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  1. you are getting realy good at this!
  2. this must be one of the most anticipated modules for DCS ever
  3. yes, try doing that from low level and high level - result is the same (which is wrong). If you push the nose down, bullets should be travelling towards plane, regardless of all factors you describe
  4. hey smrtonosni http://avijacija.net/airplanes/main.htm
  5. I noticed something strange during straffing runs, and I did some tests. Pushing controls forward while firing guns should produce the hits on ground/water to hit furtherst point and start moving toward the plane. This is not what is happening in DCS, where bullet hits are seen moving away from airplane regardless of gun (airplane) relative movement i.e. if stick is pushed or pulled. When I was on firing range during my mil aviation carreer, we were strictly forbiden to fire when correcting overshoot, as bullets were "travelling" towards the plane, i.e. the initial impact point was further from where they finished (if stick was pushed down).
  6. when skidding on the grass runway tires can be heard squeeking as if landing surface was tarmac/concrete
  7. hey, first of all, never forget, that you don't owe us anything (regardless of how some people here think). Second, the reasons why some projects stall and contiune slowly are yours and yours alone (team members), again, you are not paid by any of us to deliver anything. Personally I would love if you continue your work, but not if is a burdeon on you. Moding is act of love and it must be from both sides, giving and receiving... I hope everything will go well for all of you and that one day, you will deliver Mig-25....if not, no hard feelings
  8. smoke from the engines or fuel leak are not visible from some angels (outside view). It seems that if camera is slightly above the mossie smoke will be invisible in whole 360 deg circle arround the plane
  9. dali

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Eddie, they are cute like hell! thx
  10. wow Admiral, you are gift that keeps on giving!
  11. shadows of props still visible and turning when both wings are missing
  12. thank you Chuck, Canada most valuable asset
  13. 441 pages! Chuck, CHUCK! wow
  14. wow, thank you for this! it looks awesome
  15. will we be able to de-frost it as well? Have never (thank god) experienced icing in my flying careeer....so I can't judge your modeling
  16. yeah...like f-35 delivered on time, on budget, on advertising materials and now US is building something that looks like YF-23 spinn-off
  17. Overcast means 95% of the sky is obscured.
  18. when the rotor blades were at 95%....that deep wobbling sound...man....its far we arrived from last Hind sim
  19. Just a side note - runway edge lights are bi-directional, they are almost invisible from side. DCS 2.7 still has them as omni-directional, which is not correct.
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