH the SYSTEM menu and VR menu?
  12. i like to see a) pylon mod b) laser pointers for the doorgun c) NS430 d) GAU-21 .50 caliber doorgun e) improved weapon sounds f) pbr textures
  13. i use simtools and flypt mover for motion cueing. i dont want to spend money on SRS, as FlyPT mover does most of everything that i want, i already paid for simtools. there is no concrete place for settings. i spend time on the x-simulator forums and discord. angular position is basically straight forward. if you roll 0-90 degrees in game, then you are telling your motion platform roll 0-90 degrees ( or equivalent if your platform has limits, like 0 - 30 degrees) angular velocity is the speed of which you hit that angle. so lets say your roll 0-90 d
  14. that will be by preference. there are many who go for angular velocity... others angular position. i have both a 6 dof and a 3 dof. for pitch and roll, i go for angular position but for yaw, i go for angular velocity.
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