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  1. This Friday the 26th of March at 6pm UTC I will be starting a 24 hour charity stream in aid of Mind.org.uk a UK mental Health Charity. Mind have helped me quite a lot in the past and during lockdown I have been very fortunate and managed to get myself into a position where I can start giving back. As we mark a whole year of lockdown restrictions, I would like to remember those who are suffering mentally and are alone. Hopefully, the stream will help point them to resources they need, and the donations fund research and support to a charity that from experience, really does help people when they need it. In the last 2 weeks I have been organising this event. The community has rallied behind me and the reason for the stream. I am hoping it will be a true celebration of just how amazing this community is and will continue to be whilst raising awareness/funds for a very important cause. Hopefully I see you all there at some point even if it is to watch me hit the dirt at 700+ knts! The donation link is: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/akseone1 The stream link is: www.Twitch.tv/Akse0ne Start: 26th March at 6pm UTC Finish: 27th March at 6pm UTC I have a Dassault Rafale Pilot and a former RAF Typhoon Pilot coming on in the first 3 hours and will be doing some BFM (read as: getting smoked by) with the Dassault Rafale Pilot Ate. Unfortunately I cannot do BFM with the RAF pilot on Friday but he will be chatting away with me. You will all be welcome to join in and fly with me on a Snowfox mission (Syria) throughout the period. I will have a discord link for those that want to coordinate. All skill levels are welcome! A full schedule will be on my Twitch page on the day. There are some Custom Skins made by the very talented people on the DCS Livery Art Group discord. The skins are available for all to download (Including the one in the header) Links to the downloads are below and will be updated as I get the links. F-18c By BillyTheKid F-16c in Blue and White by Cactus M2000c by Fish JF-17 By Bla Legacy A-10c by Cactus A-10c II Tank Killer by Cactus HaveGlass F16c by Roughmaster
  2. Hey has anyone got a handle on the description files for the Harrier skins? Can't seem to find any to download as an example. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I am trying to find a complete UH-1H template. The one on the site does not include the areas marked in red below: Could anyone please give me a hand and help me find them? From the skin files I Download I know one of the templates is called uh1_cover_des but again. google is being unfruitful Thanks in advance :)
  4. The best sim anything I have witnessed with my own eyes. was great flying today xray20!
  5. Here is my Entry Based of the original sunset on the tail/Nose art and With Training thrown in. Here is the file :) https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/iblock/d69/F5_Trainee_Aggressor.rar *Edit fixed the link
  6. hey I will take part if I can, Callsign Showoff a lonewolf of sorts. was sent this way by a friend in UGLY :)
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