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  1. They are just there for show. If you activate random failures, then they should work as expected but then you just spawn a new plane if you have a failure.
  2. They already dropped. The 1080 Ti is retailing new at $100+ off what they sold for a few weeks ago.
  3. We desperately need a few modern-ish full fidelity red birds. The MiG-21-93 or better would help a lot. It isn't top of my wishlist, but it's better than nothing.
  4. I think you maybe trying to massively over complicate it. Process for AIM-7 in game is lock target, shoot and keep locked till missile hits or misses. There is nothing else to it.
  5. I wouldn't bet on it. It's a major code rewrite, it will take years probably.
  6. Welcome to DCS, where all guns use black powder from 200 years ago! The real guns certainly make some smoke, but it is heavily exaggerated in game as can be seen in pretty much any video. The problem is the smoke is too dense and opaque in game.
  7. Do nothing. Windows and the game do all that for you. There is absolutely nothing you can do except break your copy of the game or Windows.
  8. The problem is the value. They have such a huge price increase compared to last gen for such a negligible performance increase (estimated) that they arguably shouldn't even exist as a consumer product. And to your main point, imagine if everytime performance is doubled, price is also doubled. That basically means there is zero technological progress in the consumer market. If we had been using that model for even the last 10 years, the new 2080 would cost more than your house. Yet this appears to be what you're arguing for.:doh:
  9. When people talk about a red Gazelle, they typically mean something like the Mi-2URP. And yeah, blue needs an attack chopper too. I truly hope the Mi-24 and AH-1 are the next ED/BST modules and that the F-16 gets thrown on the back burner for a while.
  10. Well, it should lose track when looking at the sun. That's the kind of thing no IR camera can handle. I do have to wonder about longer ranges as well. I doubt the resolution of these cameras is very high. Beyond 1 or 2km, they likely aren't any more flare resistant than more traditional IR missiles.
  11. Language barrier. Pretty sure it is the top priority ED module now and next inline for release from them. BST resumed work after the F-5 was released last year. I suspect it was paused again for the Hornet but it can't be all that far from completion given how long they've been at it.
  12. Does this even matter IRL or in game? 6 seconds is a stupid long time to be doing 0 or negative G.
  13. Assuming it's properly implemented, it will remove the single core bottleneck that exists when using a top end graphics card. I do not expect it to increase lr decrease performance other than that. This does have far reaching implications though, such as allowing more objects in missions and making 3 GHz quad cores from 10 years ago a whole heck of a lot more viable. It should also make VR at 90fps more reasonable
  14. For me the electricity costs are trivial. The problem is you just can't make your money back from the initial purchases. That may change with 7nm Vega and the upcoming GTX cards, but I have doubts.
  15. Yeah. I still have my 1080 ti mining part time. In theory it would make about $1.20 a day if run 24/7, ignoring electricity costs.
  16. I have numerous 5-ish minute tutorials on youtube, but the A-10 isn't among them.
  17. I'd prefer a minimal hood. Even in VR, that full hood will be difficult to use since there isn't an actual hood to press your face to.
  18. It's exactly the same as the F-15's AIM-120. Currently you have to be in stt to launch, but you can immediately cancel lock and the missile will still guide. So no, it isn't just a reskinned sparrow. As for range, it all depends on altitude. It does seem much too short, but that's true for nearly all AA missiles in game.
  19. It isn't that people are against it, it's that they want other things instead. Resources are limited and so making the O-2 implies something more appealing, like the MiG-23 or F-15E get cancelled or never even started. 50% of us realize that, 40% don't and 10% want an O-2 more than a MiG or F-15. Made up percentages of course but you get the idea.
  20. Vulkan should solve all our cpu woes (unless you have an i3) but I suspect that's a long ways off. As for CPU vs gpu, dcs hits both pretty hard. I don't think even the 1080 ti is enough for a locked 90 fps at reasonable detail settings. But as you saw above, even an 8700k can't always hold 45 fps, so the gpu is often held back significantly.
  21. The lead calculation does kill all the missiles at medium to long range. A few wide barrel rolls is all it takes to drop any of them from 20km range to 5km range.
  22. For multiplayer, I recommend leaving it in standby all the time and using IR missiles + gun exclusively.
  23. Not a valid argument but what is a good case against it is that it will get murdered by T-55's and BMP's. It is too slow to use unguided weapons in DCS thanks to limitations in the AI. To be an effective mud mover in DCS, the aircraft must either have guided weapons so it can keep distance or it has to be fast enough that AI gunners can't hit it when flown right. The 0-2 doesn't do either of those things.
  24. The Yak-52, MiG-19 and F-14 are probable releases this year.
  25. I wouldn't expect to do any tank busting with it thanks to the extreme accuracy of AI MG gunners in DCS, but it should wreck squishier stuff.
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