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    GBU39 SDB

    here is a link to the original photo, its from 2016 https://www.centcom.mil/MEDIA/IMAGERY/igphoto/2001682736/
  2. mvsgas

    GBU39 SDB

    That picture is of a F-16C block 30, it is definitely not in 2007, since the 134FS started to receive F-16 in march 2008 from the 186 FS
  3. I wrote this in Feb 2019 about the AIM-7, but the answer applies to this as well
  4. According to the 1F-16CG-2-27GS-00-1 15 January 2009, page 1-31, paragraph 1.3.6. It takes 110lbs to fully deflect rudder pedals.
  5. that is not how the RL pedals work
  6. Direct link to PDF Crash Investigation Report https://www.airforcemag.com/app/uploads/2021/06/8-Dec-20-ACC-F-16-Michigan-AIB-Report-1.pdf
  7. That switch is in front of the throttle and you can see it being press on the video before they use this switch
  8. I keep meaning to ask this. I thought this has been ask before but couldn't find it in the forums. What is this switch for? I never seen it working on Block 25, 30, 40, 42 and 50 (Keeping in mind my time in the 25/30/50 is limited) Can't find any reference to it in the 1F-16CG-1, 15 August 2009 with supplement S3 included and S4 and S5 added. Or the 1F-16CG-2-00GV-00-1, 1September 2010 with supplement 1S-1 included. Nor on the 1F-16CM-34-1-1, 1 June 2010 with supplement 1S-5 and 1S-6 (just to mention a few) Is this something form the USAF simulator cockpit at Tucson ANG you guys added after visiting there? The reason I thought about it is because I saw this video on you tube Which to me is obvious is from a simulator, the panels seems to clean and new, plus the seat is arm, not something anybody will do on a real seat with the aircraft off. Forgot to mention It has a similar location to the "Reduce Idle Thrust" switch in the pit, but that switch looks like normal switch in the RL cockpit and I have not seen it in DCS. That switch is disconnected and no functioning in the RL aircraft also.
  9. Is weird, by 2009, the -1 did not show any info from CCIP update so they would still be addressed as 1F-16CG-1 for block 40/42 and 1F-16CJ-1 for block 50/52. Then it would be a date on the bottom, for example August 2009 and finally a list of supplement, example: 1F-16CG-1S-4 and 1F-16CG-1S-5. But your saying you have 2007 -1 that is titled as 1F-16CM-1? Weird.
  10. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/214651-known-issue-sec-shows-signs-of-stagnationstall-ver-25236986/
  11. True, but rather they go down in a fiery "Viking Death" and not sold for scrap metal for a few cent per pounds.
  12. For store alignment. Do not verify coordinates. INS is trying to align from memory. It takes around 90 seconds. Should get status code of 10 but it should drift more and more often. For normal alignment. You do verify coordinate. INS is trying to align from current position and need your verification of the current position. The coordinate should be entered within 2 minutes of placing the INS knob to norm. It takes around 8 minutes. Should get status code 10 (in DCS you might get code 6) Full alignment (A.K.A. best possible alignment) is not really modeled in DCS (AFAIK). I do it anyway. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/223107-ins-alignment/
  13. Target Isolation (TI) and Geographical Specificity (GS) are not POS sub modes and will vary depending on the missile. TI should only apply to block III, IIIA, IV and V (missile block, not aircraft). Block IIIA and V will have additional options and different settings. Further more, TI is only available to some missile and not all (meaning some missile of the same block may not support the feature). GS is available only on IIIA and V. This setting affect the behavior of the missile and if ED does not plan to implement those behaviors on the missiles, this options are irrelevant for us as players.
  14. I have no idea whether in RL or DCS the nozzle open the same amount. What I do know is that 89-2176 from 421 FS at Hill AFB ( at the time of the photo posted by Mudhen1 ) and 88-0170 (posted By Texac)are both block 40, using the F110-GE-100. DCS is suppose to model the F110-GE-129. I also know that F110-GE-100 at max AB in the ground, nozzle position should be 50 to 70%. In the Air, max AB nozzle pos is 50 to 95%. F110-GE-129: ground 50 to 70%. air 40 to 70% and both engine at high altitude and low speed should be 30 to 50% So, if you go to max AB, Nos Pos can be the same or different every time as long as they are within those limits.
  15. I am hopeful that ED will handle this like the handle the LAU-88, just say they will do it and never actually implemented, touch it or bother with it. This way this "and hill" conversation will go away and like many other before this one and many upcoming ones. People that post here because " they need this" wont even remember they post this until the next time someone "pokes at it with a stick"and like an ant hill, they will all of a sudden remember they need this. I do caution, this will never end for ED. If they allow this or other configurations, the internet will always use that for their next wishlist. You allow LAU-88, and 4 HARM, why can't I get: - CFT, drag shoot, PIDS, PIDS +, MWS, PW engines, APG-XYZ, AN/AAQ-13, AIM-7/132/2000, Python, Harpoons, Penguins, SDIJ, GBU-15/32/39/49/54/, KH-22, etc
  16. The engine is not the limit, the intake is not. The limit is the canopy and the fact that it has not been qualified above those speeds. The only engine that had a problem was the PW-200, the F-16 stop using that engine over 20 years ago, so engine damage is irrelevant on the PW-220, PW-229 and all GE engines. Oh well, wish you would have reed the article, is very good. Oh well. Moving on.
  17. Did you read it? The F-16 has been above 800knots. Did you read what he states as the speed limit or the reason that speed limit is in the manual?
  18. I suggest reading Semper Viper; Don't stretch the limits. Al tho outdated in many ways, it does talk about the why that speed limit is in the manual. This is a direct PDF link to Semper viper, CODE One magazine. Page 88 has a good article about it. Keep in mind this is on old F-16, some of the details will not apply to the DCS F-16 https://www.codeonemagazine.com/images/C1_SemperViper_1_1271449318_9999.pdf
  19. I do not understand the problem. Here is a screen shot of Mission Editor with NTTR and todays date, with temp at 46C. Here is one screen of NTTR set to June of 2020, with dynamic weather and temp set to 50C What version are you using? What is the date of the mission? what map?
  20. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=244179
  21. We (as in the forums members) have been talking about this for over a decade. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=249800 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=97938 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=56088
  22. There are many problems with SEC and other engine details. To mention a few: Currently SEC causes Stagnations (non recoverable Stalls). Using NTTR summer temps in the mission weather, will always cause Hot starts and anticipated hot starts . https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=250834&highlight=engine https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=251863&highlight=engine
  23. Misawa F-16s undergo upgrade program (may 30, 2008 ) https://www.misawa.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/403922/misawa-f-16s-undergo-upgrade-program/ Largest ever modernization program enhances F-16s (March 16, 2006) https://www.afmc.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/155570/largest-ever-modernization-program-enhances-f-16s/
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