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  1. if you work on bug reports, the right term is very important. so imagining what someone meant isnt really helpfull. :)
  2. that is NOT an Integrity Check issue. That is a totaly normal behavior since without the Mod DCS cant show you the a4 when other players use it
  3. again: what is the "IC issue"? you can join IC protected servers with the a4 (correctly) installed. (including the big names Blueflag and so on, doing it regulary) if you get booted from a server, click on the red shield in the lobby, make a Screenshot and send it to me, se we can have a look
  4. just trying to calm people down who get scared when there is no news for a few weeks :)
  5. i suggest not holding you breath, because make a propper/good module/mod takes time measured in years
  6. again, does this hotfix include any fixes for Human RIOs crashing constantly in Multiplayer?
  7. what does that mean for Multiplayer human RIOs? or was jester active even when a human climbed into the back? my Pilot rarely crashes, its just me as a RIO
  8. my observations: as long as i stay out of STT and the pilots doesnt use any of his modes i am fine for longer If in STT/Pilots modes, dont manouver hard or CTD of course this is all VERY subjective but its how it feels to cause the issue
  9. you are on stable dcs. there was a bug that makes it explode on the ground, which has been fixed in the OpenBeta of DCS, but is still present in the Stable branche if you want to stay on stable, for now you have to start on a carrier
  10. what excatly is this IC issue anyway? even befor 1.03 came out you could happyly have the A4 installed and join any Protected server with the green shield.
  11. as a RIO(multiplay) i often crash to desktop right after pilot uses CloseComabt modes or i use any STT modes. haven nailed it down any further sadly (not using Pilots CCmodes or STT, i can fly around lobbing missles for 1h+)
  12. so i need more details, or better a track or missionfile. if you mean you cant takeoff from runway-spawn, yes. but you can taxi to the cat and launch that way
  13. 50% wrong, the carrier needs to have one waypoint and needs to be at the same speed at this Waypoint and its Spawn . There are some pictures in the guide if you have issues. the shoot catapult command is from an earlier version and no longer in use. It now behaves like the FA18, ones you have enough thrust, its launches the catapult
  14. did you use "Airstart" or did you takeoff from a runway or carrier? also, are you using DCS stable or OpenBeta?
  15. the Bombs are the original ones from ED, so they use thier flight dynamics
  16. Nero.ger

    MIG-23 UB

    someone accedently wrote month instead of years ;)
  17. in the next version, there will be
  18. that is not an issue with the mod, but with DCS itself. There is a bug in the stable release at the moment that causes planes to explode (it has been fixed in the OpenBeta release)
  19. it has a sticky thread for a things/questions regarding the A4E
  20. 1) helos are notoriously hard to lock since thier Rotor is basicly a large cooling fan 2) this is an issue that will be adressed in the next version
  21. most of the devs took the liberty of a little holiday during the "time of random explosions". (while other keep sneaking in features that need to be tested) so it will be a few days befor everybody gets back into it
  22. the issue of MP integrity check has been fixed a while ago in the last version (1.02). as pointed out by other people, after the install in the savedGames location it should look like this: C:/Users/[your user name]/Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/mods/aircraft/A-4E-C/ if its installed in any other location it will cause an issue with the Integrity Check @edit, it should look like in the picture
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