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  1. I think you need to add your DCS log at least when reporting bugs. A track also would be nice. I had the same problem ignoring my bug report. But I can't really blame them. I just haven't had the time yet to do that.. Here's the Bug Reporting Guide.
  2. Has this been put on the bug list? I just tested it after installing todays patch, and this bug is still there..
  3. Well, after several hours of research, I tracked down the source of this VR bug. It was my Monitor settings. I have a Triple-Screen setup, and have my Monitor Settings se to '3 Screens'. If I change it to '1 Screen', this problem goes away!! Before this update I have not seen this problem. How do my Monitor settings have anything to do with rendering VR? I'm guessing that they forgot to ignore those settings when rendering the image in VR.. Hopefully an easy fix?? But, on my system, in VR, with the settings set to VR settings, I am only getting 30fps!! My i9-10850 5ghz cpu; RTX 3080 gpu; 64gb Memory; and M.2 should do much better than that!! I was testing on the P-51 Channel Free Flight mission.
  4. I've tested my Reverb G2 with DCS and IL-2 GB and they both work ok. DCS seems like the FPS are low. But IL-2 does not have this triangle in the HMD. This is only in DCS. Does anybody know how to fix this?? PS: Could a Mod move this to the View Systems forum? I was looking for a VR forum, and couldn't find one, so I put it here..
  5. This picture is from the left eye. So I have two of these(one on each side. Like vampire fangs... What is this and how do I fix it?
  6. I think the main problem you may need to solve is how to keep them the same distance from your screens all the way down. But since it's bending the light away from the bezels, you could slide something between the bezels to push or hold them out, and it would be mostly hidden with the bezels.
  7. Hmm.. well, you've already spent a bundle on your system. I'd buy 2 kits and try to combine them somehow (tape at first?) and you could definitely get something working. But you can't move your monitors around or it's fubar.
  8. I bought the ASUS Bezel-Free kit a few months ago, hoping they would work. Even though my specific monitors were not listed in their recommended monitors list. And the angle of my monitors also did not match their specs. I did have to mod them to work for me. And they are expensive for being plastic. But I am really happy I got them. Opinions may vary, but I would be either looking at 3/4 inch black bezels, or this. (I have mounted the side monitors bezels behind the center monitor's bezel to hide their bezels, giving me a smaller overall bezel to be seen between the monitors. This does cause some lines not to line up. But it's a trade-off with all of this anyway.) When I got this kit, the plastic was about 4 inches wide, and would be too large of an image adjustment. So I set them up so I could see they were too large, but if I cut a bit off of each side(the center of the strip bends the image left and right. So you have to cut them from the sides and keep the center part.) While they were on my screens I judged exactly where I could cut the sides off to hide the bezel from view as I sat in my chair. I ended up keeping about 1.5 inches, or 3/4 inch on each side of center. The cutting was tricky as the plastic was easily chipped or cracked. I started with some tests on my bandsaw, and just cut a little bit off the side to see how it worked. I ended up leaving the protective film on that covers both sides, and clamped the plastic between two boards for stability as I cut. I also put a fine cut blade on my bandsaw. The result was acceptable, and I did a tiny bit of sanding with fine grit. Then, when I was 'done', I realized they would not fit in the clamps that came with the kit. But that is an easy fix. Just find some way to mount them.. I just cut some wood to wedge in to the clamps to hold them. But any solution that works... And I much prefer the result, better than black bezels. There are lot's of good and bad reviews out there. But I think the bad reviewers didn't want to make them work, or maybe they didn't work at all for them. But they were way off for me from the start, and I made them work to my liking. This is the right side. You can see at the top where I had a little accident and cut into the plastic a bit too far. You can also see it above. But I'll live with it... I had to cut some blocks to match the contour of the monitors joint and hold the plastic out, into the correct position.
  9. BTW, I can build a mission with The Channel map and it works. And I can fly a Quick Mission and that also works.
  10. I updated to 2.7 Beta the other day, and after that I decided to take advantage of the sale. So, I bought the Veggin and The Channel Map. When I try to Create Fast Mission' using 'The Channel Map', it starts generating the mission and then goes back to the Main Menu. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the map. I have also repaired the install twice. I have no mods installed. And I have tested Caucaus, Normandy, and Nevada maps with no problems. Attached is my dcs.log. The mission generator crashed to the Main menu at 13:32. That is the last log line written for the mission generator before it crashed. As you can see, I then exited DCS at 13:37. 2021-04-16 13:32:51.828 INFO LUA-MISSIONGENERATOR: getNodes: Coalition :2, hasAirdrome = 0, num nodes = 0 2021-04-16 13:37:46.172 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:5 dcs.7z
  11. I am so confused. I know 2.7 was postponed (I thought) until today. But in @BigNewys Patch Status thread, the last post says "I will update this post to keep you all informed.". But there has not been any updates in that post. However I noticed a post above that, that was from last year (May 2020). It said "Next update: Planned 14th April 2021 (subject to change)". At first I didn't notice the year. I assumed it was an old post from last year because it doesn't say it was edited. But it must have been edited. So all this is confusing.. Was there another place where there was a patch status, or is that it?
  12. Just wondering, since I read that back in January. Today is the last day of the 1st Quarter of 2021.
  13. I'm running the stable version. But I've had SSA ask me to update to the Beta a few times the past 2 days. Why is that?
  14. Add an Elevation Attribute to the Effects (Smoke/Fire). So that we can put them at the top of Oil Platforms; Houses; Factories; etc..
  15. Great news. Looking forward to testing this..
  16. I was playing around the other day and just searched for 'bass rumbling'. Found some Youtube videos and recorded several seconds into Audacity. Found many variations.. You need to know how to export them. It's not hard, and google helped me figure it out. Haven't gone any further with that yet, but I liked what found for engines, ground bumps, ab, and other effects.
  17. Understood! I will go back to Stereo for the channels since 6 channels is not useful at this time. Curious?.... Have either of you had anyone else use 6 (5.1) for anything? Maybe for Wheels? Thanks.
  18. Thanks. I was also wondering if DCS exported any Front or Rear data? Of if in SSA f4l0 had to decide which events made sense to use Front or Rear and do this himself. It appears to me that 6 (5.1) and SSA will not separate effects to each channel in DCS or other Flight sims. Possibly because they don't have effects that need it, except for a very few events. Possibly Rear when the AfterBurner kicks on? Weapons hit your aircraft from different directions? I will ask f4l0 to read this post and comment. Thanks again!
  19. I'm confused as to what the 6 (5.1) channel option is used for? This is confusing to explain what I mean. For example, In a car simulator you can have a crash in the rear right of the car and only that rear right shaker will shake. (Same for the other 3 corners of the car). I use an app called SimVibe for my car sims. So, I assumed SimShaker's 6 channel setting would do something similar? But it looks like all of the Flight sim sound effect files(My Documents\SimShaker Sound Module samples\Base\6\) in Simshaker are only either mono (all 6 channels play the same wave form), or stereo right (either channels 2, 4, 6), or stereo left (1, 3, 6) play the same wave form. If the 6 (5.1) option only does this, then I should just use the Stereo option. So, I may not understand how 5.1 is used in Simshaker? Thanks Sir for your time and help!
  20. @=Andre= Can you help with my 5.1 question that I posted above? Thanks.
  21. Oh.. yes I did. I'll turn that off and do it manually. Duh.. EDIT: Not sure where to turn that off. I have the SS Starter run at Windows Start and it sits in the System Tray. Do you mean turn off the Start with Windows? Or is there somewhere else to stop it from auto-launching SSA when I start DCS.
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