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  1. @MaddenVS Tonight we uploaded a new version of Mission 2 and 3 We fixed several issues concerning AI Helos and slopes as well as AI ground unit wayfinding. I am satisfied with the AI waiting in the LZ and even implementing some new ground crew. I also implemented the Tango Bravo Checkpoint changes into Mission 3, found and fixed thereby some issues in that mission. AI-Mi-8 collided with new trees in the LZ also fixed. We expect a new BETA hotfix soon and hope you all will have much fun with the campaign again.
  2. Im Moment ist die Ai sehr unzuverlässig. Es hängt von der Anzahl der Wegpunkte, der Wegpunktbefehle und oft auch vom Gelände ab ob sie tut was sie soll oder einfach in die Irre geht. Also nicht wundern, sondern freuen wenn es funktioniert. Die Hoffnung ist das sich mit 2.7 alles wieder ein rängt.
  3. MORGEN SAMSTAG 20.Februar ab 20:00 UHR Offenes Training / Search and Destroy Training Mission. Kombinierte Scout und Gunship Operation. Neugierig und Interesse an unserer Gruppe und unserem Angebot? Grizzly ist ab 19:00 auf TeamSpeak für Fragen und Vorstellung des Geschwaders zu erreichen. TeamSpeak: Bitte komme direkt nach unten in den HELICOPTER FREE FLIGHT CHANNEL.
  4. In den vergangenen 14 Tagen durften wir bei den Black Angels eine Reihe neuer Mitglieder begrüßen. Mit NoGo haben wir unser erstes Mitglied aus Frankreich und darüber hinaus einen aktiven Real Life Piloten in unserer Gruppe. RIDDER kommt aus den Niederlanden und BOSSHOSS als neuestes Mitglied stammt aus dem hohen Norden Deutschlands. Alle heißen wir herzlich willkommen und freuen uns auf viele gemeinsame Flugstunden.
  5. Hey, Because all of the UH-1 slots already filled, I would like to change to Gazelle L, giving somebody else the opportunity with the UH-1
  6. @Tobse I am waiting for a reply from ED. If they do not fix the problem until the next update, we will deliver a working but ugly solution as a temporary.
  7. Black Angels - Grizzly UH-1H
  8. It is at least unusual. Not experienced any problem with ship landing. But I didn't perform one after the last updates. So let's see if others have the same issue. I try this as well as soon as possible. There will be no update before the change to 2.7 anyway. So let's hope it is solved then and not too many other problems popping up.
  9. @MaddenVS Hello I can confirm that there is a problem in mission 2. Besides newly grown trees, the ground has also changed so that the LZ is no longer level and WOLF 1 slips over time and gets contact with bushes and brambles. Unfortunately, this leads to an explosion. I will work out a solution for this problem as soon as possible. Unfortunately, a DCS update is not expected before the end of March. Should there be another hotfix in advance, so much the better. Thanks for reporting the problem.
  10. I will check it out as fast as possible. The last update breaks Manny things concerning AI, and maybe this will be the case right here. I will have an answer tomorrow. Wednesday 03.
  11. @thrustvector Hello, and thank's for flying the campaign. It ends the mission by intention. This is because you failed the formation task. The intention was to create a system failure, but some DCS changes made an explosion out of it, even if we triggered it differently. On the way to and from the carrier, you need to hold close formation. You've been several times advised to get closer or getting too far. You can avoid this in the first place when keeping a greater distance from the beginning. The trigger activated over the coastline when getting close.
  12. You are right. The picture shows the situation in mission 6.
  13. There should be helpful information in the F-10 Menu, stating what's next and some info on the kneeboard where the LZ is marked. Basically, you land, pick up troops, fly them to the bridge north of the convoy, and then back up the convoy picking up the second Group. After disembarking the second Group you fly back to the northern bridge assisting ground troops until the convoy starts moving. There is also a Video on YouTube
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