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  1. Hello Everyone, I just got my hands on a Thrustmaster F-18 grip really cheap from Ebay because it was used one for some movie or photo shooting and it looks quite weathered. The problem is that they had to disassemble the stick and remove the circuit board for some reason. So I started to reassemble it and based on your pictures I managed to reconnect all the cables. After testing I found out that the Sensor Control Switch Left doesn't work. All other buttons are working except this one. I guess there is a problem with the wire. Is there a way to replace this cable? Can I replace the whole
  2. I think it is my lack of skill to land after all.:) Does anyone know when you cold start the HUD is caged or uncaged by default. I think this was my main problem. Thanks.
  3. Yes, I do but it is quite low. My speed is between 125-140. I try to make a screenshot, I hope I don't have to redo the whole mission. On other missions I didn't experience this. I'll test it more this evening.
  4. Hello Everyone, I am struggling a bit with mission one....yes I know, I feel a bit ashamed:) My problem is the landing. For some reason the Velocity Vector on the HUD is much lower than normally it is. When I try to land in another mission it is OK, I can land no problems but in this mission this is messed up for some reason. I think I am doing something wrong during the cold start or I am not trimmed correctly? I tried to push Cage/Uncage but to be honest I haven't seen any difference. The velocity vector sits around the -5 degree ladder. What am I screwing up? Thanks!
  5. Problem solved! I just had to move the headset much farther from the base station and then it was OK. I used channel A.
  6. Hello Everyone, I have bought a used Pimax 5k without the base stations without anything. It works fine but I have only 3 DOF. In order to have 6 DOF I have bought 1 Base station. It was really difficult to find one. It wa sold out almost everywhere. Finally I got one from China.....took about a month to get it.:) So now I am in front of the Steam VR setup window but it says it doesn't track the device. In PiTool Lighthouse tracking is turned on. I see in every setup guide on the internet that you install 2 Base Stations but nowhere is mentioned what can you do when you have only one. I
  7. Almost everyone has suggestted AMD plus the Vulkan api is connected to AMD and anyhow is just guesswork at the moment so I really tend to AMD now. I am still reading reviews but thanks for all the comments. Thanks!
  8. Hmm, I have checked this video and I saw that usually on the top of the list is the i9-9900k and around 3rd place is the i7-9700k......the AMD 3800X is somewhere on the top of the middle range. Price difference is around +50 EUR for the i7 but the motherboard is a bit cheaper for that so regarding price there is not really a difference. The question is that DCS would run better on AMD after the Vulkan api or it doesn't matter? My main question is not the 3700X or 3800X. It's i7-9700k or AMD 3800X?
  9. Hello Everyone, I am planning to have a new PC and until now I thought I would go for an Intel i7-9700k because in the last 8 years I had an i7-2600k and after a GPU upgrade I am still able to play DCS on high settings (not 4k...I don't have 4k monitor). Lately I have bought a Pimax 5k and this is not enough anymore. I have 20FPS sometimes 30ish. This is not enough!:) So I was looking at the CPU's and I have seen that the AMD nowdays is really good so I thought I could afford a Ryzen 7 3800X. Since DCS will probably have the Vulkan api I thought this would work better with AMD CPU's.
  10. I think I did something wrong. It is OK now.
  11. I have tried just now. Unfortunately it didn't help.
  12. Thanks! I have just tried RS mapper. It looks better than JoyToKey but I think I have the same problem with this too. When I make a profile and I start a new Word file then I see the letters typed when I flick the buttons on the throttle. When I go to DCS....nothing. I can use the keyboard but DCS doesn't see the commends from the throttle. I have asked the same question also in the RSMapper forum. Thanks.
  13. Hello Guys, I have tried the software and I think this is what I need but I have some problems with it....I can't make it work under DCS:). I have mapped some buttons and it works, I mean I can even type with the TH Warthog in MS Word:) but when I start DCS nothing happens. When I press the keyboard buttons in DCS those are working but not from the throttle. Any idea what can be the problem? Thanks!
  14. Hello Guys, I always wanted to use the same 2 and 3 position switches on the Hornat as I can on the A-10C. I have found a software called JoyToKey and I think I have made all the settings what I need for the Baro or RDR Altimeter switch but when I go to the settings in DCS and I flip the switch it doesn't recognize that I have fliped it. I associated the profile with DCS so I think it shoud work but probably I did something wrong. Application path name is this: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS.exe Any idea why DCS doesn't seem to be connected to JoyToKey? Or a
  15. Thanks Guys. I think I have understood how it works. I just have to tell Jester to change the scan range and the targets will appear or disappear. I will leave the system as it is. I would rather command Jester as in a real plane. Thanks again.
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