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  1. ah ! ok thanks...i did that and shakes vanished....i must remember that
  2. anybody has notice huge cockpit shakes/vibrations in flight ?
  3. today i 've the whole DCS open beta folder checked, and malwarebyte find this(see picture), bitdefender didn't see anything wrong ? so...............
  4. thanks for the answer well documented ;)
  5. Where to find the "todays posts" ??? thanks
  6. why the oxygen blinker don't move ? as like the p-51
  7. yellow/orange flash i saw same things starting mission on "normandy map" & p-47 at carpiquet when taking off.
  8. update patch today ! textures still missing............
  9. at carpiquet asking for inbound atc give wrong coarse to rejoin (180° to add) ?
  10. pop out circuit breaker Sometime, when you set the cockpit light on, same things appears few secs later, the circuit breaker pop out, & needle oil temp will back to zéro ! maybe some "quirks" real things implémented ? i don't know...wait and see for next improvements:smilewink: apologyze for my english...
  11. circuit breaker :)push the circuit breaker on the panel bottom left !
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