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  1. why cant you do it, i just checked and could change Laser code to 1113. But nobody was around to check if its realy working
  2. the real "problem" is, why go throu all the hassle of deploying a Jtac with a chopper and then driving it if you can just take an a10c ;)
  3. you can, at least serveral days ago, hope they dont "fixed" that
  4. two(three) questions/suggestions: Would it be possible to know the status of KUB and Stingers one placed without using GCI. Even then he cant see the ammo status. F10 menue maybe with grid coords and status, like pak-intel Would it be possible to know which launcher killed what? So instead of reading in chat "AI kub killed a dude" we can read "Nero's AI kub killed a Dude" The third question is, what is the a reason why Positions of Player-placed Launchers are not saved durching restart?
  5. another question: can someone explain to me how do you use Mortar troops? I placed them on a downward slope facing and enemy FARP. they seem to have line of sight (the slope allowed them to look downwards) and the Farp was in range (>10km) but they did not engage
  6. i can confirm that the uh01 is incredebly though "sometimes". Flying it very often i have been shoot down by just one missle or eat up to 3 missles and still manage to crashland. I suspect that the missles explode to far from the Aircraft resulting in a Hit but less damage. :music_whistling: You might take a mirage next time, those Magic missles do well against uh01... :music_whistling:
  7. uh01 and mi8's dont cost/lose lives but still show as death in K/D ratio.
  8. thats what i ment by precise. Does Lueva change Emitter data or not? sadly i cant test it, so if someone can confirm or deny? i did a (very) quick look over L3, and it seems pretty resistant to tinkering meaning that unless you programm/compile it yourself the comunity gets what the creator allows. As for thise people who know how to programm, i am very sure that there have been similar things in the past used by maybe a single person or unit. sooooo what remains, well you can choose to use L3 or not.....just as someone can choose TrackIR or not ;) just for the record, its not about pro or Con L3, its about false information or just plain negative hype. unless you prove your statements, it will allways become a flame fest and/or deception war :)
  9. i guess people should be very precise about what they are talking or refering to. It is true that Export gives you Atimuth and Signal strength, BUT an F15, say with Strength 10 is not at the same distance as another rader with Strength 10. You can check that if you fly a russian plane. Place different Aircrafts at the same distance and let them Paint you, you will notice that the Indicator circly shows differen values. so its up to the Pilot to figure out what different ACs Rader strength are. Because the RwR has only a min and a max value (Strenth is acutualy a value between 1 close, and zero, very far). the further contacts are at the edge of the RwR the closer the Signal Strength is to Zero, same in cockpit and in export a similar topic, leavu 2 was almost identical to l3, why is everybody so enraged now?
  10. @frostie, i brought that up because the "main" argument for banning ownship export/mods is that you have an advantage over someone who does not use it. But the same goes for HOTAS and TrackIr. They can look around faster and more precise. Expensive Sticks are more precise and have more buttons (less fiddling with keyboard). Clearly that is an advantage especialy in Close Combat. While i have no problem with checking against real cheats, i have a serious problem if ED just impelemts something because some people feel they are beeing cheated without real proof, and if that proof is just "oh its faster with Leuva than with verbal comunication with GCI" that its all the same for Cheap Stick+Keyboard VS HOTAS+TrackIR
  11. this! to add: one of the strength of DCS was that you can build/script your own stuff. I hope that ED thinks about what is doing next and dont just listen to SOME people, because not EVERYONE wants to change the export stuff. and while we are at it, pls make sure you add the option to restrict input devices. So users of expensiv Flightsticks or TrackIR have no unfair advantage in Multiplayer
  12. i was quite pleased with the outcome of that engagement:pilotfly:
  13. because after about 2 weeks it becomes more like work you will know it after flying for 7 days straight, 8 hours a day :smilewink:
  14. this might not be that helpfull but at least i can ensure you that the 360 cobtroler works in general, cause i use 2 of them for DCS :) make sure the controller is plugged in bevor you start DCS and maybe try to select the axis from the Dropdown menu instead of moving the axis edit: you using xpadder or some other emulation software, that might cause a problem too
  15. looks good and interrestion. Can you make the detail level selectable? like switch on/off different "landmarks" (ground,sea, roads etc) maybe a Black background version so it runs on lowend machines?
  16. on the Combined Arms stuff: Some of the mobile Units (SAMs) are controlable, which filled my heart with joy....only to be terrified as i saw that the entire units from the GH22 FARP followed. i guess that was not intended.:megalol: But it would be awesome if you keep some units on wheels/tracks in so we can assault stuff on the ground or drive around in Strelas....and for ones justify the CA-purchace blue Side edit: found so far: GH22 1 vulcan 1 avenger LN 71 1 Chaparral 1 vulcan mm05 1 chaparral 1 vulcan
  17. Solo Pilot: Side: Blue/(Red if to many blue players) Callsign: Nero Plane: A10c, Su25t ,(F15,su33)
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