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  1. We absolutely need that, we also need the ability to multiselect Units and Objects and move them around, the current System is sooooo much limiting.
  2. No reason to say sorry, @BIGNEWY, we know that and if an issue appears to be urgent to us then we can still contact you just like I did a few mins ago and your response came in immediately which I highly appreciate. You´re truly a great Community Manager. Thanks
  3. OK, thanks. Thus I think its no stupid User Error but really a bug on the dedicated Server, would be great if we can have a confirmation that this is a known issue @NineLine, have you heard anything about that?
  4. Are there any infos about that @BIGNEWY?
  5. Hello, I´m struggling with an annoying issue with the Dedicated server since 2.7. I have it installed on my own machine. I´m using it when I want to fly with a few Friends only, so no big and huge Missions. But since 2.7 I have the Problem that the server runs a Missions that ran sometime before. Even if I stop the server and actively stop it. As soon as I run another Mission it is automatically running the same Mission as before. Any hint what I can do about it? Screenshot and logfile attached, thanks for taking a look into it... I hope that it just a stupid User E
  6. I wonder whether these Propeller enhancements also take an Effect on Helicopter Rotor Blades?
  7. I absolutely second this, it is extremely annoying to pick each static object individually when moving an entire FOB from one Place to another
  8. My Collective was delivered to Germany Yesterday. The journey took 13 days and it arrived actually a week earlier than expected. This is my current (in between solution) for my VR set up...I´ll built it a bit more clean later on (so far it works great anyways)...but just wanted to try it so bad The experience now (especially in VR) is simply amazing, thanks so much K-51.
  9. Send him a PM with your Nickname and your country. He´ll then will reply to you with shipping costs and further information.
  10. [BSD] Memphis291, well skilled in UH-1H and Mi-8 Formation flying. GMT +1 I'm very sorry to hear what happened.
  11. hey there K-51 and a happy new year, I´m very interested in your Collective and read through the Thread so far, so could you please add me to the list as well? I send you a PM Thx
  12. Back in 2002 or 2003 I stumbled about Flanker 1.5. I installed it since I was looking for a good looking Flight Simulator. Back in the 90´s I was jealously looking to those pixled Flight Sims as I did not had a PC back in the Time, but I was very interested into Military Aviation since my Childhood. So once I installed Flanker 1.5 I have fallen in love alomost instantly. But it didn´t lasted long as I was pretty active in another Type of Simulation since 2001 already (focused on Infantry ). Even though I was more active in this Game I stumbled about a suddenly newly appeared PC Game I found i
  13. Unbelieveable, it's finally here. To be honest, I didn't really expected it really to happen, so I'm very surprised and happy...a long journey is finally over...at least for now , there's much more to come for the rest of the Heliopter Fleet. Thanks to ED to have catched up that highly anticipated feature again and not to let us Rotorheads down.
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