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  1. it would be awesome to have a custom_input.lua for every plane that dont get overwritten
  2. i thought his channel was under "needless hype"? anyway dont get your hopes up, because apperently, airshow smoke is more important than HARMs https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3716504&postcount=99
  3. have to a agree, more stutters in since the last OB patch :(
  4. if it were that simple, pretty sure they would have done it wouldnt they. rule of thumb:nothing in DCS is SIMPLE
  5. if you are an "end user" and not a modder, the first post has everything you need. the rest is just discussions
  6. stop spreading your precious few coders across several Aircraft and just finish one after the other...like the ones we allready PAID for!
  7. correct, for completion, there is also time_h = get_param_handle("RWR_CONTACT_0" .. i .. "_TIME"), source_h = get_param_handle("RWR_CONTACT_0" .. i .. "_SOURCE"),
  8. sounds like the state of the switch is not in sync with the setting
  9. seriously that is a problem blocking the progress? you have access to the SDK and everything. and befor someone says i have no idea what i am talking about (the coding equivalent to quoting from the NATOPs) https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=156321&d=1485976880 probably even easier now with access to the SDK and nearly 2 years later (the pic is from 2017) on a serious side and not just complaining ... if you want help send me a PM (would actualy be hilarious if its more complicated with the SDK :megalol: )
  10. true but i am also lazy, so i at least wait for merker to make an official statment what type he intends to have in the Community A4 befor going further :)
  11. as a coder there is NOTHING i love more than phrases like that.... :)
  12. yea i save the videos, very interresting compared to our modern RwRs. But its out since we are missing the EW-panel to switch the different options on and off. Not to mention the Display :) so "DedoooDedoooo" it is :)
  13. Nero.ger


    well maybe IF ed fixes the issue with your maverick locking the lamppost instead of the BIG TANK next to it. its a gamble sometimes what the missle will lock, the objects you see or something so small that its not even a pixel wide. also some of the bigger objects get locked in wired places, like commande centers get locked at the antenna instead of the ground bunker
  14. my mod goes by Lock and Launch events, no matter the source, i guess in RL it should only work on SA2s
  15. depends on the Version, some have a display, some only a Tone. We will see when/If the A4 team implements an Rwr
  16. IMPORTANT: this modification will be part of the official A-4E-C 1.03 version. so this mod will not be developed further or maintained. Even if its not 100% clear if or what kind of RWR the A4 has, I made a small mod for it, adding a 'RadarLock Warning' and 'RadarMissile Warning' sounds to it. Since there are no switches in the Cockpit, the system works as soon as the DC-Bus has power. The sounds are also from the Original A4-Mod(obst for the Lock and RadarAltWarning for the Launch) to install replace 2 files(devices/device_init) in the '\A-4E-C\Cockpit\Scripts\' folder and place the rwr.lua in the 'Systems' subdirectory Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1erwDOnJ1wioxlKkh8gt0S9ZQoUxvlqis
  17. it should look like this savedgames/DCSopenbeta/mods/aircraft/a-4E-C check you dont have another a-4E-C inside that one
  18. it only works for static TACAN that exist on the Map (Airports only) (99% certainty) thankfully this is incorrect, RWR is available without the SDK
  19. according to the manual yes, but i found no information on how EXACTLY it works in real life (limitation etc)
  20. ah the joy of watching someone else play with the toys you want to have....
  21. where is the Rep function when you need it?! +1
  22. all this discussion is somewhat moot , since DCS is rather picky on what weapons you can deploy in a Mod. and afaik LGBs are not on that list
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