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  1. This is happening with several different airfields for me atm, in both the Caucasus and nevada, haven't flown Normandy in awhile so not sure about that one.
  2. Same problem, I use a tanker and send them to it when they are airborne, but they suck at it, they are worse at it than than I am. The DCS AI generally seems to be a bit screwed in some areas right now.
  3. "That many people complain or are disappointed that they can be a lot of work to fly" If they were not a lot of work to fly I would have most likely lost interest many years ago.
  4. I used to use a 960 until recently, the best thing I found to do with that card is to cap the frame rate to 30fps, then it kinda runs quite smoothly even with fairly high settings, so you could give that a go, not 100% sure that will help but no harm in trying. Look for this file autoexec.cfg in your DCS Saved Games\DCS\Config folder and add a this line: options.graphics.maxfps = 30
  5. Those are the channels for the MiG-15
  6. This seems to be happening when I port a mission. If I take for example an A-10C mission I created and then just change the flight from A-10 to AV-8 then this issues arises. It doesn't seem to happen with other missions I ported to other modules though, I have done this numerous times over the past few years with just about all the modules and this is the first time this has happened. Not sure what specifically is causing it though, although I have a suspicion it could be a trigger of some kind coming over from the ported mission.
  7. Actually that's a good idea, I will set up a quick mission with AV-8 and see what it does. It gives me a chance to test and see if I screwed up something, if it does the same thing I will post a track, if it doesn't I will post a comment.
  8. The E-2D was just an example, if I use another unit it will do the same, if I set the transmit message to my own flight of AV-8's, my wingmen will stop dead in their tracks if we are on the ramp, not sure what it will do at 30 000 feet though, haven't tested that, I have a feeling they will just RTB. It could very well be that other modules do it, but the other modules, A-10C and the M-2000 I am flying right now don't have this problem. If I come across it on another module I will say so. Let the mods move the thread if they feel it's in the wrong place, not to sure why this is such a big issue, I personally don't care either way, it is completely irrelevant in my life, I just want try and solve the problem.
  9. Doesn't make sense, no other module I am flying at the moment does it, so now what?
  10. If I set a unit in the mission editor, say the E-2D, to transmit a message after a flag then the unit stops dead. The transmitted message still gets transmitted but the unit sending it goes on vacation. If the unit that is transmitting the message is in flight it immediately RTB's, if it is taxing or taking off it stops moving.
  11. Dit sal lekker wees. I like it.
  12. :rolleyes:I didn't use the right wording, you will survive I am sure.
  13. Difficult to type this up but I will try, if you set your course on the HSi to the bearing of the runway with the Course Arrow and if your steer-point is the airfield, when the two meet on the HSI you have reached the the start of the approach. The ATC normally sends you about 10nm from the airfield. I don't pay much attention to all this anymore so my figures may be slightly out. Not sure if that makes much sense.
  14. Check the airfield charts on the kneeboard for the true heading, if I remember correctly heading on runway 13 is 119 or somewhere there, haven't checked the charts in awhile, it has to do with magnetic deviation or some such thing. Catch the ILS beacon at about 2000ft AGL or so.
  15. It's not an autopilot in the traditional sense.
  16. Damn the F-22 can turn, thrust vectoring or some such thing. P-51D is a beaut though.
  17. The torch/flashlight doesn't work very well either, can't see a damn thing, that was in the F-5 btw, went to back to the old way for now.
  18. Just noticed this on the F-5E, altimeter stopped at about 31 800ft, started ticking over again at around 36 000ft flying on 1.57
  19. Is there any way to stop the the briefing window from pausing the sim while flying??
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