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  1. I desperately wanted a cobra and f4 too. That said at this point with 20 years in afghanistan and a decade in iraq plus the first war I think the apache may have flown more combat sorties than cobras in US service. Just a thought when I read the workhorse comment. I wouldn't preorder anything that far out anymore. Personally I remember them announcing the F4 and Hind *over five years ago* and then not only shelve them but do it somewhat quietly and without comment either. I am very much more now waiting to pre order when there's a bonanza of pre release hype and screeniez etc. L
  2. I was having radio issues playing as a RIO in MP for awhile late last year ( ive been taking a break since I got sick ) It seemed very frequently I couldnt get tankers or ATC to work in similar circumstances to others here... I believe I have many track files, and I believe I could easily reproduce these problems if asked to. It would happen in SP as well as MP =/ it got so frustrating Id opt to e-z comms in SP.
  3. they most definitely did have field mod'd hinds with r60s patrolling the inter german border. this is easily confirmed and is a fact.
  4. Yeah if you see my edit I missed the thread
  5. Great to see them in. I'm genuinely curious if they have a secret hidden. One very brief part of the video shows a view from INSIDE A A6 COCKPIT. It's only showing the windscreen but it's unmistakably an a6!! Does that mean they just use that camera angle somehow on a nonflyable or... Dare I hope? Bah I missed the thread in hb sorry.
  6. I think I shouldnt have used the word redone as it sounds like remade from scratch. I guess overhaul would have been a better term. I still think it sucks and itd bring a whole new dimension to the map in terms of range and stuff.
  7. jeez. even with the political stuff youd think itd be worth it. Idk.. I mean the russians got it back anyways and its a game -shrug- I just think itd really make the map like... itd be a new map almost you know?
  8. speaking of the map.. and the fact that theres a somewhat loose line from Su 27 Flanker to DCS... And the fact that Crimea is on the map - I never ever understood why they didnt flesh out Crimea. Even in the redone Caucauses map. Or even as a money upgrade - imagine the possibilities if they filled the Crimea with cities airfields etc. Itd change the entire balance of the caucauses map. Itd also make for way better campaigns as you could present the 2 as seperate nations in whatever form you like training missions *are essential* if ED doesnt do em someone will but theyre absolutely
  9. lol I meant mine but if theres a guarantee with multicrew Ill start a harvesting operation if thats what theyre into
  10. the f14 does amazing a2g, has a huge a2g payload, and is super lethal a2a. my 2 cents and you can fly with a person in it with you. its also way more fleshed out than the f16 - and if you have the viggen you know the quality HB brings
  11. anyone ? please? I just want my campaigns to work
  12. I highly doubt, unless it hits a wing stub, or very extremity on the front, (and doubtful then) any airframe around would survive a direct 57mm hit anywhere. Yes there could be freak instances of a 57mm AP round perhaps flying through a open side door and hitting glass or some weirdness, but otherwise if it hits the body I dont see it man. realistically not at all. front, pilots\body. middle the engine, body, rotor\ back the tail rotor or lines controlling it. I can pull freak pictures of western airframes too - the Israeli F15 etc. does this mean that its common? Lol no. likely? nope.
  13. just as I try to tell laymen about the A10 all the time. in america theres A LOT of people who (again ill harp on it) think the A10 is made to take several SAM hits and AAA hits and keep going to complete a mission. And they wont be swayed. they also seem to think that 'brrrt' changes everything. whats also pretty amusing is when the A10 was wayyyy newer in the 90s relatively large amounts of people didnt know wtf it even was. Its only been like the last 10 years that its gotten a 'mainstream' following.
