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  1. Indeed, what you classify it as is irreverent along with what it was originally designed to do. What matters is what it can do and how it's used. In practice, it's an attack helicopter best compared to an AH-1J or W. I think it just does fine in that regard.
  2. Use S-8 smoke rockets, they are bright orange and last a long time. I think they are S-8 TSM but I'm not sure on exact designation.
  3. Thanks for suggestions, good to hear the TPR's don't slide around. I didn't think they would given the design but you never know. I have noticed the little wall braces sticking out on the Crosswinds, it's a good solution too but sadly my desk has some cross bracing a good bit from the wall and so I'd still need to throw some spacers behind them. Under desk space isn't a huge concern, it's a tall desk and empty underneath with the exception of the PC tower to one side and that cross bracing at the back. The price difference between the two is substantial but I'm willing to spend the extra money to get the right set of pedals. Both are in stock and can be purchased immediately.
  4. Retreating blade stall goes into full effect at around 350kph. This is the absolute never exceed speed and is based on true airspeed, so higher up it will be a lower indicated airspeed. 330 kph seems reasonably safe, I try to treat that as the max speed to avoid crossing. Beyond that it starts getting dangerous fast. Getting to that speed during an attack run is very easy if in a shallow dive.
  5. To me it seems easier to avoid VRS in the Hind than the Hip, but it isn't at the Ka-50's level of forgiveness. In terms of recovery, with a little altitude even the Hip can recover from full blown VRS where you're plummeting out of the sky like a brick. Just nose forward and get some movement going. Main thing is just don't drop the Hip at 50m, not much you can do in that situation. But honestly, you probably shouldn't be hovering 50m off the ground in the first place. That's a really dangerous place to be in any chopper. Too low to recover from a problem, too high to survive impact unscathed.
  6. General rule of thumb, VR = half pancake mode performance for a monitor running at either 1440p or 4k, depending on the headset used and some of the resolution settings for it.
  7. Did you turn on VR in DCS settings? If not, open the settings, go to the VR tab and check the VR checkbox. This will restart the game in VR mode.
  8. I wasn't going to say it but yes, anything DIY or custom order is not something I'm interested in. Spare time is a little too scarce for me these days for that kind of thing. Right now I'm leaning towards the TPR's. Primary reason is I play on a hard laminate floor and so sliding is a concern.Spending a lot of time with choppers also makes their design fairly appealing. Might completely yank the springs out and use gravity centering. To deal with sliding, my current pedals are braced with some spare case fans wedged between them and the wall but I'd like to get away from that kind of solution. From the few reviews I've been able to find, the super chunky TPR's slide less but it's hard to say since the only actual reviews I've found were sponsored by Thrustmaster, and so must be taken with more than a few grains of salt. I'm not terribly concerned about price differences as I expect to be using whatever I get for 5+ years much like my current pedals and HOTAS and ideally go much longer. My current setup still works, just looking for something nicer and more precise (especially the pedals, CH Pedals are inaccurate and gritty even when new). Going for a gaming chair setup with mount points is also a no go do to it also having to be a home office for work. Side mounted stick/throttle and pedals under the desk are fine, but losing the general workspace is not.
  9. Good find, should come in handy. In the Ka-50 I almost always use manual override.
  10. The Mi-24 is unquestionably the fastest chopper in the game, but I haven't done acceleration tests like that. Shouldn't be a surprise that the Ka-50 wins it, it's a very responsive little chopper.
  11. Agreed on sounds being excellent.
  12. Flight: She's fast, climbs well and is very stable in gun and rocket attacks. Hovering attacks are not possible due to how high the nose must be in order to hover. VRS is a concern like with the Mi-8. Agility is good, being slightly worse than the Mi-8 but vastly superior to the UH-1. Overall handling excellent. Weapons: Limited selection at the moment but they work. Stuff: 2 training missions are included, a cold start tutorial and ATGM tutorial. They do what they are supposed to. Quick start guide is bare bones and lacks even a mention of countermeasures and radios. Graphics and Sound: Both are excellent, though most people (me included) see a significant drop in FPS compared to most other aircraft when in the cockpit. Petro: He's a truly lousy pilot but a satisfactory missile guider. His aim when flying straight at a target is good as long as the aircraft is steady. Angled shots and maneuvering throw him off easily.
  13. Everywhere I've flown on the Syria map has it go black when zoomed in. The Caucuses seems to work fine. I haven't tried NTTR or Persian Gulf yet.
