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  1. I'm new to this. And I don't see anywhere in the Install Instructions that I need to do this? Is this required??
  2. With this newly released large update... this bug continues to exist, year after year. I think I first reported this in 2018, but couldn't find the original thread. The sad thing is that this is 'low-hanging fruit'. It would probably take 20 minutes to fix. No need to point these out. Guess i should never put my Visor up at night.
  3. Thanks, yes I do have the OVR Toolkit. I'll look in there tomorrow and see what I can find.
  4. Just got my G2, and havent played VR in a while. I added DCS to my Steam Games to make it easy to launch. When I launch DCS I get this message everytime: Re-center your view until the windows are in the correct position It says to press R on the keyboard and then press Enter. Pressing R does nothing. Pressing Enter gets rid of this message. How can I stop it from appearing in the first place?
  5. I know people have complained about this a while ago. Is there any fix to make the exported viewports brighter?
  6. Thanks, I just went into Device Manager under 'Human Interface Devices' and right-clicked on 'Thrustmaster T300RS Racing Wheel (USB)' and selected 'Disable Device' and that did fix it. But ED is going to fix this? Correct???? Because Next time I go to use my Racing Wheel I will surely forget that I did this.
  7. Same here. I have done a repair and there are no mods installed. Also, turned off my Kaspersky Protection... The log shows nothing.. dcs.log-20201104-182932.zip dcs.log-20201104-182932.zip
  8. I don't use the Steam version. But here is what I know.. I am not sure what the Steam File Integrity thing does. But I don't thing it repairs DCS.. Again, I don't know.. To do a repair in DCS I just put a parameter on the end of the Shortcut's target: That may work for you. It checks all game files and makes sure they are correct. "D:\My Programs\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS_updater.exe" repair DCS has changed over the years and the sound files are in either the Sounds folder, or in the specific aircraft's Mod folder. ...DCS World\Sounds\Effects ...DCS World\Mods\aircraft\M-2000C
  9. I would do a repair. Search for DCS Repair.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I just tried turning that icon on and off for several buttons to see if snapped or alligned with each other or did not. It made no difference that I could see.
  11. Can't find an answer to this.. Not even Google knows..
  12. Started playing with Helios 1.6 and Capt Zeen's awesome profiles a few days ago and everything is working great. But today I noticed that the Emergency/Parking Brake handle will not 'Pull' out. I can only get it to rotate. But if I use the Brake Lever in the F/A-18c cockpit it pull out just fine in the DCS Cockpit and also in the Helios profile... How do you 'Pull' the Brake lever out in the profile?? Thanks!
  13. What's wrong with this picture? I just installed Helios 1.6 yesterday and it was working fine until 5 minutes ago. For some reason the Control Center starts minimized to the taskbar. And when I click on it I get only 1/3rd of it's window. I can drag it around and click on the buttons I can see, but how do I fix the window to be the correct size??
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