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  1. I hate to see what he does to ex-girlfriends.... :blink:
  2. I'm down for a good ol-fashioned forum riot if anyone else is...
  3. I apologize, I didn't intend on leaving out the rest of the members of the team. Just don't sell yourselves short, you all are very talented!
  4. Yeah, I wasn't trying to be critical, so I appreciate the response. Best of luck to you and your team - hopefully one day you guys will also release a full-fledged model and make some money too!
  5. So I'm clearly excited for this module to come out and regardless of its performance, will probably add it to my collection. That being said, I'm going to be a slight wet blanket and say I don't agree with HoggitDev not charging SOMETHING for his (or her) work on it. Not only do I feel people should be paid for their work, and it helps add incentive towards further individual development, but by putting this model on the market for free starts an interesting precedent for others. I understand that the OP doesn't want personal profit from this, but it cheapens the market and sets an unfair price point for lesser developed models that the sim could benefit from. Over the last few years, in my line of work, I've seen how private contractors who market themselves at a price point lower than the established standard, end up hurting the rest of us looking for work. I'd pay the same for this as I would any individual FC3 model, because that's what its worth to ED and the rest of the developers or potential developers. Just my opinion, doesn't make it right or wrong, but something to think about...
  6. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those models that's just going to be pure fun. Not too serious, but just a joy to toss around the sky and blow stuff up! Plus I can't wait to get on teamspeak and say: "Good morning gentlemen, the temperature is 110 degrees..."
  7. I too think its important to support development, in all forms and people should be paid for their hard work. Donated
  8. Clearly you guys haven't hung out with any real pilots. We pretty much quote that movie daily as it is... Oh, and get over it. Let people have their fun... Lighten up, Francis
  9. I used to have a Suncom stick too. Probably my favorite stick I've owned
  10. What's the default key binding for toggling the EAC on and off? I suppose I've been flying with it off this whole time!
  11. So here's the million dollar question: How do we get LGBs and -65Es onto the A-10A?
  12. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=159757
  13. Sure woulda been! I see in another thread that you can designate a target with your laser and I should be able to see it as a diamond in my HUD. Might want to do some testing with that. If nothing else, might be able to put some -65Es on the -A and beam-ride those into target.
  14. Yeah, but it would be nice for an A-10C or JTAC to buddy lase a target and throw some GBUs down the pipe using the Pave-Penny system, otherwise the A-10A here is just a rugged dummy-bomb truck
  15. New to the forums, first post. Thanks to Goon for showing me over here. A few screenshots I have saved on the computer:
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