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  1. A year ago? Just before covid hit, I think.
  2. It accurately simulates a Pakistani aircraft that is built to interface with the blufor airborne command and control (Erieye) that Pakistan uses. The promotional material doesn't mention the Thunder belonging to a specific side, and I don't see any lies in saying that the data link allows it to talk to the AWACS. If the sales page is lying, then the page for any Blu datalink capable aircraft is lying. The F-16 can't connect to the Red AWACS either, it's also used by Pakistan, so you should go over to their forum and see what they say. Finally, PvP balancin
  3. Any more info on these? I can't find them on the user files and it's been over a month.
  4. Balancing Red and Blu sides is not Deka's job.
  5. Again, you're going to screw over squadrons based on the real world operators all because you want Deka to balance the game for you. Deka has to choose one, and going with the current real world option is the obvious choice until a work around can be found.
  6. The linked post doesn't confirm that. There are 2 sets of pictures, one from Aeria, and a one from Hamza. Hamza's pictures are of a 17B, and uses them to refute the PC-21 cockpit (see linked post). The picture posted by op is of the 17B training pit, so it might be something we can get.
  7. I noticed this too, if I mask the Tpod I can lose the SPI but the pod is still locked to the target, so I need to TDC depress to reset the SPI or I won't get an IN RNG and the rockets won't fire.
  8. Pakistan is the primary operator of the Thunder, and uses it along side the F-16, so I'd prefer to have compatibility that mirrors real world application. Making the JF-17 DL REDFOR only is breaking from reality in the name of balancing air quake. Balancing MP is not Deka's job, making the most realistic aircraft is.
  9. Drawing is currently available for the KA-50, but has been promptly ignored in every module ever since. So it's not only possible but has been implemented before. It's up to PC to make the call though.
  10. No mods, and I'm not going to change my settings when every other module works fine, again, this has been fixed in other modules, as shown in this old F-16 screenshot.
  11. As the title says, this was an issue in the F-18 and F-16 but ED was able to fix it. No track file because it wont show you anything. This makes much of the text unreadable, please see attached picture.
  12. I posted about the C-704/705 earlier, hopefully it will be added also. But honestly the more Red team weapons we can get, the better.
  13. Foogle


    I have to disagree; it's useful if you're concerned about collateral. The 802 is quite the bomb to land in an alleyway or courtyard. It's also lighter and smaller, producing less drag, which would make it suitable for longer flights where gas is concern.
  14. In previous threads I've noticed that some pictures advertise the C-705KD as an option for the JF-17. Is there any chance we will be getting it, or any of it's derivatives or predecessors?
  15. The pod currently doesnt move relative to the ground, it moves relative to the aircraft. So if you're turning, you have to fight the turning of the aircraft and if your slew rate is too low, you wont overcome it. you need to zoom out a bit to get a better slew rate, or fly straighter.
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