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  1. dont "touch" the miz-file when DCS is handling it (like having the ZIP file open or something). that can lead to unexpected results
  2. after reading some of the answers from the OP i can only assume this is a thread purely designed as a Trollthread to trigger people who are unsatisfied with the current level of Bugs/Fixes ratio in the FA18. And as such it should be closed
  3. my opinion, without more ram and lowering ones expectations on Visuals, you will not have a smooth DCS experience. Especialy if you go Online on public servers.
  4. i think it startet with the fact that planes in Early access come out on beta first, sometimes several weeks early. and people want to fly them, also in MP. and servers just stuck with OB
  5. HUD symbologie remains when all MAVs fired, Ungaging the Aim9 shows IR picture
  6. hopefully they spend thier time polishing for the release instead of makeing videos.
  7. the issue is the movement of the 16000 Throttle (the one on the stick obviously) is just one inch. what i do on a2a refueling is, setting the throttle so that i am slightly faster and just pulse the airbrake to stay in position
  8. hopefully there is a chance he missunderstands a Number...for realism :music_whistling:
  9. negative commets have the same right to exist unless they violate the forum rules. so i am afraid you have to deal with them even if you dont like them or find them offensive
  10. well maybe we are lucky and 21.12 is for stable so beta gets it 7.12.....*puts on tinfoilhat*
  11. the discussion could end right there. Your server your rules, your mission your rules, Dont like a servers rules? Dont play on that server, simple
  12. so, in short, it functions like the HSI in most planes? F15c for example
  13. i am not at my PC, but SRS has a socket-connection in thier luas
  14. the only way i found so far to transport data between the different Enviroments are either sockets or simply writing and reading a file. and yes its a pita. (between cockpit and Export its a bit easier because you set and read gauges)
  15. thankfully its no workaround, just the usual "non-documented-features" of DCS
  16. still few things look as awesome as sitting next to a KUB when its starts firing missles into the Air. Killing Planes is a bonus :)
  17. 1) Viggen? 2) isnt it "just" a ground avoidance Radar?
  18. yea kills mean nothing. Helo pilots carrying the goods is what matters.
  19. Nero.ger


    of course, become a 3rd party developer. other than that no
  20. Nero.ger


    the only way to get a camera like thing on your plane is by using the su25t avionics.
  21. they should just disable IC for the shaders, and leave it to the modders to produce a satifactory experience
  22. maybe he realizes his time is better spend code/fixing bugs than making a video (which takes time most professional YTers will tell you)
  23. i wish we still had the reputation system...
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