  14. f**ing a man. the F4 really pissed me off too as well as the statement I read somewhere that said it was on 'permanent hold' just friggin say cancelled! I should have known when they announced it, it wasnt going to happen. IIRC it was going to be belsimtek or someone but they pulled a weird stunt and claimed they were working on like 10 or some crazy amount of planes. it was obvious even then itd never happen. I just cant believe noones made an F4... smh yeah... youre spot on. now I dont get excited whatsoever about upcoming modules until theyre literally released, or I see several vi
  15. that is indeed very odd. Ive honestly thought it was odd that they were able to get the goods on the typhoon to make a module. I wouldnt have dreamed of say a realistic F22 module or something. I think it must be the consortium however; I dont think its purely a strike aircraft thing. Maybe with Russia, but every country handles these things differently. Also ISTR in the HB forums them saying theyre trying to get permission from the companies that made the A6 to do a module or something and they need that first. The A6 is long retired, etc, so that seriously makes me think its all ab
  16. I think that was more because the round probably hit the wing... If a 57mm had hit the body or anything forget it.
  17. Aluminum donkey makes a good point, though I havent played in about 10 days so idk what you mean by the yellow black flashing . jesus that sounds lame. anyways this continual drive to announce theyre gonna make 25 new modules every few months - when introducing one module or major changes in a patch screws up all the current modules (or many, see the saga of the aim54 from heatblurs f14) - maybe they should ramp it down somewhat and work on whats already out. For example, they also are still filling out the F18, and the F16 idk even know whats going on with it. It just seems b
  18. I dont see it. as others have said they simply wont be able to get the info necessary. Su24s would be awesome but thats not whats being discussed. I highly doubt it, and if it was done it would be a module/game I wouldnt want as theyd have to simply guess at half the things they did. Heck even the F16 module saw a poor guy get arrested with F16A manuals for suspicion of espionage at an airport in Texas. IIRC the case got thrown out, but its not a position I personally would like to be in, whether America or Russia.
  19. *this* I try endlessly explaining the concept that an A10 has to stil be able to fly... to my fellow countrymen, many of whom remain unconvinced by me and think the A10 is totally entirely built like an M1A2, I.E made to take direct hits and continue its mission, even repeatedly, and also they know almost nothing about the A10 but know about the gun. its allllll about the gun to them. While the gun is 'cool' theres much more lethal stuff it carries.
  20. thanks man. I got more pictures but theyre more of the same as displayed there. Unfortunately I made some realllly bad life decisions in my teens/20s and lost everything several times over, including lots of usaf stuff my dad just left me like his flying helmet, slide rules, bla bla bla its a shame. ah well... hes passed and is at peace hopefully, finally.
  21. damn the pic wont load for me =( Well i was all sorta BS of course and if u were a russian or east bloc we were the bad guys. its all perspective like all life i wasnt entirely wrong. though we didnt live on base my dads eyesight was too bad to fly by the time i was a baby and he was a major doing mil intel most our time i was alive in europe. theres a good chance a spetnas nuke near wiesbaden or a 'terrorists' (spetnas squads to kill officer right before the official war started) may have shot us all in a car or something. before anyone gets upset Im sure nato had plenty of na
  22. your much more informed than I and also I dont even dare wade into the russian forum, so I just ask for some patience. I dont claim to be an authority on the mi24 or even modern russian planes. most of my life this stuff was secret or rumor, and they were the 'bad guys' as I was a cold war child to a USAF F4 WSO in Germany... however they always looked dead on what a attack helo should look like to me. Over time the Ah1s looks have grown on me, but the Hind (after the A) has always made me drool. what a beast. its sexy but.. looks like a dinosaur or alien. the A my god what a ugly helo.
  23. Ive asked for this several times ( you can even search my posts ) I DID get HB to say theyd consider it before This is my case Near the scope, the DDD, theres only like 7 buttons. this is right in your face eye level. one of those is IFF INTERROGATE. apparently someone thought this important, right? I dnt care if the game cheats and magically reveals friendly or not when pressed if I ask jester, or whatever they do, but Id REALLY like a jester>BVR>IFF INT. with either a callout and him marking it (it is a rio function a human can do, using the data wheel) or whatever
  24. also I thought there was a timer button but dont see one. I dont even touch the damned thing after messing with it once and regretting it terribly
  25. apparently known - extinguishers dont work in the A engine fires are surprisingly common, and not even at high alpha maneuvers or in combat. my last sortie as multicrew, on the way back the pilot nosed down a little to push past transonic because the bug. both engines suddenly went aflame.. for no apparent reason. this has happened at least 5 for sure times with no enemy damage and way above bird height since the A came out. I have tracks next point - you can fly for a LONG time with fires. IDK how long, but we flew several minutes with a double engine fire yesterday. I havent te
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