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  2. One more thing. The flight characteristics of the Viper in DCS are completely different for a clean Viper without weapons and pylons, and completely different for a Viper without weapons but with pylons. It is amazing to me that a few pylons can have such a strong influence on the performance of such a powerful jet plane.
  3. Unfortunately, the current situation in the DCS is such that the F-16 flying brick has no chance in dogfight with fighters such as the F-18 or JF-17. No matter who sits in the F-16 cockpit, the fight ends badly for him very quickly. We have already tested a lot, we have conducted many types of combat. The effect is the same. In the F-18 you can drink coffee in peace and relax in the fight against the F-16. The F-16 pilot is doing his best to get everything out of his FSSB, the tired hand wants to fall off and after the first lap you will see the F-18 on yours sixth getting ready to shoot. The
  4. I have asked for this many times on the ED forum. Every time when i buy new modules i have to fight with this in throttle setup. I don't understand why ED wan't to implement so good option in our game. I have saitek x-65f and my afterburner detent on throttle never fit with this in game. And i don't know that i have 100% of power or maybe 94%.
  5. Hi all I have now Lenovo Explorer, my computer spec is i5 6600 k, GTX 1070 and 24 Gb of ram. What do you think guys it will be better for me to wait for Reverb or maybe buy Rift S now? Maybe someone of you have some comparison between Lenovo and Rift S. Is it worth to make a change ? I only play in DCS and my IPD is some about 64. I do not know what to do.
  6. Hello everyone I have problem with afterburner detent in DCS from ages. I can't setup my throttle good for me. Today was enought with Mig-29 throttle setup that why i decided to write this topic. I have saitek X-65F HOTAS. My afterburner detent on throttle doesn't meet with afterburner on in all planes in DCS. Thats why i need to always fight with this axes setup in game. But after setup i really don't know what kind of power i have, its nearly to afterburner - is 99 % or maybe 96%? of my engine power. Pls help me if someone know how to do that correcty. Why after so long time with DCS
  7. Ok i know everything. I had ask ED about bonus system for F-14 of course after pre order time. And they write me that F-14 don't participate in the bonus system.
  8. Guys i need you help. If i have 38 $ on my account now to spend and i will wait for F-14 to finish preorder. Could i buy this plane for (79.99 $ - 38 $ ) = 41,99$ ? I really don't understand ED bonus system.
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