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  1. According to me -5 means you are scanning 500 feet BELOW ground level, so it is use less. To check it, just keep the angle, and reduce your altitude: you'll see see value will decrease, so you are scanning more under the ground. So, you should never scan with a negative value, it is just useless.
  2. From mission 1 to 5 Hello, I made the 5 first misions, no issue at all. Well done.
  3. Maybe you used the Peace and Love skin, making all of us as friends. Sad news :S
  4. ... Shot friendly birds twice this morning because of this bug. Got kicked. That's a real bug.
  5. I think it is a feature yet to come, that will display the loads on the radar screen.
  6. http://plays.tv/video/576f7d6c4a4cf1d32c/air-to-air-conf-stick-full-left-no-up-no-down-
  7. My guess comes from manual saying the fbw prevents pilots from being in over G situation. But maybe this is a specific situation.
  8. Ok; that's true it is more a guess than a statement. I believe the FBW is also meant to keep the bird in a safe zone. What do "people who know" think about that?
  9. ridbobkan


    there is a button with a cover, on the left of the seat, below the afterburner cut-off switch. Leave the mouse on the buttons, you'll find it :)
  10. What do you mean by "that"?
  11. ridbobkan


    ... and this is important. I got my pitot frozen at 35000 feet. No speed indication when engaging target. Not good.
  12. ridbobkan


    This is because take off configuration is not good. test fbw and Autopilot system before take off, this should make it.
  13. Hello Razbam team, we may have an new issue since last update. Flying straight around 400 knots, then moving stick fully to left or right: aircraft is rolling over (at this stage, this is normal :lol: ) but after a few seconds, AoA is increasing until too much Gs and wing breakage. Fly-by-wire should avoid this situation and keep the noze onto the horizon. :pilotfly: Last icon is just because I love it. :music_whistling:
  14. That is now perfect. Great news. Thanks Razbam
  15. Hum, cannot make any modifications on keys settings now. For Example: I choose "INS does not need align", then apply: balck screen, game crashes.
  16. Thanks Razbam. Great news. On dit merci qui?
  17. That was also my thoughts. I had the feeling we couldn't be airbone as long as M2K does in real life when patrolling through the French sky. This is why I made the calculation.
  18. Hi all, first of all excuse my poor English. I believe the M2k is over-consuming fuel. Main caracteristics of Snecma M-53 are: - consumption from 24,64 to 25,55 mg/NS. (Dry - no PC) - Max thrust from 54,92 kN to 64,35kN (Dry - No PC) Whatever the engine fitted on our beautiful bird, fuel flow should not exceed 100 kg/s. Short calculation, with worst config: Thrust: 64,35kN - Consumption: 25,55 mg/NS : 64,35*1000*25,55 = 1644142,5 mg/s = 98,6 kg / min. Except if I'm wrong, the bird is too thirsty at this stage :) EDIT: with M-53P2, numbers are correct for the calculation.
  19. @CptSmiley: Hello, this is quite easy to recreate. Climb to 35000 feet. Then go supersonic (around 1.2 for exemple). Switch off AFB, and climb slowly to 47000. You'll see how fast is the bird :) I can reproduce this situation in 30 seconds, just playing single and compressing time :) Thanks.
  20. With smoke pods, when using red and blue smoke generators: red smoke always appears above the blue one, even when it should be below. I don't know if this sounds really English, sorry :)
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