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  1. Got it. Thank you all This is awesome thank you
  2. 2xmagic, 2xmatra, fuel tank and 4 mk82. But it's not exceeding weight limit That's what I mostly use, but I had this issue even without mk82
  3. Excactly there. Between 180 and 200. But I tried with same average success with both lower and higher speed I never had my nose go up at that speed
  4. Most of the time as I take off, my tyres burst. I can't find the correct speed for rotating. Sometimes they burst because (I am assuming) I am going too fast, other times (assuming again) I rotate too early and there's too much weight on rear wheels. Any suggestions?
  5. But still.. I declare november as the beginning of the "end of the year" so it's time to share somne info :D
  6. I highly doubt it's the Apache, I read somewhere months ago it's something supposed to be "technologically new" or something like that. So it could be either a transport or modern russian fighter
  7. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/2020-02-07_2020_and_Beyond/ The end of the year is round the corner, did ED said/teased anything about the announcement of this new module?
  8. I can help you with 1 and 5 1. Check axis sensitivity, I believe they are set by default at 15. When I set them to zero it toatally changed and I can even air to air refuel 5. Always stay as high as possible. Cruising at 30k vastly improves your range although you always want ext fuel tanks
  9. After firing a Rb05, it is visible for few seconds. Then the flare goes off and it is not visible anymore, making it useless
  10. Years ago I remember I saw a tutorial about starting the EO countdown after passing a waypoint. Or something like that :) I can't find that tutorial and I can't find anything on the manual, does anyone know the procedure?
  11. 5$ per month isn't a great deal for us, and I believe it will maintain ED. I'd go for that
  12. Sometimes when I fire rockets (mostly on long range) impact area is drifted. QFE is correct, it's just the impact shifted left or right. I believe it is due to wind, however it -should- be automatically compensated by the doppler. I tried then adding wing direction in the computer while inflight (readout for example is 09018-) but still no success. Even trying inputing the wind direction from the briefing itseld anf its opposite. What is causing rockets to drift then?
  13. are you aiming at the basement of the building? Aiming at the "wall" will make tgp give the coordinates of the ground behind the building
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