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  1. Yes, at least in DCS if you TMS down after boresight the maverick will look off but it will work, it happened to me several times. Don't forget to boresight both pylons.
  2. I'm not implying anything, just a representation. Everything from the aircraft to the pylons and weapons could be 100% accurate.
  3. I tried after writing the post but its impossible since the camera is fixed and you can only change the view angle so its not optimal, besides its a 3D representation of the real plane.
  4. The screenshots are taken from above of the maverick, not even at wing level.
  5. I asked the same thing on the teaser youtube video, GlowingAmraam (the video maker) told me it can be toggled on/off. It may be realistic but on a screen you can't focus with one eye and you see it all the time, and I think it will be annoying. I will try it for sure but I think an option to hide it is nice.
  6. You can. DCS World\Mods\aircraft\F-16C\Cockpit\Scripts\EWS\CMDS\device\CMDS_ALE47.lua program 5 is panic. Keep in mind every time DCS updates you need to change it again
  7. If you have enough buttons you can bind one for 1 or 2 specific programs.
  8. This option is the best choice.
  9. The F16 flies like a rock on base and final, its not like the F18 which is super easy. When I know I'm not going to do the base very well, I do the downwind a little bit further (1.5nm) and/or extend the downwind a little. Also I check the wind direction so I don't drift to the airport while I fly the downwind.
  10. It seems you're landing with slow speed? I accelerate before touch down to reduce vertical speed and maintain AoA, then throttle to idle for touch down at optimal AoA. I don't have that issue, but if I still have the fuel tanks the nose goes down at around 130 knots or more.
  11. If you drop them at maximum range with the F16 it takes about a minute since you drop them to start exploding, In the A-10 you basicaly need to overfly the target area so you can aim in front yeah.
  12. It's ok. I know the altitude is important and the angle of vision in the tgp thats why you never point to a vehicle directly unless you're using laser. The JSOWs for me have a very random behavior. Sometimes they hit the target and sometimes they don't (I mean the target area no the actual vehicle impact). It's so unreliable for me that I'm starting to hate them. Sometimes I get 10/10 area impact and sometimes 2/10 (in Syria), I don't have this problem with any other weapon, well other than the CBU-105 but with this weapon at least I know 100% the BLU-108 will fail the impact area with some wind.
  13. Can you please stop repeating yourself, I know how to do missions, use tgp and weapons. Thanks.
  14. From the last update from wags, its planned for this year: "Air-to-Air Radar improvements: DTT SAM mode, bullseye, and intercept steering cue." I hope so because its imposible to coordinate correctly between multiple planes/GCI.
  15. You can change the altitude and it lowers the drift but it also reduces the covering area a lot. It would be nice to have some word of ED about this. I also experience the same issue with JSOW.
  16. Thats really dangerous, you're approaching to less than 7nm to the enemy to do a boresight and possibly with 2 stations. I do this only while I train and know the units I'm facing. During missions I always boresight on the ground.
  17. I tried several times but its impossible, and it gets even harder at greater distances.
  18. I always boresight the mavericks on the ground, its much harder to do it while you're flying. If I need to do it in the air I usually use radars on airports which are really easy to find but I try not to do it in the air. On the ground I use the runway lights. I've used mavericks recently and to my surprise I didn't have any issues at all. I used both AUTO and MAN in PRE without issues. If your maverick doesn't track correctly after TMS UP (open cross or lock to an incorrect target) you just need to do 1 TMS AFT to reset the lock either on the TGP if in AUTO or the Maverick and it shouldn't reset the steerpoint as you describe.
  19. They penetrate armour, there's no explosion.
  20. I used them a lot with the A-10 years ago, but you had to fly over the target. You can't use them when the ground units are moving, it takes about a minute since you drop them and start exploding.
  21. Look above the track I posted. Its 25kts at 6600ft and 12kts at 33ft so at 1500ft (the default BA) would be around 17kts. Open the track in the mission editor.
  22. If you see my track file the blu drift so much that they are at the edge of the area, it does matter. Its not the same to target something that its 1000ft away.
  23. I couldn't change it. It was fixed at 0/0 but that could mean its using the data from the DTC or avionic system as LJQCN101 said.
  24. Being a WCMD I thought it would also compensate for the BLU-108. Its a shame because its very umpredictable with moderate wind to the point were its not reliable enough to employ. I had good success while launching them against the wind, at least the 2 launches I've tried this way. The "tgt wd" is really intriguing, maybe its the way to correct this.
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