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  1. i think the ones from Razbam survived because they did not put the stupid Diff files in the inputs folder.... Great Update ED...
  2. confirm, update double binded the buttons on my T16000. (hopefully )fixed it by deleting/moving the Diff files in the Inputs folder....
  3. thats a bit like saying "pretty sure these stairs are no problem for wheelchair users lets se how it goes and maybe we put a ramp there". as in, sure if you dont have that problem you cant think it beeing a problem.
  4. actualy it answersd your question on who came up with the idea and why. As a TOP M2k pilot i thought you know that allready
  5. oh i am pretty sure he does, but then you have to accept all the drawbacks that come with hypeing up people. Thats why i was pointing it out with a slight sarcastic tone, which you seem to have missed completly.
  6. i think the "trick" to avoid doubt is to have something to show befor announcing a project ;)
  7. uhm you could have made your big reaveal when the product was done instead of Some month early... then you could have placed it right on the shelf without any worry about "crap".
  8. yea, it was basicly a bunch of pictures/video + the preOrder "reveal" not even a release date. And all that hype for so little... Yes the module looks great and all. But next time please call it: "In addition to starting the preorder, we will show some prerecorded footage". no need for a Stream wenn its just a video...
  9. imagin those pictures where all that was planned for the stream later :-D
  10. at this time, its not available for the public
  11. now a question for the guys with a potato as a CPU. Will there be a lower res texture pack ?(outside and cockpit)
  12. you absolutly need the avSimpleElectricsystem, without that the radar cannot be switch on and you dont see the parameters. but you also dont get an error message. also i think the file i read most was the dump of the cockpitbase.dll :-D also confusing, some of the paramters (....TDC....) can be set while others are read only. time and trail and error is the way to go here and i am pretty sure i havent discovered everything in regards to the radar
  13. Basic Radar Terrain related functions
  14. as mentioned in the other thread this is the list of usefull terrain related function for the "aircraft-enviroment". Pretty sure its not a complete list. local map = get_terrain_related_data("name") --on what map am i on? --"Persian Gulf" --"Caucasus" local Terrain = require('terrain') --everything below requires Terrain --X , Z , Alt Coords are in Meters! Terrain.GetHeight(x, z) --gives you the hight of the terrain at x,z in meters -- for a LOS check is suggest adding 1m to the hight, or round up -- otherwise you might get strange results Terrain.isVisible(x1, alt1, z1, x2, alt2, z2) -- check Terrain Line of sight (ignores buildings/trees) Terrain.GetSurfaceType(x,z) -- gives you the type of terrain. -- LAND 1 -- SHALLOW_WATER 2 -- WATER 3 -- ROAD 4 -- RUNWAY 5 -- during my last test there was not landtype for Woods local tmp_lat,tmp_long = Terrain.convertMetersToLatLon(x,z) -- turns the Meters Coords system to LatLong (be aware , it returns 2 vars) local x, z = Terrain.convertLatLonToMeters(lat,long) --gets you the METERS coord system from Lat Long other examples: BasicRadar Terrain Functions BasicRWR
  15. i am fireing aim7s in the video ;) i think the trick is to "selectStation(x)" first and then "LaunchStation(x)" unless its bugged in 2.5 the missle automaticaly follows the locked target (the video is from 1.5.8 )
  16. you can get terrain data(mainly Altitude and type) from specific spots in "Aircraft-enviroment" via a DLL call (Terrain.dll), and the avSimpleRadar itsself features Groundclutter (ill get back with an example for the terrain.dll later) the issue is, getting terrain data many times a second or Frame slows down the simulation significantly. unless you prebuild your own "terraindatabase"
  17. device: avSimpleRadar So, since i am bad at explaining stuff i made a small package which should get you quickly started if you want to make your own radar for your MOD. if both the Simpleweaponsystem and simplerader devices are present and working, you can fire SARH missles without extra coding(this does not work if you mix it with any FC3 avionics (or any other avionics) like the popular su25t). Edit: to be more precise, you can mix the radar with the su25t avionics, but you will not be able to use any A2A missle besides HeatSeakers heres how this should look like if it works(minus the HUD) :) and the code package: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1334tCEQVcLXCqWmI7PmEPr6G3Z3TcpBb other examples: BasicRadar Terrain Functions BasicRWR
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