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  1. Check the F-16 (86-0301) at 1:03, I wonder if they change the wings recently?
  2. Could you? But it has to be a USAF F-16C block 50 in 2007 in combat. Not on the ground on some demo load, not in testing. Otherwise, is not relevant. The only way to tell what the DCS versions of the F-16C carried is to have a copy of the 2007 USAF Technical Order 1F-16CJ-1-2 or the 1F-16CJ-33 series of manuals and checklist. Note that I used CJ not CM since 2007 not all manual where converted to CM. By the way, they may be several versions of this specific manual, so good luck having the correct one. Having a Greek manual does not help, they carry different weapons and equipment. A different year does not help, since weapons capabilities are updated and it changes by year. If you have that specific manual, contact ED and ask if they want it. If you do not have that manual, there is a high chance you don't know what can or can't be carried on what station. Is the load out in DCS accurate? I do not know, I do not have that specific manual. My point, to many misconceptions about the F-16, I have being saying this for a long time
  3. That is precisely what the Dogfight/missile override switch is meant to do ( override any other master mode). Also, not only does it provide indications on the HUD but also in the MFD. If you can provide a track we can easily see what happened as oppose to guessing. Also, what versions of DCS you are using, what map, what mission and is it openbeta or stable.
  4. No matter what, if the EPU is activated, it will always start with Hydrazine. Then, if enough engine bleed air is available, the EPU will transition to blended operation, Using Hydrazine only of it is require to maintain proper EPU turbine speed.
  5. If it is like the F-16, it is a list of everything that is wrong with the aircraft. So you should only see things there in DCS if you activate errors or if you suffer damage. PFL are things the pilot should worry about. Maintenance Fault list (MFL) are things he should note to inform maintenance but do not affect the flight.
  6. Non of them, from any sim, including this one.
  7. For the USAF In Accordance With (IAW) Air Force Manual 11-2f-16v3 Note: There are no releasability restrictions on this publication and can be found E-publishing.af.mil other countries may have different limits, nothing specific for the aircraft itself AFAIK.
  8. Cooling air is only needed when applying main power without engine running. Even in 120ºF (48ºC) weather in Phoenix AZ, the engine can provide enough cooling for the equipment. Not the pilot tho, since the electronics will take precedence. At any rate, long time on the ground with engine running does not have a time limit for the specific version of the F-16 in DCS.
  9. Obviously, youtube video lack a lot of things. We can not tell the year this was film, this is not the version of the F-16 in DCS. We can not tell the pilots inputs nor the inputs from the guys in the back. This does not proof anything is wrong or right in DCS. However, I do believe it shows the difference between a trained pilot and somebody without training. You can tell the pilot flying is smooth and pitch and altitude are very consistent. At 13:58, the guy in the back seat take over controls. You can see right away how the aircraft starts changing altitude depending on speed, at or close to trim g. The video is set to the time just pres play
  10. This versions of the F-16C should maintain 1g with zero trim, so if you trim you will change that. Also keep in mind you can be at 1g inverted. If the aircraft back then would determine it is not at set g (depending on trim), it ill try to change pitch. So less that 1g it will increase pitch to get 1g. More that 1g it will decrease pitch to get 1g. It does not mean it will maintain level zero pitch. I say back then because obviously flight control computer and it software has change several time from 2007. The most obvious change is the integration of the Automatic Grown Collision Avoidance System (AGCAS).
  11. I will rephrase, The information in the PDF is not relevant to the real life USAF F-16C block 50 after CCIP upgrade in 2007 and is up to ED if they what to incorporate this or not.
  12. Short answer: Might not apply for our DCS F-16 Long answer:
  13. AFAIK, in this versions of the F-16C, the MMC should not be turn on until main gen light goes out. The main gen should go out 10 seconds after stand by gen light goes off. Stand by gen light should go off at around 58% RPM. The MMC should be on for 20 seconds before turning on MIDS and doing INS alignment. Any problems with the alignment, you should turn the EGI of for 10 seconds before reattempting alignment. This time limit for the EGI should be the same even before doing a inflight alignment or during normal shutdown procedures. With that said, I have never seen any problems in DCS so I never tried to see what happens if you do not follow those time limits.
  14. In the manuals, only the P&W engine nozzle is specifically affected LG handle position. It does not specify whether GE engine nozzle is also affected. So, with a F100-PW-220 (block 10 to 25, 32 and some 42) throttle at idle with the LG handle down and engine control in Pri, nozzle should be between 70 to 95% open. With a F100-PW-229 (block 52 and some 42) at idle in Pri with LG down, nozzle should be more than 80% open Non of the GE engine specify this behavior.
  15. Best way to report a problem is to create a simple mission in the Caucasus map. Go fly and replicate the problem. When you leave the missions, you should have the option to save the track. Re watch the track in replay section to verify it recorded the problem, and post the track here. The shorter the track the better. Keep in mind you can change the original track if you re watch it and save over it. Also help if you post your computers specs, what version of DCS did you use, what map and or mission used.
  16. It works. If you can provide a track we can see if you have the radar as SOI, what radar mode, what is the MFD showing, etc. Also, what commands are you using to change antenna elevation?
  17. Yes, USAF Thunderbird have always used PW powered version of the F-16. Currently they use the F-16C block 52 with F100-PW-229.
  18. We have to be doing something differently. Have you tried on another map? The TTI mission, did you open it and re-save before using it? I'm trying to figure what am I doing differently. I tried online on the TTI Norcal server, It used the NTTR map. Most link 16 contacts where green in the radar and in the HSD, but the moment any user ( me or other people) look at that contact with their radar, the contact turn to red or white. In Single player, the moment RED air spawns, they show red in the link 16 network. But I do not have PG map and never tried the TTI for that map.
  19. Does it happen on single player missions for you? TTI Caucasus has an E-2 and Red air show up for me.
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