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  1. thanks for the praise :) ok how to explain it best. First: the LwR-HUD-Display does not show anything that is not available. so imagine you are heading '000'. The laserwarner goes on and shows FRONT and RIGHT. Then the system simply assumes that the threat is coming from 45° it then "locks" that in so that if you turn around it will allways point to 45 deg. if you would fly past the emitter and it would now be at 90 deg. the system will still show you a bearing of 45. it will continue to do so unless you press the "reset" button on the LwR panel. also the maximum accuracy of the display is still 45 deg, because there are only 4 sensors and the only DATA to base calculations on are Heading and the 4 lights on or off. the turning of the Arrow is soley based on the change of your own heading and even if i wanted to make it more accurate, i could not because the ka50-binaries only give out 4 direction lights and not a direkt bearing. And that is why it all passes integrity check. everything is just data that exists shown in a different or more organized way (and a shitload of math) edit: it is, its the NAVTGT function, i think its the Left colum button 3 or 4. lets you type in coords and see them on the ABRIS. or you can grab them from the SHKVAL or SLEW your SHKVAL to such a point. its just that the usage of this function is clunky as hell yea i tried it but DCS rightfully refused to load with very helpfull Message "loading failed for unknown reasons" ;)
  2. the Rubberbanding problem in the last hour is still present. not as Bad as some rounds bevor but planes can still be all over the place in the last hour/30min
  3. so...why is next to no one on the Red side an any 'official' Coms? makes GCI pointless and coordination...difficult :)
  4. i will be the totaly unfunny guy by getting back to topic :) Do you do all the stuff in pure LUA or is there a custom DLL involved for certain systems?
  5. 240p, i allways had a crappy VHS-System :) good old times
  6. its commin alonge very nice *thumbsup*
  7. as long as this "feature" can be set to ZERO , as in completly realy off...
  8. also ,use something like Notepad++ instead of the windows editor
  9. you can also use the abris NAV-SEARCH function, FARPs are listed under AIRPORT
  10. can you show the radar video again in good weather, so one can actualy see what the radar is supposed to show :)
  11. it was a test to see who realy testing it ;) i made the Device Id and category in Variabls because i wanted to change them easily top of default.lua should look like this local res = external_profile("Config/Input/Aircrafts/base_keyboard_binding.lua") local MM_DevID = 2 --MFD MOD device ID local MM_Cat = 'MFD' --MFD MOD category join(res.keyCommands,{ --MFD MOD------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {down = 3001, up = 3001, cockpit_device_id = MM_DevID, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('MFD UP') , category = _(MM_Cat)}, {down = 3002, up = 3002, cockpit_device_id = MM_DevID, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('MFD RIGHT') , category = _(MM_Cat)}, {down = 3003, up = 3003, cockpit_device_id = MM_DevID, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('MFD DOWN') , category = _(MM_Cat)}, {down = 3004, up = 3004, cockpit_device_id = MM_DevID, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('MFD LEFT') , category = _(MM_Cat)}, {down = 3005, up = 3005, cockpit_device_id = MM_DevID, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('MFD ENTER') , category = _(MM_Cat)}, {down = 3006, up = 3006, cockpit_device_id = MM_DevID, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('MFD CANCEL') , category = _(MM_Cat)}, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . . . . .
  12. so what did you do today.... listening to some dude flipping some switches... it was amazing :-D
  13. yes i know about the problem, far i have no idea how to fix that :(
  14. if i manage that i would have a big party with much vodka :) so far no luck building a camera module :( to answer the other question, i am unbelivable bad documenting/explaining things so dont hold your breath that i manage to make a detailed documentation. i (tried) make it as simple as possible so people have a working example to study instead of searching the forums up and down an puzzle it together. (like the wunderluft example)
  15. so i also wanted to share something with the modding community to help other making Cockpit/avionics mods. while this works with the su25 as a showcase its not ment as a complete mod instead as a help/howTo for people who want to build thier own Cockpit for thier Plane-Mods. su25 as a show-plane was used because its hud is very simple Install instructions are in the Download. includes HUD with Horizonline Speed/Alt Vertical Velocity Indicator display Waypoints from MFD Moving the Glass up/down is simulated MFD general Building of an MFD (this one does not use 20 Key, instead 4-way as a cursor and enter/cancel keys) Enginepage, showing gauges Navmode with copyied Waypoints from Mission file Build in Airfield selection as Waypoint and option for Custom entries Download -- 01.02.2017 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0WafwTWChLIM1doNkY3ZVFFS1k/view?usp=sharing Info for Default.lua problems https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3037200&postcount=5
  16. just to make it a little easyer, in DLLs, look for functions like int cockpit::avSimpleElectricSystem::l_AC_Generator_1_on(struct lua_State *) (its L_AC_Gen...) which is callable as "GetDevice(x):AC_Generator_1_on(x)" in the Lua enviroment sidenote, the complete Cockpitbase.dll dump is nearly 6000 lines ;)
  17. yes that is the plan ones its out of "WIP" phase. i planned it as a PlugIn for people to use in thier mods
  18. i might be able to help you out with the 'mfd-nav thing' if i get it finished :)
  19. just to clarify: i mentioned FC3 planes specificly because they only require 1 button to start and not to suggest that people who like su27/f15 etc are sharing specific properties
  20. i guess: "Cold aircrafts + no autostart + no FC3 aircrafts" might solve some of the problems ;) the attention span of people who just want to anoye others might be less than the amount of time you need to manual start a "High fidelity FM-Plane"
  21. what?:huh: if you want to include it in a package or something, go ahead :) just link this thread in the package in case i need to update something
  22. @Vyrtuoz i think the wording might have confused me, looking at the screenshot it seems the tacView-Programm simply refuses to play content that is "not older than 10min" i am correct? :)
  23. glad it worked in VR, because i have no way to test it. :) The mod is depent on the original Crew window working. i made the original invisible but its still "there" because i have to grab the data from it.
  24. if i understand correctly, one has to linger around in the spectator slot for 10minutes to get the full track unless the server changes the setting? because this might hurt popular servers,'bluflag' for example was nearly allways at max playercount in its primetime and such a setting will block spots that otherwiese would be free for people who want to fly
  25. Just a small mod that hides the Crewstatus overlay and places a little card on the center pedestol with the crew status on it. (Crew station) (Rules of Engagement) (Burst length) (Ammo status)--installation-- 1) Make backup of your "dcs/mods/aircraft/uh-01"-folder 2) extract the zip into "dcs/mods/aircraft/uh-01/"-folder 3) DONE --Mod version--22.01.2017-- https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0WafwTWChLITXo1OTVSSXVYekk --Update 27.03.2017-- NVG fix Post https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0WafwTWChLIWDNFV0FQZzBiNTQ
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