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  1. these system will not happen :smilewink:
  2. as with every plane in DCS, you can only fly the ones that the mission designer puts into the mission
  3. just be a little rebellious and take off without clearance :) no seriously MODs cannot use radios, so you cant talk to ATC as for the explosion...no idea at this point
  4. you CANT start from rundway/catapult on a carrier (cannot be fixed) as for exploding on Touchdown....can you take off and land from landbases? rearming needs to have the canopy open(and maybe the engines off)
  5. probably they dont want them to have 2 modules in early access, so they have to get thier shit together to release the mig19 directly as a release candidate
  6. some moving pictures to make you guys moist for the next update, this time, the Catapult :) and the 'RWR'
  7. is there a way to limit the framrate?, i dont need 400fps :)
  8. how about ironing out the issues and small kinks in the current plane first , yes :-D
  9. the A4E will contain this mod in its next update :)
  10. sounds a bit Nato favored, since R60M are allready crappy enough compared to the Aim9p and the alternative R3S isnt much better obviously
  11. continueing my 'series' of basic-X here is the RadarWarningReciever-Example. as usual not intended for endUser but for Modders to save time figuring it out. RWR_example.zip other examples: BasicRadar Terrain Functions BasicRWR
  12. because everyone one the server would need the A4
  13. Nero.ger

    Apache mod

    if you use any Models without proof that your are the owner or without a permission from the owner, you thread will get deleted quickly
  14. thanks but i prefer a torch and a pitchfork, like in the old days :)
  15. @decoy ever thought about the fact that people might be pissed that instead of finishing the product they paid for AV8,you decide to make a completly new plane ready for EA. and i am not talking about the modlers working on new stuff while the coders finishing the remaining things on older modules. No you took at least 50% of your team (modlers/Coders/engeneers) to work an a new product. Yes its your buisness and you run it how you want, but dont expect people to like it... my faith in you finishing modules has dropped significantly and my wallet will act accordingly
  16. even worse, in the past days we had unexpected engine shutdown or midair disintegreation with multicrew...not even sure how to report/replicate since it happens way late in a flight (after 30+ min)
  17. well remember that even ED itself tells us its a simulation not a game by insiting on stupid visual addons that make life hard on a videoscreen ;) onTopic: Dev should just stop trying to hype and just release the module for all people at ones. much less bad blood
  18. a) yes i am aware how the bonus works b) now with this information it sounds much better like achievements from other games, and i can relax again thank you
  19. could you be a little more vague?! (sarcasm) unless you want us to speculate in the most negative way possible
  20. wow and i allways thought it was my shitty screen :huh:
  21. lets think about it for a moment, what ELSE could it be? "ruin the fun for your team on BlueFlag* by only going for your killstatistic. 10 Points" ? *or an other non-air-quake-server
  22. :mad:that i very tragic...cause i bought this plane partly because of its abilitys to carry and fire aim9m (as an all aspect missle) but the missile should growl and lock itself without the ability of the plane, so it should be an all aspect even in the c101
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