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  1. Wondering if there is someone who would be willing to put my mom's name on the side of a P-51D for me. Her name was "Darla" and she passed away this past summer and I'd sure like to fly this bird with her name on the side.
  2. was This issue fixed? I still having trouble with it bound to my Warthog throttle INCR/DECR as axis command..... just seems real buggy. I spend way too much time bugging a target due to this problem
  3. Title says it all. Some sort of sync issue perhaps?
  4. Is that even possible? I say YES as long as I'm not giving up performance or resolution.
  5. The mission editor is where you want to go.....in about 5 minutes you can set up a basic mission and lay out the options that you are looking for....weather, time, aircraft, load out, initial state, airport, etc. Several good tutorials online that will get you going quickly. I use one all the time just to test my key bindings and practice takeoff and landings.
  6. My Sim 49" Sony 4K monitor Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Throttle and Stick Saitek Combat Pro Rudder Pedals Logitech G810 Keyboard Windows 10 Intel 3.40 Ghz Core i7-2600 Dual Samsung SSD 850 Pro 512GB Drives EVGA GEFORCE GTX 980ti SuperClock video card 24MB DDR-3 RAM
  7. I'd drop cash on the F-16 development NOW $$$$ bring it!
  8. Can I attempt to locate a photo that will help you?
  9. is this in development? How long to finish? LOVE it!
  10. Absolutely LOVE the F-16 and would pay $$$$ to have it!
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