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  1. found one ... that's on a legacy hornet... but you're right, IF-mavs seem to be the exception on navy birds. I wonder why that is.
  2. I guess that's why i included making a mark point in the workflow... so you can just find the target area again quickly. @TholozorI'd also love to see documentation / other evidence that fleet hornets carried mostly E's instead of F's. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'd just like to see it.
  3. wow, really? This is the correct zoom behavior? It feels very broken and "rough".
  4. so the workflow would be, find the target, designate, create mark point, switch to mav display (as SOI), uncage, then undesignate the target if you want to move the mav seeker... like lets say you have a tank targeted that is dead, but next to it is one that is alive... OR, would you just move the pod to the not-dead target, then cage/uncage the mav seeker again to move it?
  5. roger gents, will try. Thank you!
  6. by my estimation... looks like ED nailed it to me.
  7. I cannot keep a track bugged for more than a few seconds before it drops. I've tried different PRFs and different ranges from 60 miles down to 10 miles, and the only solution i can manage is to switch to a 2 bar 20 degree scan so it refreshes super fast, and even then, i lose the TWS lock frequently. I fly exclusively in MP servers, so this may not exist in SP. I haven't tried SP. I will record a track this evening and a video. forgive me if this has already been reported. I was hoping the patch yesterday would solve it. It did not.
  8. Thank you for the responses! I have learned much, re-learned some stuff too. I have no desire to know any more about how the DCS sausage is made, only that the missile performs as expected, and when they don't, that there's a reason. Too much of anything can be bad
  9. Yes, i, the OP, was mistaken about the PSTT not being active off the rail. However, the missile should guide before 10 NM. It should track like an AIM-9 looking at a giant afterburner. What you can clearly see in the tacview is that the missile, fired at 18 miles, does not track, it just flies in a straight line until 10 NM, then starts to track. What i hear HB saying is that the missile cannot guide before 10 miles because of the limits of the DCS engine / code. I don't quite understand this response. IF HB can make the missile guide properly at 100 miles for a TWS or PDSTT launch, then why
  10. same issue, can't look behind me because gigantic head cushion... not good.
  11. Recorded 5/3/2021 on most up to date OB patch: At ranges beyond 10 miles, the AIM-54 fired in PSTT goes dumb right off the rail. The enemy RWR (in this case, my buddy in the F-18) does not get a launch warning until the seeker goes active at ~10 miles, which you can clearly see happens in this tacview. This is also not functioning properly, as the AIM-54 fired in PSTT should never "go active" itself. The missile should be lost if the lock is terminated. The missile was not instructed to go hot off the rail. To me, it appears that the AIM-54C is using the same guidance logic as the 120, ma
  12. bu-dump-bump did some testing myself, as well. AIM-7MH seems to track fine in the tomcat on a MP server. The other two (F & M), go stupid right off the rail.
  13. It's not a free extra if they include it in the purchase contract. Sorry, but it's just not. I'm not trying to be myopic here. I am grateful to get the A-6 and Forestal, but I refuse to give them credit for giving something freely to the community. They entered into a contract with the community to deliver it vis-a-vis a paid F-14 module. They didn't have to do that, but they did.
  14. It's not free. They're not doing us a favor. It is part of the F-14 package, which means they are under contract to deliver it to the paying customers of the F-14. The fact that they're making it available to everyone, even non-paying customers is nice, but this pay now for work done later model is getting old.
  15. sometimes it gets stuck when just moving the TDC while in TWS
  16. this thread is great, i learned a bunch of stuff... thanks guys!
  17. FAQ: - differences between amraam guidance and AIM-54 guidance, like the inability to handoff from stt to internal guidance, etc...
  18. I hope the sound improvements will lower the pitch of the engines at idle to sound more realistic: to my untrained ear, the dominant pitch is almost an octave off... obviously there are lots of sounds / frequencies mixed in, but the dominant one you can hear is lower than what you hear in DCS
  19. I needed that chuckle. Thank you... and yeah, the jeff being on link 16 in DCS is an abomination.
  20. they said the data they need to build the F-14D to their standard is classified / unavailable. There are plenty of SME's available, but the 14D was a completely different bird avionics-wise as well as the FCS, wing box, etc etc... and given that Iran still flies the A, they aren't going to declassify that stuff any time soon.
  21. happens to me too. Fire at 2 bandits... crank a little, and he switches out of TWS... lose the tracks...
  22. Last night I tried to play on DDCS, and as soon as I fired in TWS, jester immediately switch to RWS again...
  23. Same exact thing happened to me... right engine shut down after having been at 40k ft for no apparent reason. Landed, and even with ground air, i could not get it started. Could have been a compressor stall that damaged it? (I had descended VERY quickly in defense of incoming missiles)
  24. TTI = 15 or 16 seconds is when it SHOULD go pitbull, but that's not how it works right now because the current missile API cannot support that logic. Right now it's using an older version of the AIM-120 guidance logic and goes pitbull at a specified range 11.5 miles (18.5km)... NOT time to impact. Again, this is confirmed many times by Heatblur.
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