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  1. My hotas works. The stick... No. I love dcs. But I genuinely just realized I have a literally addiction of a sort to this. Laugh away - I shot heroin over 15 years I Know addiction
  2. Possible.to fly.brokem joystick if I just get replacements ????. Scree. Fycu
  3. sublime


    Thank u and ya idc about being able to talk on those radios. Others will suffice. Thr d/g IS important for me and I can't seem to get it to work damnit! By the by the reason I thought the Russians had a. Built in emergency transponder is because there's a big red DELETE button and next to it a flip button labelled crisis or something. Nothing obvious happens flipping it. I'd assumed it'd loop an sos broadast? I mean if u can't save em a least u can't target the enemies new targets? Anyone got new csmpaigns or missions in mind? Please? Look I'm sure a few others would too but I'd happily throw 20 for a afghsntsi war camp (I don't think fulda gap would work without r,69s and other issues ) I'd also happily throw in for HINDS over Afghanistan when mape is made. And my dream map. Using the new marianias map would fit well for this small isle chain that's th last stop to the island from mainland. The Chinese have to take it to continue. This would be a fantastic campaign ,- air prep,;. Invsasion. Sea action. We could suspend disbelief and set it in 2006. However otherwise look at all the new deka Chinese stuff; the carriers. The Jeff makes a superb stand in PLAAF fighter since the J11 is all we have otherwise. And sure sure China doesn't use mi24s but they rlly wouldn't look outta place to most and can easily be excused away. Thoughts guys? The charm to this besides my two fav planes is for rotor heads there's deep strikes cas; evacs etc fixed wing gets dca and oca and the jf17s are top tier In game strike weapons and they'll have to pull their weight
  4. sublime


    Check. Chapt16 3.1 There's no switch per say but any unit or human downed and emitting on those four emergency frequencies will provide CSAR adf
  5. sublime


    Theres apparently an emergency switch in the hind than when flipped broadcasts on an emergency freq No seriously lemme double check chucks guide now
  6. sublime


    Hey what SAR server? I got some questions - does the switch that turns your hind into a radio beacon for emergencies work? If not what do downed pilots xmit on and what do u use to find em?
  7. What's the issue you're having? If you can't use them at all try turning easy comms on? I can get my wingman in I still don't live
  8. The only thing I ever saw official was a promise upon final release of the module of one. In the meantime there's two DCE campaigns. Also there's a conversion of the Uh1 campaign to the mi24 and a conversion of the ka50 deployment campaign. The deployment conversion ive played about 8 missions of and it converts well. I too would like to see more content. The missions being released slowed dramatically the last two weeks
  9. Ok... I need to go check TA again but what's the distance it covers then? Because you cannot set the range up or down? And so how do you use dive toss? What about the OAP? And thanks
  10. The fighters are a problem; more than you'd think. And yes that's flying NOE and everything. Basically we can't fight back now.. The bigger problem is the enemy air defenses. You get these escort missions to hit ew sites etc. You're supposed to guard gazelles going to hit things whatever. But there's no way to eliminate all the threats your friendlies will fly over and the way the ai is now everything is a fairly major threat that's a vehicle and gun. The terrains pretty flat; most the fighting will be by bandar Abbas and qeshm. The hawk sites are a huge threat with the enemy aa. As well. The thing is you have to take any 23mm AA seriously and you have to take even m60 tanks pretty damned seriously. And blowing a hole in their lines and getting them all is really hard and the ai aim is just ridiculously good.. It's not impossible but the flaws in helicopter combat in dcs are exacerbated in this. I'm sure a more skilled player would do better; though there's nothing you can do about the f4s unt we get r60s. I found the converted deployment campaign with things changed a little for the mi24 more enjoyable and the dude added a skip mission. I fear that for me it'll take scripted campaigns for this module to shine without some major overhauls in dcs. At least for combat. Personally the dcs campaigns to me work a lot better with planes .
  11. Slow is smooth. I used to have that problem with my helo too and the tail rotor wasn't strong enough to counteract it. Yaw AP really helps with this and also increasing cyclic slower too
  12. LOL at active pause. Yeah no I don't use active pause.. or labels or any of that. All those things reinforce really bad habits and don't help at all; truly they don't. I can easily sum up my online experience so far which was pretty chaotic. Tbf the community hasn't really adjusted to it yet etc; and alot of the servers just added mi24 slots even though the server isn't set up right for it tbh.. Cold war server - mostly getting schwacked helplessly by f5s. The one time I found ground targets to engage some guy was playing CA and was **freaking out** when I was accidentally doing blue on blue... Rotor heads server - endlessly flying around trying to find downed pilots and getting bored.. One time someone joined as gunner then asked 'SRS?' I said yeah what freq and they quit... I don't know. I think it'd be fantastic if I had some people to fly with or prearranged. Same as f14 online. Otherwise; like the f14 I can practice flying the mi24 more in SP and better too. I love the module but it's reinforced my concerns / complaints about fragmentation damage; laser like aim from ground units etc. This problem is very noticeable; most missions are very hard to complete; and a lot of things that would be a viable move IRL is suicide in the hind. Git gud only goes so far.
  13. I've flown online a couple times but Idk without people really flying with you it wasn't very fun and sp was better..
  14. Casmo is good. I don't like making my own missions except to practice using a weapon or system though And as you mention yeah - 4 APCs sitting on a runway isn't realistic If you wanna share your hard work lmk
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