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  1. First post up-dated! Better get the allied fleet ready...... Markindel's The WWII DKM German Naval Squadron Is coming.........
  2. Not yet. But I did get them to work on PT Boats!
  3. Link in first post has been up-dated. It should now work. The mod has NOT been tested in the latest OB. YMMV Have FUN!
  4. WWII Pacific Allied Assets With the Mariana Islands fast approaching, It was high time these ships get their Shake down and sea trials, needed before engaging in Battle. Presenting, The Fletcher Class Expanded! The Iowa Class Expanded! Both models have creative commons license's Original mod by Markindel. Expanded version, Myself. All are fully armed. Tested, just now in OB, latest build. Be aware, we have seen code changes effect the weapons. All appear to w
  5. The original Mistral Mod was created by a chap called Lilkiki. The models belonged to Turbo Tape Games. Permission was obtained to use the model from them. From a re-fit done by Markindel, And fixed by myself, With permission from Crazyeddie to use his skins, I present, The Mistral Mod for DCS world! I have fixed the collision so player spawns are possible. I suggest the Eagle Dynamics Carrier mod be used. It may be found here, We hope you enjoy them! https://www.dropbox.com/s/l449pn2rvy6147x/Mistral Mod for DCS 2.5
  6. At present, no. A good prop FM is needed. Find someone who can do this, and it WILL be flyable.
  7. The Franklin has been up-dated. See the first post please. Let me know how she works! Thanks!
  8. Progress! So far.....So good! A bit more testing and tweaking to do....... Stay tuned!
  9. kolpakov_79, Thanks for letting m know. This must be a collision issue. I will investigate. Use for ai only till a fix is done. Cheers!
  10. Thanks Wrench! I appreciate the bug report! Noted! A fix is in the works! For now, use for ai only. Just tried with the P47 As ai it works fine. As player, not so much....
  11. Thank you all for the kind comments! We DO appreciate them! And it encourages us to continue! See the first post for a thank you gift! Enjoy! Note also The Kunming DDG172 up-date is compete! Stay tuned for a new version coming soon!
  12. It is being re-worked, Please have patience. Will be posted when we are happy with it. Thanks!
  13. Soviet Naval Task Force Presenting, Markindel's Russian Battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiy And My, Soviet Aircraft Carrier Ulyanovsk Mario's Ship is fully armed and animated! A Masterpiece! This model was bought from Turbo Squid. The Carrier is from Sketch-Fab and uses a creative commons license. This model is low poly. And un-armed. The weapon code is in place, but no weapons have been activated in Max. She does have the two front Cats active, Blast Shields
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