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  1. i realized i forgot some parameters in my orignal example: so here is a full list: RADAR_CONTACT_01_RCS_COEFF:0.334631 RADAR_CONTACT_01_VZ:-5.376554 RADAR_CONTACT_01_RANGE:3336.165527 RADAR_CONTACT_01_NOISE:0.000000 RADAR_CONTACT_01_NCTR:"Su-25" RADAR_CONTACT_01_TIME:4.140000 RADAR_CONTACT_01_VY:-3.621754 RADAR_CONTACT_01_AZIMUTH:0.062180 RADAR_CONTACT_01_ELEVATION:-0.002366 RADAR_CONTACT_01_FRIENDLY:-1.000000 RADAR_CONTACT_01_RCS:7.000000 RADAR_CONTACT_01_VX:138.504089 RADAR_CONTACT_01_RND:0.630329 parameters are counted 01..02....98..99..100..101..
  2. For the love of god then stop locking LUA files from now on!
  3. seriously, do people actualy read? https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4332991&postcount=470
  4. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3930571&postcount=1
  5. a4 > SFM (simple flight model) mb339 > EFM (extended? external?...better..flight model)
  6. ahh thats my good deed for the day, i can cross that of my list :)
  7. did you add dofile(LockOn_Options.common_script_path.."KNEEBOARD/declare_kneeboard_device.lua") to your device_init.lua?
  8. actually it was put only recently on the First page, so people can stop asking/wondering. cause 50% of the questions revolve around either radio or guided ammunitions :) and if anything changes you will know cause the moding forum would explode with threads about it
  9. how hard can it be to just increase the damage until there is a propper damage model??
  10. never, you cant have guided A2G ordinance in MODs (without hijaking another avionic, which will not happen for the a4)
  11. since its inserted stuff into the Bazar folder i assume it does break IC in multiplayer?
  12. i am glad that the ressources ED could have spend on fixing bug was spend this way.....
  13. Su25t - no Ka50 - yes
  14. lol i need to check the forums more often, missed your post. so yea go ahead and upload it for other people :) havent done any modding for DCS in a while but i am glad this still helps people and other find ways to improve it:thumbup:
  15. i actually though ED learned its lesson when the F16 came out and realized that poeple might want to see the outside colors as they are. To bad we made a step back. wish i had backuped tho old textures so i could use those befor the update
  16. easy, make it up to EDs standard: if ED implements realistic IFF-Code based systems do it as well. in the meantime keep the simply coalition based IFF that is present in every other aircraft
  17. lets pray its not ruining the FPS, and if it does that it can be switched off :)
  18. there are so many AC more interresting than this
  19. show me the cockpit to get me really excited :)
  20. 11kts is actualy fine, as long as its moving at all, is the speed at the spawn the same as waypoint 1?
  21. the position in the OPs picture is correct. Points of failure: * Stennis (only works with stennis) has more then one waypoint * Speed is not the same for waypoint and spawnpoint the default for Hookin attempt is LAlt+1
  22. plottwist, thats more or less whats happening, cause you cant implement your own audio (in this case)
  23. if you want to start messing around modding i suggest using the a4 or 339 for such tests. Much more repeatable results
  24. had a quick look and so far it isnt implemented. Will get to you later when its done :)
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