  14. I'm in the process of upgrading my various controllers and am looking for a top notch set of pedals. Currently I'm using a Saitek X-55 HOTAS and CH Pro Pedals. I've already decided to replace the X-55 with the WinWing F-18 HOTAS setup (not the Orion) and while that is a straight forwards choice, I have absolutely no idea what's available off the shelf in the US that's worth getting when it comes to pedals. Obviously Logitech and TM are around, but I'm hoping there is something better. It does need to be off the shelf and not some garage side job thing that are made to order and take months to deliver. Last time I looked into it I think MFG Crosswinds were the recommended ones, but that was a garage operation at the time. Has that changed? Are they still the best out there? I'm looking for generic pedals with toe brakes that are comfortable to use with a normal office chair and desk. I fly everything from biplanes in Flying Circus to choppers to the modern jets in DCS. Edit: Looks like MFG is a proper manufacturer now and it also looks like TM no longer just offers some junk plastic pedals. The TPR's look interesting, anyone have some competing options I should look at or thoughts on the TPR's?
  15. Seems to be standard for all aircraft that have separated cockpits like the Mi-24, F-14, etc but this restriction isn't present in combined ones (anything side by side) such as the Mi-8 and Huey.
  16. Signal flares don't work against missiles in any of the other aircraft I've tried them in (Ka-50, MiG-15, MiG-19). That said, you can bind the controls. I have them working from the backseat.
  17. I did notice I could have it target kind of like the HMS in the Ka-50 (select a point on ground and it tracks that) but that's pretty inaccurate without the ability to fine tune. I also couldn't figure out away to actually launch the missile. I suspect that's a keybinding issue. Thankfully I was able to find a work around for the flares and get those working from the back seat. But yeah, there is an option in the editor for each Hind spawned for "simplified AI" and that eliminates nearly all functionality other than turning on the weapons system.
  18. Was just on 104th (been ages since I went there). They had it set so you couldn't hop seats and also disabled petrovich. Needless to say, having only guns and rockets functional as a result wasn't terribly effective.
  19. My experience so far is the bot needs the chopper very steady to hit anything. Any jerkiness even if flying straight at the target thows him off. I haven't properly tested turning away from the target then holding steady yet.
  20. The hover and low speed indicator seems to show all movement relative to North regardless of the direction the chopper is pointing. Anyone know if there is a switch somewhere I need to flip or is that a bug? For reference, I'm talking about this (from manual):
  21. I've noticed the autopilot doing some strange trimming and if you hop to the front seat petrovich will go completely nuts with trimming the thing to extremes. Try resetting trim to see if that solves it. I haven't had your particular problem though, so I'm just guessing at a solution.
  22. Only tested on the syria map but I'm down from about 60 fps in my usual test mission to around 40-45 in VR. I resaved the mission. Could be either the map or the cockpit, though going external view bumps FPS back up to 60 and the GPU isn't maxed anymore (I run a 60 Hz cap in VR). My guess is it's rendering 2 cockpits at once and that's dragging things down, though I don't have this problem with the HInd or Huey and they have two seats as well.
  23. For the Reverb G2 you just need the headset and a monster PC. There is also a bit of software to install but it's free. Process for setup is explained in the directions but a basic overview to get it working with DCS is as follows: 1) Plug in headset 2) Follow prompts to install Windows Mixed Reality 3) Continue following prompts to configure the headset 4) Install Steam if you don't already have it somehow. 5) Install SteamVR 6) Install Steam Windows Mixed Reality 7) Launch DCS, go to settings and turn on VR. Now you can play DCS in VR. If you opt for the Index, you'll have to setup tracking pucks but you get to skip the WMR and Steam WMR install steps.
  24. Do those cards work with DCS, trigen? I would stick with mainstream consumer devices for the sake of it actually working unless someone can confirm those work. For me, I answered this question with the HP Reverb G2 a few weeks ago. The index seems the better option for room scale stuff but for flight sims, resolution is everything and the Reverb G2 is the clear winner. It does require a monster PC to run, my 2080 Super is not remotely close to being able to run it at native resolution at even a paltry 45 fps. I set steamVR to the device's physical resolution (roughly 2/3rds the "native" resolution) and have tried locking it at 60 fps. That has worked pretty well for me and is still much clearer than the Rift S it replaces.
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