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  1. My guess is they were playing the mission where only R-55, and GAR-8 allowed thus leaving the Mig-19 with guns only because it can't carry either.
  2. I think I figured out why this doesn't work on the Cold War server. I did some testing with Fenrir using the Cold War server mission, and we couldn't get F2F working until I created a group of Tomcats in the same unit. So UNIT 1 of 2 for example. That allowed us to use F2F even without the SATNAV (as it should). I haven't checked Blug Flag mission out to see if their Tomcats are part of the same group or something, but I'm going to guess they are.
  3. "An off-the-books tactic we used to counter this was to manually extend the wings to the fullest, then incrementally lower the flaps beyond the normal maneuver setting. It was hugely successful, but the danger was that the flap torque tubes were not designed for this and could become stuck." https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/27889/confessions-of-a-navy-f-14-fleet-pilot-turned-f-5-aggressor
  4. Ha, you should fly blue when Tomcats are available. You'll quickly notice the slots are filled by non-Cold War regulars who see a high population count from the server browser, and also see Tomcat slots. Said players aren't on SRS, take a full complement of missiles (especially the extremely limited 9L), and will either disconnect, crash, or land at LAR and disconnect without de-arming (causing not only loss of plane, but its weapons too) all before ever seeing combat. Of those that actually find the AO, they typically get pounced by multiple fighters because they aren't on SRS or they fly
  5. Agreed... Really wish they would have done a block 15 OCU which would essentially be the early A cockpit with provisions for Mavericks, Penguin, and AMRAAMs, so it would still be competitive in the modern environment though not the killer the block 52 is, but all those weapons could be restricted on Cold War, and it would basically be just a block 15.
  6. +1 Also, flood lights have a stop, but if you spin them all the way up they shut off, so you have to stop shy of the stop. Not sure if that's intended.
  7. I should quantify what I don't agree with is the statement "The Phoenix was overpowering yesterday". If it can be allowed (history and all) that's great. If not, because we need to create a better experience overall, well I'm down for that too, because it needs to be fun.
  8. I don't really agree with this. The Mig-29A with the R27/R73 combo proved far deadlier than the couple Tomcats floating around. They were upwards 8 or more kills with one at 15 (last I checked). I flew with Sizzle, and we only ever took 2 Phoenix. IIRC we did two sorties, and we killed a single guy with the Phoenix only because he did absolutely nothing to defend it. Checking Tacview it looks like our only AIM-7 kill came from catching a guy taking off who hadn't armed his countermeasures yet. I noticed Tiphys/QuiGon looked to be taking four Phoenix per sortie, so if anything I would put
  9. Perhaps you're the one who should open your eyes, and read again. This issue is continuously brought up time, and time again. On these forums, on their discord, and any other medium users find to communicate with the developers. A patch or two ago the TDC performance improved significantly, but it hasn't been corrected. It still sticks, and hangs. I have a Warthog with the original slew, and the upgraded slew, as well as a Virpil throttle, and CH throttle all of which have analog slews. This is not a hardware issue. This is the only Razbam product I own, and it will stay that way if
  10. Confirmed! A-4 availability once EFM drops! Let's go bois TWO WEEKS! :smilewink: Nice idea, hope it works
  11. I hear they're working on the EFM. Playing devil's advocate... You already do... Persian Gulf, Syria are mods which we are forced to download (same version) in order to play the mission, and furthermore, they actually require expenditure of bones. I'm good either way, but wanted to throw my support behind the A-4 mafia!
  12. I got a chance to take an F-14 up today. I took 6 AIM-7F missiles, and engaged a two ship. One Mig-19, and Mig-21. The first 7F at the 19 head on from 6-7 nm. The 19 defeated the missile kinematically. It just couldn't turn with him. After maneuvering to his six in long lag I put a second out which did manage to connect. The firing position was such he couldn't out pull the missile this time. The next engagement was the Mig-21 who had been chasing a Viggen. We were above mach on the deck, took a 5 nm tail shot, but it didn't have the energy to reach him. The remaining three shots were also
  13. There is a cross on the HUD where the TCS looks. I don't remember if it lines up exactly to the sidewinder cross, but it's extremely close to it, so the likelihood of it auto locking the target a sidewinder sees is higher than usual. Agreed, it's highly improbable when you don't know where to look, but as I explained I was giving my pilot directions on where to look, and our sidewinder did find the target even when the pilot did not. When I'm flying I have the TCS auto acquire targets all the time, because I'm looking in their general direction (because DL is telling me where they are
  14. I'll share a story to help bolster my case. It's one of the best/most fun times I've had playing DCS. I went up with my pilot on GS, and we engaged a Hornet just at the mountains past Nalchik. I IFF the bogey as hostile, add we engaged with the Phoenix. They successfully defeated it using a combination of the notch and terrain masking. We decided to go down into the mountains with them, but it was a hunt as we no longer had a bead on their position. They would get our nails, and us theirs, but neither of us could find one another. While my pilot was driving around in PAL with the TCS u
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